FZ-230 Semi-Automatic Edge Banding Machine

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Product Description:

1.Structureof 3 Head Multi Borer Machine (MZ73213A) Description:

This type is using all type of banding at a wide range of width and thicknesses, which can be melamine paper banding,wooden veneer,vinyl (PVC ).The manual edge bander are using all type of banding at a wide range of width and thicknesses, which can be melamine paper banding,wooden veneer,vinyl (PVC) self-adhesives edge banding, the thickness of banding within 0.3-3.0. the edge band's min/max width is 10-50mm.


2. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Advantages:

Flexible thickness application

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Low weight

Competitive price


3. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Products Pictures:


FZ-230 Semi-Automatic Edge Banding Machine



4. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Specification:

The maximum drilling depth                 60mm

Maximum machining hole spacing of          1850 x 672mm

The maximum length of processing           1850mm

The minimum length of processing            130mm

A total of drilling shaft                      21 * 3 bit

The total power of motor                    4.5kw

Spindle speed                             2840rpm

The weight of                             700kg



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Q:Melamine laminate veneer how edge?
With the edge, it depends on what you want style edge, general furniture edge with PVC glue, if you want some noble, with Aluminum Alloy edge, you can go to specific Chinese edge network to see, there are the general steps of edge!
Q:Etoon edge problem
You are up and down the two sides have, or on the one side, the two sides are available, you have to adjust the pressure wheel before and after the number of positions, or else the right angle of the nose is wrong
Q:Cabinet, quartz stone mesa with what edge?
Can not stainless steel, can also come to collect the edge of the white porcelain.
Q:Cabinet door panel edge strip off how to do?
Edge around the cabinet doors are generally can use adhesive paste, the key here is in the correct way to use adhesive. Both sides should be evenly monengjiao, and wait until the surface dry to edge close up, can not be applied immediately after the close.Monengjiao has good performance of oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance. Because chloroprene rubber adhesive is an adhesive adhesive ability, wide application, such as rubber, leather, fabric, paper, plywood, wood, plastics, ceramics, concrete, metal or self-adhesive sticking to each other, so called monengjiao.
Q:Decoration of the furniture when playing a lot of edge banding, how to do?
Buy furniture or buy a good brand, customer service problems, remember the visit into Rockne cabinets, they also specifically about the edge, with what the computer automatic edge banding
Q:How much is the cheapest machine that makes integral ambry to close excuse me?
Well, the cabinet cabinet is mainly edge banding machine, or better point
Q:Solid wood flooring is necessary waterproof paint edge?
It is necessary that the floor itself is greatly affected by the temperature and humidity of the outside. If there is no waterproof coating, the wet shrinkage will be especially serious
Q:How much is the banding strip one meter?
Cabinets used on the edge banding, the price of a few cents a meter, there are also a few dollars a meter. The price is different from its thickness, width, and manufacturer's.. Therefore, suggest that you go directly to the store, or find business advice better.
Q:How to install stainless steel edge banding?
With a bender processing, and then put on glass glue button on it
Q:How about the east edge banding machine?
Extremely East, liar! When buying, said he was South Korea imports, in fact, counterfeit domestic goods, not their own factoriesFortunately, it means three domestic brands. Please enjoy yourselfColleagues said Nan Xing woodworking, Yongqiang, Ma.

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