E2291 warp knitting machine

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  The Double-Bar Warp Knitting Machine uses chemical fiber Such as polyesterpolyamideacrylicpolypropyleneand viscose or natural fiber such as spinning cotton yarnblendedyarn etcto produce short-pile fabric with Pile height of 1.5~6mm or space fabricwith thickness of 3~12mmThe fabric feels Plumpgentle andwon't come off from the base clothand is widely usedfor garmentsshoes fabriccotton blanketautomobile cushionsofa-coverbed clothside clothand curtain etc


Knitting Elements
Driven by full-eccentric levers and designed on the basis of thecomputer-animated simulation
the Knitting Ele-ments take on reliable and stablemotions with excellent
thus the fabric production is ensured in high qualityand theproductivity iS increased efficlently
Yarn Let-off Device
Mechanical Let-off Device or EBA Electronic Let-off Device that is also goodfor double-speed yarn feeding is optional

3. Latch Needle Block or Latch individual lnsertion mechanism is optional andmeets the need of different users

The trace plate space between knock-over bars can be adjusted as a wholewith an optional devlcewhich is convenient fOr the user to change knittingfabrics with
different thickness swiftly

Outlook of Machine
Humanized design
precise machining and delicate painting form an impressive outlook ofmachine


Machine Type


6 Guide Bars


7 Guide Bars


Latch Needle



Working Width

84 ” (2134mm) 136 ” (3454mm)

154 ” (3911mm) 170 ” (4318mm)

Number of Guide Bars

6 Bars (2 Pile Bars)

7 Bars (3 Pile Bars)

Distance Between Knock-over Bars


Beam Support

Separate Beam Support

Max. Size of Sectional Beam

For Pile Bars


Separate Beam Support

Max. Size of Sectional Beam

For Pile Bars


Pattern Drive Device

N-type Pattern Drive Device in 4 or 6 tempi of  Link chains

Or Pattern Cams

Let-off Device

Mechanical or EBA Electronic Let-off Device

Density Range


Max. speed



Inching Speed


Max. Fabric Batching Diameter


Main Motor Power

5.5KW or 7.5KW

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Q:Textile machinery points which six categories? What is the main role?
Weaving equipment according to its process sub-winding process, warping process, through the process, weaving process, finishing process. Printing and dyeing equipment singeing machine (cloth singeing), boiled bleaching machine (cloth pulp back), mercerizing machine (so that the cloth fibers neatly arranged, the fabric shiny, dye adsorption better point), uniform rolling Car (fabric dyeing), stereotypes machine (fabric stereotypes), pre-shrinking machine ...
Q:What are the mechanical characteristics of textile machinery?
n modern times, people's understanding of the structure and physical and chemical properties of fibers is deepening, thus creating more and more advanced process methods, which can more fully play the characteristics of fiber and fabric. In line with this development, modern textile machinery using mechanical technology, electrical technology, especially weak technology to create a wide range of different performance processing machines. For example, the industrial coating fabric preparation process coating method, roll method and lamination method, the design of the machine also has three different structures accordingly. Another example is the high affinity (130 ° C) and high pressure (2.7 kg / cm) dyeing equipment that can reduce the dyeing time and achieve good dyeing fastness.
Q:What is the task of preparing the process before spinning?
Clear mixed in the raw cotton acrobatics and neps, impurity removal rate of 40% to 70%
Q:What is the textile process?
Weaving process mainly include: winding, warping, sizing, through, weaving, finishing.
Q:What are the classification of textile machinery?
4. Pedal loom
Q:What is the current status of the textile industry?
From the international environment, the international market is still a large expansion of space and opportunities. With the end of 2007, China and the EU textile limit expires, the end of 2008 the end of the Sino-US textile quota limit, the Chinese textile quota era is approaching, accounting for more than 60% of the global textile market share area is fully open, will bring to China's textile trade Great opportunity. And the next few years the world economy will remain in the rising range, will promote the growth of international trade, which will give China's textile and garment exports to bring favorable international market protection.
Q:What is spinning down?
Even in the twentieth century, some nomadic Tibetans in Tibet were still spinning it.
Q:The state of the textile industry machinery revitalization, expanding domestic demand, the specific policy is what?
The domestic basic industry is weak, the basic parts can not keep up, affecting the quality of textile machinery products and mechanical and electrical integration level. Textile machinery product development and the lack of organic cooperation, affecting the use of textile products effect. Policy does not match, affecting the competitiveness of domestic textile machinery products. In view of these problems, China's textile industry has adopted a series of measures to vigorously develop the basic equipment of textile machinery, the introduction of foreign textile machinery technology, differentiated development strategy, and the introduction of the corresponding policy of supporting the development of textile machinery, and achieved good results The
Q:Why did the first industrial revolution begin with the sign of Jenny's textile machine rather than shuttle?
In the 1860s, the industrial revolution began with the British cotton industry, and then spread to mining, smelting, transportation and other industries in Europe
Q:What are the risks of safety accidents in the textile machinery industry?
Second, the safety of workers is not in place. Machine old, do not attach importance, do not update.

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