Handheld UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner With Vibrating pad kill dust mites

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Product Description:

Quick Details

· Type: Dual filters 

· Installation: Hand Held 

· Bag Or Bagless: With Bag 

· Function: Dry 

· Certification: EMC, EMF, ETL, GS, RoHS, PSE 

· Power (W): 350 

· Voltage (V): 120 

· Model Number: YJ-3005A 

· Brand Name: Any 

· Place of Origin: China (Mainland) 

· Product name: bed vacuum cleaner 

· Feature: Kill 99% bacterial 

· Color: Optional 

· Certificates: GS ETL PSE 

· Type: Bed cleaner 

· Vibrating: With vibrating pad for bad 

· Patent: Dual suction entries 

· Patent contury: China, Japan, USA(Pending) 

· Voltage: 100V-230V 50-60HZ 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

- Product size: 29.2 x 27.3 x 17.1 cm - Inner box size: 31.5 x 28.7 x 18.3 cm - Master carton size: 59 x 32.9 x 20.7 cm - Load quantity per carton: 2 pcs

Delivery Detail:



-bed vacuum cleaner 
-Kills 99.9% dust mite 
-Dual suction entries patented 
-Dual suctions patented 

                                                                          why UV vacuum is needed?

Our environment getting worse than before, we are surrounded by suspended particles in the air & dust mites. These particles & dust mites were hidden in the sheet, carpet, downy toys, even in our clothes. Many questions caused by the mites, such as itching & acne & serious allergy. “there is a allergy in my family” became the hot issue between parents recently. Our UV vacuum use the ultraviolet rays to kill bacterias & dust mites with the support of scientific reports. We created the YJ-3005 series UV vacuum to solve this kind of problem efficiently. 




- Model/Modelo: YJ-3005B

- Specifications/Especificaciones: AC 100V  50/60 HZ

- Motor/Motor: ML 1030G  100V/50-60HZ

- Unload motor speed/Velocidad del motor: 30000 RPM + - 10%

- Noise level (Distance 1 m): < = 75 db< span="">

- Pressure resistance/Presión: 1500V/5mA/1 Min



- Control switch/Botón:TOUCH (4 stages)

- Operate sequence/Secuencia: OFF - UV light - UV light+vacuum - UV light+vacuum+tapping pad

- Fuse/Fusible: 8A



- Product color/Color: optional

- Material/Material: ABS Fire prevention

- Plug/Enchufe: PSE plug

- Length of power cord/Cable: out 5.0 m

- Product size/Tamaño del producto: 29.2 x 27.3 x 17.1 cm

- Inner box size/Caja interna: 31.5 x 28.7 x 18.3 cm

- Master carton size/Caja externa: 59 x 32.9 x 20.7 cm

- Load quantity per carton/Cantidad por cartón: 2 pcs

- Net weight/Peso neto: 2.07 kg

- Load quantity 20'ft/Contenedor 20 ft: 1760 pcs

- Load quantity 40'ft/Contenedor 40 ft: 3080 pcs

- Load quantity 40 HQ/Contendor 40 HQ: 3360 pcs

- bed vacuum cleaner


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Q:Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners any good?
My mother-in-law bought one and hated it. But naturally she's old and couldn't exactly figure out the way everything worked on it, they are more complicated to change over to a hose for different kinds of cleaning. Anyway, she gave it to her son and his girl friend. She didn't like it either. When the salesman came by our house luckily my wife remembered about the one her mother had bought. They were asking some ridiculous price$1200 or so I think. After they left I saw a bunch of brand new ones on OKorder for like $700 I think it was. Anyway, we got ours free from her brother and it does work very well. It will push stuff around if you get the head too low on the carpet, you have to raise the head up a little with the little adjusters on the side then lower it back down so you're deep cleaning again. They're built like a tank, but fairly easily to take apart if you need to work on it. I'd recommend it.
Q:What brand or type of vacuum is the most effective and most affordable?
yeah a small shock vac would do you good. or what ever size you need yeah you can suck up just about anything even coins :) lol its even good for vacuuming the car. or if thats not what you had in mind. i would say go with dyson from overstock or OKorder
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners have lights on the front of them?
Well.. I am sure that it is NOT because they expect people to vacumn at night but there are rooms that are dimly light and the light helps a little... but when one really thinks about it.. it was a poor question and obviously the person who thought of the IDEA of putting a light on a vacumn did not have his IDEA BULB brightly lit
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Assistance?
Think of a vacuum cleaner as an investment, not a disposable which is mostly what you get for $200 or less. Would you rather spend more right now for something that really works for you and not have to buy a vacuum again for 10 years or more, or spend $200 now and have to spend it again every couple of years, and in the meantime not having one that does what you need? I have a Filter Queen that I bought used in 1988 for $500. It's had a couple of tune-ups in that time but still works as well as the day I bought it. I also have one called a Ghibli, which is a little more like a shop vac but very quiet and miles better than your basic Sears shop vac(I bought one of those first and it was such a piece of garbage that I returned it), and I'd recommend it highly. Lots of suction, and the quietness is wonderful. Stay away from uprights. They're okay for carpet, difficult to use for much else. A canister type does much more, better and easier. Go to a store that sells and repairs vacuums. They often have used top-of-the -line stuff for good prices. They know the products the way someone in Wal-Mart never can so they can help you choose something that works for you. Christmas is coming. Maybe you can say a good vacuum cleaner is your Christmas present. Not as fun as jewellery maybe but every time you use it you'll be glad you spent the money.
Q:My Uncle sells vacuum cleaners. Each week he earns $200 plus 8% of his sales.?
.08 X 3200 + 200
Q:How do i become a door to door salesman of vacuum cleaners?
Aiming high aren't we?
Q:How to repair the vacuum cleaner fan?
Check that the motor shaft needs lubrication
Q:why are lights on vacuum cleaners
Supposedly they are to help you to see where you need to vacuum and show the dirt more. But I haven't found that they do that. Other than that they are there for looks.
Q:Looking for a site that will tell me the marketing mix for Dyson vacuum cleaners?
Anyway marketing mix is unique to each product, says you cannot really copy wholesales from any web pages. u can see how they do it on their web page, i.e. distribution channgels, product mix, Marcom strategies, etc. good luck. Cheers.
Q:How do I repair the motor of the vacuum cleaner?
If you suspect that there is a problem with the motor, you can check the motor brush with an on-off detector or a multimeter

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