Excavator Clamshell Bucket excavator parts Komatsu 120/200-6

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Product Description:

Clamshell Bucket


1.Porducts imformation:

Applications: Foundation ground digging, chasm digging, loose materials loading, such as earth and sand, etc..


  Product Characteristics of Clamshell Bucket:

1.The clamshell can be opened and closed directly by the hydraulic cylinders;

2.Strong digging strength;

3. Especially good for a restricted working space.


Applications: Foundation ground digging, chasm digging, loose materials loading, such as earth and sand, etc.

We can design and manufacture excavator buckets according to your requirements. such as earth bucket, rock bucket, skeleton bucket, clamshell grab bucket, ripper bucket, ditching bucket, clean up buckets, etc



Code Name

The main   chemical components

Brunel Hardness


Elongation Rate


Tensile Strength


Yield Strength







Manganese Steel   Plate











Wear-resistant   steel plate homemade











High strength   wear-resistant steel plate












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Q:How is the grade of excavator driver's license classification?
Excavators, cranes, bulldozers, loaders and other construction machinery is not a driver's license, as long as the Safety Inspection Bureau in the country will be able to obtain "mechanical operation permit", as long as there is a certificate on the line.
Q:How do I find the Model of engine in a John Deere 892D excavator?
Get okorder.com can give you all you want to know.
Q:How many hours does the excavator usually last?
Look at the life of the maintenance, the service life of various excavators will have a fixed range, for example, an excavator to dig the mountain, mining, heavy work, so no matter what brand is probably in 7 years would be scrapped, the so-called good quality that is nonsense, and good times, were at most for a year, so buy excavator want to make money do not buy luxury brands such as excavators, Carter Komatsu, and can choose the price at the end, practical such as Liugong, you can receive the cost within three years, and four years can be earned a Carter about one million to what time to recover the cost?
Q:what equipemnt and temporary works are used in bridge construction?
Equipment: Cranes, Excavators, Cement Mixers, Operatives Materials: Mainly Steel or reinforced concrete plus bridge finishes Temporary Works, Scaffold, Formwork, Falsework, Propping, Hard standings, Possible excavations, Water diversions or traffic diversions depends on type of bridge
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Q:What is the best Hydraulic Excavator (backhoe) in the world?
My opinion is Catapillar. Kamotso isn't bad, but the parts are expensive being a Japanese model.
Q:How big is the digging bucket of Komatsu 200 excavator, what is its length, width and depth?
Baidu search Komatsu china"The first page is Komatsu official website, product center, which can look at the specifications of each vehicle configuration
Q:Dump trucks, earthmoving, shovel loading, vehicle distance from 48km, according to 2014 valuation quota,
.Five. For sprinkler (northern) 1-1-22 sprinkling water, filling water = filling volume * earth dry density * (optimum moisture content - natural moisture content) / (1+ natural water content).Six, fee, gasoline and diesel price, distance and other information according to the actual selection. Pay attention to the budget quota supplement, this is critical.Must have unit price, so give you count, dig, install 3.5 yuan + freight 48 yuan + rolling (sprinkler) 4 yuan, about 45.5 yuan /m3, without tax, management fees and so on.Also no matter what your site construction machinery, machinery is not allowed to swap quota, specifically to see the "interpretation" is not a detailed quota.Non professional, self-study. If there is any mistake, please correct me.
Q:can a machine do the work done by 10 men at a time?
Two such machines: 1. Excavator 2. Vibrator You choose...:)
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