Ferro Phosphorus Pieces Inspection: CIQ SGS QA

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  1. Inspection: CIQ SGS QA


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  1. Inspection: CIQ SGS QA

Phosphorus iron honeycomb appearance, phosphorus is 20-26%, 0.1 6% of intergrowth compounds containing silicon. Phosphorus in the steel industry as an alloying agent, iron alloy additives for use in the metallurgical and deoxidizer.

In general steel products, phosphorus is harmful ingredients, but in some special products, the addition of phosphorus, can improve the performance of certain aspects of steel. Phosphorus iron is widely used in roll, auto cylinder liner, engine roller and large castings in order to increase mechanical parts corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance

Ferro Phosphorus Pieces Inspection: CIQ SGS QA

Ferro Phosphorus Pieces Inspection: CIQ SGS QA

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Q:What are the fields of nano WC Cemented Carbides applied?
(3) wood processing. As early as 50s, carbide tipped tools were used in the wood processing industry. Now, there sheet of all kinds of materials, the processing precision and the requirements of the appearance is greatly improved, the centrifugal force, when high speed cutting cutting force so that ordinary hard alloy is difficult to meet the requirements of the processing, and nanocrystalline WC cemented carbide has been useless.
Q:What are the three types of commonly used cemented carbides?
Common brands are YT5 (mass fraction of TiC is 5%), YT15 (mass fraction of TiC is 15%), with the mass fraction of TiC increased, the mass fraction of cobalt decreased, hardness and wear resistance increased, bending strength decreased. This kind of hard alloy is not suitable for processing stainless steel and titanium alloy.K class (equivalent to China's YG class), cemented carbide composed of WC and Co, also known as tungsten cobalt carbide. These alloys are mainly used to process cast iron, nonferrous metals and their alloys. The common grades are TG6 (cobalt mass fraction 6%) and YG8 (cobalt mass fraction 8%).
Q:What is the hardness of the carbide thread?
The hardness of cemented carbide tools is generally between 89~92.8, such as the hardness of YG8 is HRA89, the hardness of YT30 is 92.8, and the hardness of YT15 is 91.
Q:What are the carbide materials brand?
What kind of cutting tools do you have? I can give you some information first
Q:Carbide grades YG6 and YG8. Which ones are used to process stones?
YG8C is used on impact drills, which is suitable?
Q:Can carbide drills be used for high speed steel twist drills?
Now, like OSG's drill, mainly carbide based.
Q:Carbide coated drill bit will reduce the service life after grinding, how to avoid?
Sure, the grinding efficiency of the drill can reach about 80% of the new drill. Of course, the repair should be professional, experienced manufacturers repair oh. We can drill hard alloy coated drill bit to ensure quality.
Q:Which prawns know of what is called red hard alloy.
This form of exercise is intense, and the more objects or systems formed by these microscopic particles become hotter. As the temperature rises, the object begins to emit visible light, first of all, the longer red part, which turns from dark red to orange red.
Q:Carbide products which are used more?
Sealing rings in the sealing industry, mould industry, machine tools, milling cutters, drill bits in the mining industry, and armor piercing shells in the army, etc.
Q:What are the advantages of carbide V-CUT knives and diamond V-CUT knives?
Hard alloy cutter V-CUT V-CUT also known as tungsten steel knife, V-CUT knife is a highly cost-effective high quality, the overall use of hard alloy is refined, the hard alloy is a kind of tungsten cobalt powder by formula + mixture by pressing sintering of cemented carbide wafer using high quality carbide hard alloy, and then by the advanced precision grinding machining the tool made.Diamond cutting tools are relatively hard and have a hardness of 8000HV.

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