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WPC series

**WPC outdoor decking
**WPC exterior wall panel
**WPC DIY flooring
**garden box
WPC(woodplastic composite) part one
Type: hollow and solid
Length: 2200mm, 2900mm, 4000mm,5800mm
Specification:150*25mm,135*25mm,140*26mm,  150*21mm, 150*30mm, 145*30mm, 250*21mm,250*25mm etc.
Color: ivory white, wood, cherry red, reddishbrown,  black etc.

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You need a lot of room to grow enough to sustain yourself try Hydroponics, its the only way to grow in a small confined area a lot of pots in an enclosed area is asking for dampness humidity problems and if the dirt is not clean, welcome to gnat city hydroponics can be set up to grow vine type plants that hang from a string to get more yield, but IMHO you wasting your time unless you have a good sized room supplemented with light from outside, if you want to use pots use vermiculite/perlite mixture and powered all purpose hydroponic nutrients you will have to learn how to adjust the PH information is readily available on line on how to do this and what to use as far as being mobile, that is something I would be wanting to see myself hydroponics can be set up and broken down very easy given the right system.
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