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The fiber cement board includes two series:  solid fiber cement board(S series) and hollow fiber cement board (K series)


Fiber cement board is one new type wall board which is both functional and decorative, with idea of high- tech and innovation, the products combine the traditional and modern science and technology, which provide a brand  new green wall decoration material to the exterior wall field.


K series

3000 * 300* 15mm

3000* 450* 18mm

3000*600* 26mm


K series—Streak board






The colors are based on customer’s choice.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall decoration system

This system is widely used in public building and high end residential and other kinds of civil construction of exterior wall decoration. In existing buildings exterior wall decoration, the fiber cement board can be directly mounted to the exterior wall by keel, and not need to remove the original façade decoration materials. This system could give the construction quick speed, low transformation cost and good decorative effect.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall heat preservation system.

This system can meet different design requirements for energy- saving. The system has excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance, meanwhile, the mass production and quality control of the products overcomes the crack problem occurred in other external insulation system. The system are mainly used in energy saving renovation to existing building or the external wall thermal insulation of new construction.


Fiber cement board composite wall system has good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, which make the system become an high and energy saving wall retaining system. The system could be applicable to the façade of steel or wood frame villa, and non bearing exterior wall for structural frame work or other frame structure.





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Q:What can I use to glue James Hardie fiber cement trim boards?
I would use gorilla glue which is 100 percent waterproof. or you could use polyurethane caulk which is very tough.
Q:why is the cement-board lintel over my front door separating from the brickwork?
it truly is a few thing I even have under no circumstances seen over here. the front door replaced into for travelers, and that they'd be led into the front room, a room oftentimes utilized by making use of the father and mom interior the evenings. childrens forbidden. Our get entry to replaced into to stroll around to the back of the abode and enter there, into the kitchen. as a rule the front door in basic terms must be opened with a key from the outdoors, and a turn button on the interior, so it replaced into constantly locked. The back door replaced into constantly unlocked and so some distance as i can bear in mind, no longer even locked in a single day. The origins in the back of the turn 21 and get the main of the door is obscure, however the context replaced into that as quickly as you became 21 you gained the main to the front door, and ought to come and bypass as you thrilled, an illustration of adulthood. That replaced into the thought I lived with interior the dissimilar properties I lived in as I grew up.
Q:What is the prc in the building?
Prestressed reinforced concrete
Q:Is the Etter board available for exterior finishes?
Can be used outside the finishes, Etter board is a fiber reinforced silicate plate (fiber cement board), the main raw material is cement, plant fiber and minerals, by the high pressure autoclave made of high pressure.
Q:Composite foam cement board fire board grade and fire resistance limit?
Refractory grade B1: B1 is not flammable material, it is flammable, but not easy to burn, fire and fire in the fire to play a certain degree of fire resistance. This type of sheet is generally used in the low-end public places more.
Q:Thanks Alex. How much you think I should charge to install each 4x8 sheet of cement board?
I used to charge 2.50$ a s/f to install board or prep an area. That would include the board , thin set and nails ( or screws)to do it properly. 4x8 cement board is hard to find and heavier the all HE!!, so hire a friend. 3x5 sheets are much easier to handle by yourself. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How to install the outer wall plywood
Peek is a fiber cement board, the board is decorated into wood grain, suitable for low-rise or multi-storey building exterior decoration. Its characteristics are waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-insect borer, non-combustible, smoke-free, non-toxic, easy installation, easy processing and cutting. There are two kinds of installation methods, one is installed in the external walls of high-strength galvanized steel keel (with keel);
Q:The scope of application of foam cement
Pipeline backfill. Underground abandoned oil tanks, pipelines (built-in crude oil, chemicals), sewage pipes and other holes easily lead to fire or landslides, the use of foam concrete backfill can solve these troubles, the cost is also less. The density of foam concrete depends on the diameter of the pipe and the groundwater level, usually 600-1100kg / m³ ;.
Q:Drywall and Cement board quantities question?
You will need an 8' high sheet for each width you have. 56 + 72 + 90 + 61 + 36 + 36 351 inches 29 feet wide since they are 4 x 8 you have 29 / 4 7.3 sheets you should get more sheets for the waste and different sizes. Maybe 9 - 10 sheets.
Q:Cement board or asbestos?
It would most likely be asbestos because nobody in there right mind would cover Hardi with vinyl.

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