Fuel Tank Truck 8X4 for Crude Oil, Diesel and Petrol

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Product Description:

 Fuel Tank Truck  8X4 for Crude Oil, Diesel and Petrol

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZZ1317N4647W


Transmission Type:Manual



Load Capacity:21-30t

Emission Standard:Euro 2


Tank Volume:15001-30000L

Drive Wheel:8×4





Engine Capacity:>8L



Tire Type:Inner Tube

Tire Design:Radial






Engine Type:4 Stroke



Type:Spray Oil Tank



Export Markets:North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Packing

Origin:Shangdong, China


HS Code:8705909090

Production Capacity:60000 Units/Year

Product Description

Condition: New
Storage: Oil 
Drive Wheel: 8X4 
Horsepower: 251 - 350hp 
Transmission Type: Manual 
Fuel Type: Diesel 
Tank Volume: 15001 - 30000L 
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 11900X2496X3150 
Vehicle Weight: 31000kg 
Color: Optional 

(2) Company main products introduce 
1. Water truck 
2. Fuel tanker truck, Oil Truck, Tanker Truck 
3. Fire engine truck 
4. Truck mounted crane, crane truck 
5. Dump truck, tipper, heavy duty truck 
6. LPG Tank Truck, LPG Truck, LPG Tanker, LPG Semi-trailer, LPG Storage Tanker 
7. Bulk cement truck 
8. Concrete mixer truck, mixer truck, cement mixer truck 
9. Garbage truck, Self-loading garbage truck, garbage compactor truck, sealed garbage truck 
10. Fecal suction truck, sewage suction truck 
11. High altitude working truck 
12. Chemical liquid truck 
13. Van truck, insulated truck, refrigeration truck 
14. Semi Trailer, Low plate semi-trailer, oil semi-trailer, van semi-trailer, bulk cement transportation semi-trailer, container semi-trailer, chemical liquid semitrailer, etc more than 300 types in total. 

Overall  dimensions11700& times;   2500& times;   3025,   3630,   3735mm
Gross  weight31000kg
Curb  weight11110kg
Rated  payload19890kg
Suspension  F/R1500/2450mm
Wheel  base1800+4600+1350mm
Drive  type8*4
Number  of  axles4
Axle-load  6500/6500/18000Kg
Number  of  Spring  leafs14,   13/14,   13/12
Tire  specification12.00-20
Number  of  Tires12
Allowable  passengers  in  cab  3
Type  of  fuelDiesel
Max  speed85Km/h
Emission  standard(TAS) Euro II, III

Fuel Tank Truck  8X4 for Crude Oil, Diesel and Petrol

Fuel Tank Truck  8X4 for Crude Oil, Diesel and Petrol

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Q:What is the standard for over width for freight cars?
In addition to these vehicles, other vehicles dimensions (including semi-trailer towing vehicle and a train at length) are not allowed in long, wide, high. Overall size more than GB7258 - 1997 national standards, the public security traffic management department shall not apply for registration.
Q:What are the European trucks?
The trucks, which run on expensive European highways, form a beautiful landscape. The painting of many trucks is more than just a logo. It gives the impression that it is a work of art, a manifestation of personality, and a perfect combination of force and beauty.
Q:Does driving license B instinctively drive a big truck?
B2 driver's license can open, B1 driver's license is not allowed.Medium passenger car: B1, medium-sized passenger car (including nuclear carries more than 10 people, less than 19 city buses), C1, C2,C3, C4.Large trucks: B2, heavy and medium-sized trucks; large, heavy and medium-sized special operation vehicles C1, C2, C3, C4.
Q:Classification of freight car bridges
Look at the head, big head is round by bridge, is the Steyr bridge, the bridge is a single small bipolar spindle bridge pickup is not very clear, generally a large cargo or tractor is 457. 485 and so on, there are 3851092 cargo.. The largest single stage bridge is the liberation of the J6 series, equipped with the 500 Bridge
Q:The truck is blue or yellow, according to the tonnage calculated?
The blue car license plate belongs to, you can apply for H card, city card, driving a license can drive C1 and above. The Yellow license plate belongs to the Yellow standard vehicle and cannot enter the city. The driver must hold the B license and the above driving license to drive. There is a big difference between the two charges. For example, the same container is 4.2 meters long yellow car, license annual insurance and vehicle use tax than expensive blue license.
Q:Why do trucks use diesel?.
A liquid petroleum fraction between kerosene and lubricating oil having a boiling range and viscosity. Flammable, volatile, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohols and other organic solvents. It is a mixture of complex components with boiling points ranging from 180 DEG C to 370 DEG C and 350 to 410 DEG C two. Made from crude oil, shale oil, etc by direct distillation or cracking. According to the different properties of crude oil, there are paraffin base diesel, naphthenic base diesel and naphthenic aromatic diesel. According to the density of the oil and its processing products, accustomed to the boiling point or boiling range of low, called light, on the contrary, become heavy. It is generally divided into light diesel oil and heavy diesel oil. Paraffin based diesel oil is also used as raw material for cracking ethylene and propylene, and can be used as absorbent oil.
Q:What skills do trucks reverse?
Let's talk about the skills of trucks entering the warehouse first.A truck into the library, linked to the reverse, people sit back on the right side of the carriage second bar (from front to back) and in the bar in a diagonal line to the direction of the right to make the car killed, right angle and tail rod keep 60 cm distance around the turn into the bar, at this time, the left hand on the steering wheel (like clock) 3 point position, head in the middle of the cab car rear window glass box after the center point, when the trunk center point and left behind the bar aligned, the left back direction to the car down to the bottom line is not to stop, the car out of the bottom line.
Q:ERP in addition to Chengdu truck shop is better, Chengdu, there are no other?
The concept of comprehensive management system of Chen ERP enterprises, after more than 10 years of research on Chen software of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises practice management mode and implementation of ERP management experience precipitation, specially for solving the management problems of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Q:Does the truck have automatic gear?
Yes, but China should not. Foreign countries are much more automatic!
Q:What's the difference between a freight car and a truck?
Freight cars and trucks belong to the same type of car.

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