Floatless relay 8VAC 110-240V

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Q:Microcomputer tb-12 timer switch how to adjust the time
* Adjust the clock: Press and hold the [CLOCK] button while pressing [TIME], [DIV], [DAY] button to adjust the clock, week.
Q:2 trip switches plus 2 time relay control three-phase motor forward and reverse
Understand the working state of the relay contact, the power delay and the power delay, and then set the time relay to 2 seconds, adding to the inside and outside on the line. Very simple!
Q:Germany West control switch kg316t how to set the switch time
Specifically can refer to the instructions to set, very simple. Try it out a few more times.
Q:Is there a time to switch on the computer? How to check
Computer (my computer) right click - manage - event viewer - Windows log - system, where you can see the log.
Q:Shenzhen Luohu port switch time
Shenzhen Luohu port: every morning 6:30 opening, 12 o'clock in the evening gate, run 17.5 hours, 7 am to 9 am, and 6 pm to 9 pm, all belong to the peak period.
Q:This time control switch how to set the control time
Time setting of the time control switch: First check the clock display whether the current time is consistent, if you want to recalibrate, hold down the "clock" key at the same time, hold down the "school week", "school", "school" key, the clock transferred to the current accurate time ; Press the "time" button, the bottom left of the display "1 open" words (that the first time to open). And then press the "school week" to select the six-day work system, five-day work system, three days of work, the same daily, different daily work mode, and then "school", "school" key, time;
Q:With two time relay how to achieve 10 seconds repeated switch
Of course, you have to use two single-time relay combination can also be used, according to each relay you call to 10 seconds, you can make the first relay time 10s, 10s to the internal relay pull connected to the first two Relay power supply, the second relay began timing, the first two 10s time to pull after the signal to the first relay to reset, so the first relay reset, the internal disconnect, the second relay is also broken Electric, this time the first relay to re-count. Always cycle, to take the amount of switch can be in the first relay action contact to obtain
Q:Home line air switch closed after a period of time on the trip What is the reason?
The role of the air switch is over-current, some lack of voltage and other protection, etc., as you said the family with the reason why the air switch trip I think the reasons may have the following 1, the line in the electrical load is too large The rated current of the air switch 2 Supply voltage instability beyond the normal voltage plus or minus 20%
Q:UC3842 control of the switching power supply, the switch on and off time is how to adjust
1, set: the output voltage changes, the sampling potentiometer output voltage also followed by the increase, assuming that the voltage is added to the transistor level, then the transistor C / E between the current increase, C-class voltage decreases, this voltage Is fed back to the feedback end of 3843. Can be used to control the internal sawtooth circuit charge and discharge time. Then you can control the width of the square wave. Output control of the square wave information added to the MOS tube gate level, it can
Q:Switching power supply voltage to maintain a long time: generally up to 20ms or so. What does that mean?
After the power, the output voltage can be maintained for about 20 milliseconds, that is, 0.02 seconds

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