FUXIANG Tower Cranes PT7528A (Flat-Top)

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For the construction of the hydropower mega project across the Mekong river in northern Laos, the Xayaburi dam (1285 MW, 820 m long ).Among 19 Potain cranes, 2 MD 1600 fitted with Topbelt concrete placing system have been erected.Their primary task is to place the Roller Compacted Concrete at a rate of 250 m3per hour through the conveyor line coming directly from batching plant.These giant 64 t capacity cranes work 24/7 on the project which has been planned for an 8 years duration.
Cranes specifications
•  Capacity 64 t at 24,6 m
•  Maximum radius 80 m crane (tip load 17,4 t)
•  Maximum radius for Topbelt conveyors 105 m
•  RC Concrete placing rate 250 m3per hour
•  Hook height 91,6 m
•  Fixing angles

1. Multiple special mounting brackets are available, which saves the installation time and ensures safe and quality installation.
2 The lifting boom adopts cantilever boom structure and variable cross-section materials, featuring more reasonable structural stress and long service life; and it is easier to make different combination of boom length. 
3. It adopts standard sections (for models of over 12t) of piece assembly structure, split structure stock, and assembled platform, which meet the transport requirements for standard container.
4 The extra-long boom is designed with a rope-supporting trolley, and the speed of which is 1/2 of that of the luffing trolley, which can achieve the most optimum rope-supporting effect. The structure has applied for national patent.
5. The lifting mechanism adopts speed regulation by frequency control or by eddy current brake series resistance, featuring good lifting performance; The slewing system adopts frequency control by torque electric motor or by coil winding type electric motor with hydraulic coupler, featuring smooth operation and small slewing impact.

The Boyabat dam project was made with conventional vibrated concrete (CVC), built by blocks using conveyor
system and tower cranes. It is located in North Central Turkey near the Black Sea. The main purpose of the
tower cranes is to handle 20 t loads such as reinforcement, rebars, conveyor trusses, penstocks and 9 or 6 m³ of
concrete buckets anywhere on the dam project.
The main tower cranes MD 2200 are equipped with a crane operator lift inside the tower.
Cranes specifications
•  Crane 1: MD 2200, hook height 104,5 m, radius 85 m/ tip load 20 t, maximum load 64 t
•  Crane 2: MD 2200, hook height 225,7 m, radius 85 m/ tip load 20 t, maximum load 64 t
•  Crane 3: MD 1100, hook height 137,1 m, radius 60 m/ tip load 18 t, maximum load 40 t
•  Crane 4: MD 1100, hook height 120 m, radius 65 m/ tip load 15,9 t, maximum load 40 t
Dam specifications
•  Concrete total volume: 3 000 000 m³
•  Height 195 m
•  Crest length 263 m
•  Width 213 m

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