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main function

High Performance in Accuracy
S750 can provide reliable location data.You can use it to do static work,also you can use it to do stop & go work.,after collecting data with built-in program,you can postprocess it in the office and get high-accuracy result.If you want to submeter performance in real time, you can use SBAS corrections, or use GPRS module to get a network differential correction from CORS.

High Expansibility
Generally, S750 adopts a built-in GPS antenna, but when do static work, you need an external GPS antenna, which can get high-accuracy result,S750 can switch between internal antenna and external antenna automatically. Apart from the above functions, S750 has good expansibility tools and forms can be customized by requirement.

Practical Software System
SOUTH S750,which owns a powerful 32-bit processor with 520MHz,runs the advanced Microsoft Windows 5.0 software which is used by the pocket PC operating system. Windows 5.0 operating system is an open platform, which is widely applied to industrial control,multimedia products and mobile devices,etc.
Thus, users can easily choose or customize a suitable software solutions. Windows 5.0 is similar to other Microsoft softwares, apart from this, users can easily exchange data seamlessly between field and office as well.

Excellent Engineering Performance
SOUTH S750 system combines the GPS receiver with handheld computer, which can be operated all-day. Built-in battery which is easy portability, whose industrial design be able to withstand the test of tough environment.
Handheld operating software and post-processing software are designed for convenient operation.It ensures that users can operate it with minimal training .
effective solution of mobile mapping.

Standard feature

Windows 5.0(classic edition)
VGA display (240 X 320), sunlight-readable color touch screen
Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology
Integrated 802.11b/g wireless LAN
Ergonomic cable-free handheld
Rugged and water-resistant design
All-day internally rechargeable Lithium battery
PXA270 520 MHz XScale processor
128MB Flash data storage
Sealed SD/SDHC card slot
Integrated speaker and microphone

Integrated high-performance GPS/SBAS receiver and L1 antenna
GPRS module is available
Access various kinds of CORS
Submeter real-time or postprocessed accuracy
NMEA protocol support
EVEREST multipath restraining technology

Standard Kits
S750 receiver
Communication cable
SD card kits
Manual & Software

Optional features
Optional Accessories
External antenna
GPRS module


Weight:0.421Kg  with battery
Processor:520 MHz PXA-270 Xscale processor
Memory:128MB RAM and 128MB internal Flash storage
Battery:3.7Volt 1700mAH Lithium battery pack
            (3.7Volt 2350mAH high-capacity battery optional)
             rechargeable button cell battery backup for data
             retention(user accessible)

Operating temperature:-20°c~+60°c(-4°F ~140°F)
Storage temperature:-40°c~+70°c(-40°F ~158°F)
Casing:Dust-proof and resistant to heavy wind-driven
           rain per IP65 standard Slip-resistant grip,
           shock and vibration resistant

Expansion: SD card slot (SD or SDHC storage card)
Display: VGA(240×320pixel),TFT,16bit,colors with backlight
Audio:Built-in speaker with volume control
Screen: Touching screen is suitable for finger operation

Channels:14(12 L1 code and carrier, 2 SBAS)
Integrated real-time:SBAS (dual-channel tracking)
Update rate:1 Hz
Time to first fix:30~40 seconds
Data output: NMEA-0183 (GGA, VTG, GLL, GSA, ZDA, GSV, RMC)

Accuracy (HRMS) after differential correction
Post-process: Submeter
Real-time (SBAS or external correction source): Submeter

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Q:Fuxin coordinates with the mapping of the seven parameters are what ah
XYZ offset, XYZ twist, 6, plus a scaling factor.Seven parameters have to be calculated, or from the local surveying and mapping departments to.
Q:I would like to ask the outdoor adventure GPS are required to have what functions, a good GPS all aspects of the parameters are?
Fifth elements: the terrain map is the main project of outdoor sports climbing, mountain climbing is very exhausting, we usually do a plan will be completed on schedule, a good plan should be to our destination in the manual run out before. And if you want to do this, it must be on the road difficult to have a correct anticipation. But this time, with the terrain map GPS can come in handy, the mountains and the altitude of the understanding, we need to know about these sections spend much time and energy. And the general GPS map, is unable to meet the needs. So we'd better buy a map with contour terrain data of professional grade GPS, make your own outdoor journey do in our hands.
Q:Handheld GPS navigation is what? Where to buy handheld GPS navigation, how to select GPS navigation?
Handheld GPS is mainly for GIS data acquisition, a lot of advanced GPS with PDA function, you can load navigation software for vehicle navigationBut the handheld GPS is mainly to do some engineering design, the main area can be measured, the location, and the boundary survey. GPS can do advanced vehicle navigation can also waypoint navigation, is a coordinate input to precise navigation to this position.Handheld GPS navigation is divided into 2 kinds, one is portable GPS navigation, one is used for surveying and mapping professional GPS handheld
Q:The future of GPS? Who can tell me professional, humane business prospects,
Mainly for the ship, automobile, aircraft and other moving objects positioning navigation. For example:1 ocean navigation and incoming water diversion2 aircraft route guidance and approach landing3 vehicle autonomous navigation4 ground vehicle tracking and urban intelligent traffic management5 emergency rescue
Q:Handheld GPS locator measuring accuracy is about how many meters?
The handheld machine precision is generally divided into: centimeter decimeter level, 1 meters, 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters;
Q:Can a handheld navigator connect a cell phone? Thank you
Mobile navigator can downloadOther purchases can not beNow basically use the phoneEasy update and operation
Q:Magellan GPS handheld why so many people choose not to say that the map is not good
Each brand has its own unique, if you only care about a map, then you think of the handheld too one-sided
Q:Handheld GPS can be used for mountain terrain 1:2000 topographic mapping
It is really unexpected, basically not, the accuracy is not enough!
Q:Ask how to select a google satellite map into a handheld Area GPS
The ordinary mobile phone GPS, can install Orville interactive map support pre download any regional satellite map, support for offline use
Q:What is the difference between GPS and GPS?
If it is used, there is no difference.

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