FRP roofing sheet and roof tile making machine of high speed made in China

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FRP roofing sheet and roof tile making machine of high speed made in China

Product Description:

FRP chimney, FRP desulphurization equipment,large corrosion-resistant tank and etc. This production line is characterized by the high precision of winding line, high productivity, low energy-consumption, easy installation,adjustment and maintenance. It adopts the industrial computer control, so the usage and operation are very onvenient.

Product Applications:

The products are widely applied to green house, skylight, porch, door, sandwich panel,ceiling, transportation body, concrete form and liner panels.

Product Features:

1.Temperature is controlled by high-precision dual displaying meter.

2.Traction speed digital displaying

3.Sealing elements of hydraulic cylinder is imported ones and hydraulic system adopts importing variable pump hydraulic components.

4.With the optional function of oil temperature alarm and oil level malfunction alarm.

5.Optional hydraulic oil heater.Hydraulic type traction device supply different kinds of operation modes. The traction speed id infinitely controlled.

Product Parameters:


FRP roofing sheet and roof tile making machine of high speed made in China


FRP Pultrusion Machine














1 Year

Product Pictures:

FRP roofing sheet and roof tile making machine of high speed made in China

FRP roofing sheet and roof tile making machine of high speed made in China

Q:What kind of production equipment will be needed for plastic processing plants for daily necessities?
You need an injection molding machine (the size of the injection molding machine depends on the size of your injection), cooling water circulation system, and also a crusher, if you make your own particles, it is best to have a granulator,
Q:What kind of equipment do we need? How much is the approximate cost? Seek your heroes guidance and guidance!
Equipment include: film blowing machine, bag machine, punching machine, printing machine, etc., to invest one hundred thousand up and down, but also need a few tons of raw materials as a turnover, and then start production, I do not know very well, just listen to someone else said...
Q:Which kind of engineering plastics can be machined on machine tools?
Nylon, POM, organic glass, textolite etc can be processed on the machine.
Q:Is there any pollution in the processing of plastic raw materials?
Yes, we have.The plastic itself contains chemicals, in the production process, will react with other substances, produce some odor and so on, so in the production environment must be ventilated, and will produce gas in the process of mechanical production, in production and after the residue, waste water and so on, these are the production of pollution.
Q:Consult, small toys, plastic products how to shine? What kind of machine or what kind of abrasives do you need? The swordsman knows to ask for help, if feasible, and to have a heavy score! This toy is made of diamond! It's about three or four centimeters in size! Urgent!
One is to start from the mold and make the inner surface of the mold smooth!One is starting from the material, to make high light products, first of all, there must be good raw materials, and secondly, to have a good stain, high light color powder, to achieve free spraying, high light injection molding, first of all need to use high gloss plastic material.
Q:Plastic PS with ABS and other mixed processing?
PVC: PVCA polymer material that uses a chlorine atom instead of a hydrogen atom in polyethylene.Polyvinyl chloride is the most characteristic flame retardant, so it is widely used in fire protection applications. But polyvinyl chloride releases hydrochloric acid and other toxic gases in the process of burning.
Q:I'd like to open a waste plastics processing plant. What should I pay attention to? What machines are greener? Can you find 5T every day?
Raw material blowing factory is estimated to have a lot of it. You can go to Tongcheng to see, plastic town ah...
Q:The plastic bottle processing plant needs those machines
Crusher what online, many to transfer technology and plant equipment, you can check for yourself
Q:How much do you need for it? How about the raw material?
Good investment in fixed assets and capital flow of fixed assets including site fees, workshop and warehouse and other construction costs, equipment investment (the inquiry to equipment manufacturers), capital flows to see your production scale and product sales capital recovery ability. Specific investment, you can find an expert consulting, I do not understand this line.
Q:One hundredUrgently!!!Find a kind of plastic that can be used for machining. The better the machining performance, the cheaper the better.Used for the principle model, in the past, when the school practice, used a milky white opaque material, feel good, but I do not know what the name.Copy paste party, do not come to a great God level, experienced best. Kneel thanks!Can PVC be used for machining? As long as you can get on the lathe. If there is a better buy channels.To pipe, diameter 20,40, 65mm 1 each. The lengths are 450450335mm.Can PMMA (acrylic) stick be machined? The supervisor told me that nylon rods do not work and that moisture size is not guaranteed.Then suggest I use this... Which is better than PVC? Thank you
PSU plastic, this plastic can be machined. The factory where I practiced has used detailed parameters. You can check it online

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