Gasoline plate compactor 100KG type drived by Gasoline engine

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200 set/month

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Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: JINYAO

  • Model Number: HZR100-A

  • Power(W): 5.5HP

  • Weight: 90KGS

  • Dimension(L*W*H): 80*55*75CM

  • Certification: CE

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided


Packaging & Delivery



100 type Plate compactor HZR100-A,centifugal force 15KN,compaction depth 30cm,drived by gasline engine 5.5hp


Anti-vibration handle, reduces vibration to the operator by 50%
Economical price tag
Solid, high-strength steel base plate with curved edges for excellent performance and smooth turns on wet concrete surface
Highly maneuverable, ideal for tight, confined areas
Rubber Wheel for convience carrying
Folden Carrying Handle Easy Carry & Stand small Space

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Q:Ramming machine operator must wear what labor protection supplies
5. random power should keep the 3-4m margin, found that cable kinking, winding, rupture, should be timely off, stop operation, repair immediately. The 6. moved to power tamping machine, tie eccentric block, disc good cable. When the tamping machine is put into the pit, the rope is put down, and the rammer is not allowed to be pushed. After the work, the power box is locked off, and the rammer is kept in the dry place and kept in the damp and rainproof place.
Q:Gasoline rammer return pipe leakage is going on
This problem is not recommended to repair and repair, repair and repair once hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands. But it may not solve the problem, but also hurt the car. It is recommended that the majority of car owners use the "free repair and repair" method to solve the problem of automobile oil leakage.
Q:Ramming machine has what kind of?
You want to buy it, you can call Jining, flourishing industrial and mining telephone, ask, should have all types of models, I heard that the model is relatively complete
Q:The memory has a rammer is star connection, only received three Fire
The three phases of an electric motor are balanced. Neither the star nor the horn requires zero lines, as long as the three lines are on fire.
Q:Internal combustion tamping machine belongs to what type of compaction machinery
The fire is rammed under the action of the explosive force of the combustible mixture, so it jumps off the ground from the top to the top, and then hits the ground and strikes the soil under the weight of itself. The hammer falls and the body moves forward step by step.
Q:What are some of the electric ramming machine accessories?
and strip rope block, centrifugal speed limiter, brakes, motor keys, rope inlet pipe, tube, wire rope, rope block block cover plate, screw, motor junction box and a rectifying device, a rope pressing device, gear shaft, vertical motor, turbine pin, vertical motor roller, distribution box,
Q:How to adjust the ignition timing of gasoline rammer
It said the valve action time and the state must be consistent with the movement of the piston and the state of the moment, and the crank shaft and the cam shaft is not in a line, they must be connected to the transmission system, (of course, there are one part is under the camshaft...
Q:Three-phase electric rammer or two-phase power
Another difference is that the power used is different. Usually the home and no three-phase power supply using single-phase motor, power is usually relatively small, industrial and high-power places are selected three-phase motor.
Q:Carburetor gasoline leak automatic ramming machine
The oil needle on the carburetor float doesn't seal properly. Just open it and clean it
Q:What if the oil for two stroke ramming machine diagram? What are the requirements for the viscosity grade? Urgent!
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. BBA Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi maintenance, wish you a happy life, all the best, money rolling!

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