FUXIANG Tower Crane TC7030 (Top-Slewing)

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Product Description:

 To meet the requirements of your sites for height, space,
multi-crane, or especially crowded sites, the MR range
provides you with its benefits.
• Jibs which can be luffed practically to a vertical position,
enable you to attain up to over 130 metres of underhook
height and at the same time avoid neighboring obstacles.
• Their interchangeable bases, of the same type as those
in the MD and MDT crane ranges, leave you the choice of
- on fixing angles,
- on cross-shaped base,
- on travelling chassis,
- as a climbing crane.
• The various lengths (3.33 m, 5 m, 10 m) of the K mast make
it possible to adjust the crane to the desired height.
• The fish joints using pins provide rapid, easy assembly of all
the elements.
To improve management and control over your MR, MD and
MDT crane fleets: all the standard elements are common to
these three ranges.

The various types of hoisting winches offered for MR cranes make it possible
to handle light or heavy loads whilst still providing precision, progressive
movements and rapidity.
• The hoisting winch provides perfect control over the luffing and lowering
movements on the jib.
• The high performance of the slewing mechanisms will meet your requirements
for control over accelerations and precision over low speeds in all the slewing
movements of the jib.
guarantees the reliability
of all the mechanisms on its
cranes which are subjected
to endurance tests under
field conditions.


technology is the drive for business development and production equipment the assurance of product quality. In the large-scale concentrated production, the stability and uniformity of product quality plays an essential role. The company constantly improves processing equipment. The automatic assembly line ensured quality stability and maximally reduced adverse effect of personal factor to the product quality. As a result, the one-time qualification rate of the products is improved and the company is able to win continuous trust from customers. The lifting boom and balance boom adopt cantilever boom structure, which reduces the hoisting modular and makes it more safe, convenient and flexible to install and uninstall, and reduces the requirements for hoisting equipment and the site.
2. Multiple special mounting brackets are available, which saves the installation time and ensures safe and quality installation.
3. The lifting boom adopts cantilever boom structure and variable cross-section materials, featuring more reasonable structural stress and long service life; and it is easier to make different combination of boom length. 


The Vision cab with or without
- The radio-control,
- The Dialog Visu indicators,
- The Dialog Wind anemometer,
- The Top Tracing interference and
zone limitation systems,
- The collector with its multi-wire
- The motorized "slewing ring-pinion"
- The hydraulic Tirax fitting applianc

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Most cranes are diesel engine powered hydraulics and hydraulic motor. So that would be fossil fuel. Some cranes use pulleys to magnify the total lifting capacity. A pulley magnifies work by exchanging distance for lifting power. For example, to lift a 10 ton weight 20 feet in the air, if you put four pulleys in there so that 80 feet of cable would have to be pulled up , then it would only take 1/4 the amount of power to lift that 10 tons (2.5 ton lifting force would lift it) Look at any links or wikipedia for how compound pulleys work.
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I'm not 100% familiar with this but this should be pretty close to the answer. Simple/standard crane motors work by applying power first through a rotating steel shaft into a gearbox. The gearbox allows the gearing ratio to be changed (to trade rotation speed for torque or torque for rotation speed). Another steel shaft carries the power out of the gearbox, again through rotation, to a spindle (think big thimble) around which steel cable is wrapped.
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We manufacture a QUICK RELEASE FOR CRANE look at www.craneequipment.ca
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no and no proof
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C. Maximum; minimum; minimum A Crane is rated by the MAXIMUM weight it will lift at a MINIMUM radius, usually 10 feet from the house pivot center, and the MINIMUM Boom Length. Wingman

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