FUXIANG Tower Crane TC6013A (Top-Slewing)

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Product Description:

•  Maximum load 60 t
•  Radius 80 m
•  Tip load 22,8 t
•  Concrete bucket at maximum radius 9 m3
•  Free standing height 93 m
•  Belt conveyor capacity 400 m
•  Belt conveyor maximum radius 105 m


1.    The lifting boom and balance boom adopt cantilever boom structure, which reduces the hoisting modular and makes it more safe, convenient and flexible to install and uninstall, and reduces the requirements for hoisting equipment and the site.
2. Multiple special mounting brackets are available, which saves the installation time and ensures safe and quality installation.
3. The lifting boom adopts cantilever boom structure and variable cross-section materials, featuring more reasonable structural stress and long service life; and it is easier to make different combination of boom length. 
4. It adopts standard sections (for models of over 12t) of piece assembly structure, split structure stock, and assembled platform, which meet the transport requirements for standard container.


      The Topbelt system can be set at various inclinations, and the platform can be telescoped along the mast as the work progresses.It can also be folded in parking position to use the crane hook. The crane is designed for heavy handling as well as conveyor support.

•  Hoisting 270 LVF / Power Control kVA
•  Trolleying 25 DVF / progressive speed
•  Slewing RVF / speed and torque regulation
•  Ultra View cab
•  Air conditioned control shelter
•  Easy maintenance
•  Fast hydraulic erection (1 m per hour)
•  A7 FEM standard
•  Use of Topbelt or 6/9 m3

bucket Topbelt
•  High rate of concrete pouring 400 m3/h
•  105 m max pouring radius
•  Maximum inclined and declined angles: 20°
•  No concrete segregation
•  Unlimited dam height
•  Quick hydraulic, telescopic Topbelt system (3 m per hour)
•  Easy maintenance and service
•  Belt long lasting, idlers, mechanical parts
•  Control from the driver’s cab of up to 10 overland conveyor

The contractor CTGPC decided to pour the concrete from tower cranes on which articulated conveyors called Topbelt were attached.This conveyor’s system allowed a production of 300 to 400 m³ per hour with a maximum radius of 105 m and unlimited height.


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