Dump Truck 6X4 J6 10 Wheeler 10ton 20ton Dumper

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Product Description:

Dump Truck 6X4  J6 10 Wheeler 10ton 20ton Dumper 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CA3256


Transmission Type:Manual



Load Capacity:21-30t

Emission Standard:Euro 3


Drive Wheel:6×4

Engine Capacity:>8L





Tire Type:Inner Tube

Tire Certification:ISO


Tire Design:Radial

Dumping Type:Front Lifting Style



Truck Type:Dump Truck


Type:Dump Tipper

Export Markets:South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Additional Info.



Packing:in Nude




HS Code:8704230090


Production Capacity:300PCS/Month

Product Description

Type NumberCA3250P66K24LT1E    CA3250P66K24L1T1E    CA3250P66K24L2T1E      CA3250P66K24L3T1E      CA3250P66K24L4T1E
Dimension  ParameterOverall Dimensions (LxWxH)mmLength7530, 7680, 7780, 79808080, 8280, 8480, 8340, 8440, 85408580, 8780, 9080, 8850, 9050, 92509180, 9380, 9580, 9700, 9800, 99009680, 9880, 10180,   10150, 10250, 10400
Height3300, 36003300, 36003300, 36003300, 36003300, 3600
Axle Base (Full load)3450+13503800+13504300+13504800+13505300+1350
Front Overhang (Loaded)14701470147014701470
Rear Overhang (Loaded)1260, 1410, 1510, 17101460, 1660, 1860, 1720, 1820, 19201460, 1660, 1960, 1730, 1930, 21301560, 1760, 1960, 2080, 2180, 22801560, 1760, 2060, 2030, 2130, 2280
Wheel BaseFront Wheel20502050205020502050
Rear Wheel 18301830183018301830
Internal Dimensions of BodyLength4800, 50005400, 5600, 58005800, 6000, 62006600, 6800, 70007000, 7200, 7500
Height1380, 13301220, 1180, 11401140, 1100, 10701000, 980, 950956, 932, 899
Ground Clearance (Loaded)Under Front Axle285285285285285
Under Rear Axle290290290290290
Passing Angle(Loaded)Approach Angle2424242424
Departure Angle2424242424
Weight Parameter(kg)Payload Capacity12805, 1287012695, 1276012605, 1267012505, 1257012415, 12480
Curb Weight(kg)                                                             1200012110122001230012390
Gross Truck Weight(kg)         2500025000250002500025000
Weight Distribution (kg)(unloaded)Front Axle59655430530053505800
Rear Axle60356680690069506590
Weight Distribution (kg)(loaded)Front Axle70007000700070007000
Rear Axle1800018000180001800018000
Type NumberCA3250P66K24LT1E    CA3250P66K24L1T1E    CA3250P66K24L2T1E      CA3250P66K24L3T1E      CA3250P66K24L4T1E
Performance    ParameterMax. Speed (km/h)7575757575
Maximum Gradeability (%)7070707070
Fuel Consumption under Six Operating Conditions (L/100km)---------------
Constant Speed Fuel Consumption at the Highest Gear(L/100km)at 80km/h2727272727
Maximum Exterior Noise Level at Accelerated Drive dB (A)≤ 84≤ 84≤ 84≤ 84≤ 84
Minimum Turning Radius (m)1516182122
Braking Distance (from 60km/h with Full Load)≤ 36.7≤ 36.7≤ 36.7≤ 36.7≤ 36.7
Parking Slope(Full load, in Forward and Reverse 2 Directions)≥ 12≥ 12≥ 12≥ 12≥ 12
Continued Running Mileage (km)≥ 600≥ 600≥ 600≥ 600≥ 600
Economic Speed at the Highest Gear(km/h)40-6040-6040-6040-6040-60

Dump Truck 6X4  J6 10 Wheeler 10ton 20ton Dumper

Dump Truck 6X4  J6 10 Wheeler 10ton 20ton Dumper

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Q:Can I change the tractor head to dump truck, please?
What you said is with a head to dump it, we changed a lot, buy a used about sixty thousand to support capitatum, Refitting Factory make a new big box ten lower edge eight, Refitting Factory to pick you, before loading cylinder, change after overhaul plant a total of 40 thousand
Q:How heavy is the chassis of the Dongfeng dump truck 140?
Strong power: Yuchai engine YC6J series using small aperture hole 6 P injector, emission, low fuel consumption;
Q:Howard truck car suddenly no electricity what reason
Body harness ground, or random change lines lead to large burnt wire current, resulting in a sudden car full power, if not professional car modification shop on line change, may also lead to "the whole car suddenly no electricity" phenomenon, even lead to auto ignition.
Q:How do you skip the eight dumper after the first four?
Although this method can reduce the cost, but the transmission of vehicles and other injuries, and road safety is also very unfavorable. Nowadays, toll stations are used in large quantities, and the meaning of "jumping pounds" is gone.
Q:What's the unloading order of dump trucks?
With the rise of the rotary valve is pulled up (sometimes is directly pulled, oil control is another gas controlling the rotary valve to rise around the file).
Q:The truck 330 horsepower fuel consumption per hundred kilometers how many litres of oil, empty back
How much oil means hundreds of kilometers and how much oil?. It's a habit of speaking. Vehicle fuel consumption is generally calculated with 100 km fuel consumption, such as 100 km fuel consumption 10L, meaning 100 kilometers of vehicles traveling, need 10L gasoline. It is suggested that you calculate according to the following methods:1. according to the car's driving computer. Generally better cars have drive computer, which has instant fuel consumption and average fuel consumption. When you want to calculate the fuel consumption, the data inside empty, read the average fuel consumption is more accurate. Some cars don't support driving, and computers or computers don't support emptying data, so there are only second ways to do that.
Q:Oriental violet.Jin Connaught dump truck which good?
Dongfeng days Kam card 220 HP 4X2 dump truck (DFL3120B1) basic information: Yuchai engine type: YC6J220-31 horsepower: 220 HP engines: 6.494L body length: 8 m containers (buckets) length: 5.4 meters of rated capacity: 4.99 tons of transmission gear number: 8 16.88-17.88 million MSRP
Q:I want to buy a special dump truck for mine. I want to know what brands are available in China
Homemade mine special dump truck, good point in 700 thousand or so, cheaper in more than 500 thousand.
Q:What's the difference between the King Kong dump truck and the similar dump truck in Futian times?
If you want to buy a car. 608, first of all, the market retains a large quantity. Accessories to buy.Recommendation 608. Ruiwo is also a 140. Not used to.
Q:Dongfeng Hercules after the eight round dump trucks, using a large ah battery?
Mainly depends on the configuration of your car, the engine power, the rear axle, tires, big car, like 13T double after 11 steel tire 260P engine pull 50-60T no problem. Dongfeng dragon to about 31W, Futian Kunlun 290P30W or so. Dongfeng Hercules dump truck new quote: 280 thousand --32 million between, the specific quoted price according to type and configuration to report!

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