DTZ series hydraulic static pile driver for sale

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DTZ series hydraulic static pile driver for sale

Product Description: Hydraulic static pile driver made by CNBM International Corp is a kind of eco-friendly pile foundation construction equipment that conduct longitudinal movement, lateral movement, rotation and pile hanging and pressing through hydraulic cylinder drive machine to finish pile forming of precast pipe pile or square pile.

It is featured by no noise, vibration or pollution, high piling efficiency and good pile completion, and mainly comprises pile gripping structure, pile driving structure, lifting structure, walking structure, hoisting structure, hydraulic system and electrical system. According to requirements of piling force, users can select from over 20 varieties in the range of 80T to 1200T, and our company also can customize according to special customer demands.

■Jaw self-adaption pile gripping technology (Patent No. ZL200820053664.40) ensures good pile completion and lowest maintenance cost in the industry;



■Pile gripping pressure and piling pressure sync control technology (Patent No. ZL200820053665.9) improves pile forming quality and service life of complete machine;

■Constant pressure construction of final pressure stabilizer (Patent No. ZL200820053663.X) keeps from “sitting machine” phenomenon and can easily penetrate sand layer;

■Elegant oil circuit, unique hydraulic system design and professional pipeline washing technology ensure cleanness and high reliability of hydraulic system;

■Floatation machine early warning safety technology (optional) (Patent No. ZL200820053666.3) keeps from “floating machine” and “sitting machine” phenomena and improves work safety and service life of pile machine;

■Independent filtration and cooling system has good heat dissipation effect.

■High-reliability Core Component




1.Which payment terms can we accept?

  Normally we can work on T/T term or L/C.If you choose T/T,30% payment is required in advance and 70% balance shall be settled before shipment often,it rang a little.

2.How long will our price be valid?

We are friendly dealer, never greedy windfall profit, our price remains stable,except the exchange rate and the increasing labor cost and material cost.

3.What are our advantages compared with manufacturers?

a.Detailed training-We can provide training services to different users. The training sessions include product training,operating training, maintenance know-how,standard and so on to fulfill your individual needs.The training can be conducted at client’s site.

b.Available after service-With our global distributor network, you are guaranteed with fast deliveries and services if you submit your requests.


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Q:Rules for operation of impact pile drivers
Two, piling construction process, before piling construction, in the construction site around the axis control network testing and protection, and do a good mark, and transfer procedures. The construction process is as follows: lofting pile two Pile Lofting pile pile on pile machine machine alignment machine to feed the pile piling pile verticality correction electric welding welding cooling design requirements to stop piling pile hammer machine machine three, hammer pile construction technology and quality control measures of each Pile Lofting after two times of review and correct aligned with the pile location insert, the first section is slow into the retaining pile verticality, upper and lower section pile after aligning welding, welding inspection by the parties after natural cooling time to meet the requirements after piling, final penetration and elevation controlled by the supervision, party a visa confirmation after the stop hammer machine construction. (1) the quality of the pile is guaranteed by 1. After each pile comes into play, the pile shall be discharged after passing the qualification evaluation (including the qualification certificate, the pile type, the date of manufacture, the appearance quality, etc.), and the pile shall be stacked in plain and not too high layers.
Q:Is the lever of the pile driver fast?
Wylong machinery piling machine organic lock rod, have lock rod grinding machine, the lock rod piling machine stone concrete ground relatively quickly, the lock rod grinding play the soil faster.
Q:Is the loading type barrier pile driver practical?
Do not know the specific fuel consumption, you will know their own online check, and the fuel consumption of different types are not the same, but certainly more than 260 of the piling machine of gas guzzling wow, you only a few 260 cylinder, loading type are basically four large diameter cylinder diesel engine.But the efficiency and quality are worth the praise, and the loader is much more efficient than the regular barrier pile driver. It can be said to be a multiple increase.
Q:What is the strategy for building industry users to supply machinery,
Promote。 As for Chinese chopsticks, fork to foreigners, the Xu
Q:Working principle of pile driver
The guide frame can also be extended downward along the tower and used to fetch water along the embankment or pier. The pile can move and move. The basic technical parameters of a pile driver are impact weight, impact kinetic energy and impact frequency. According to the motion of the pile hammer power source can be divided into hammer, hammer, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer etc..The pile driver also has a rotary pile driver, which is dug into the ground with a screw and then filled with piles.
Q:Find a 3DMAX site pile driver model and a mixed soil mixer,
You can get them with the manufacturers who produce them. They usually do. Not really. Just find someone to look at the equipment and draw one.
Q:Which manufacturer is better for highway guardrail and pile driver?
There are many manufacturers of pile drivers now. Do you buy them online or offline?
Q:The difference between diesel pile driver and impact drilling machine
A diesel pile driver: like a hammer hitting a nail, it is hit by a hammer.
Q:Is there a pile driver in it?
There's one in the neighborhood. Can find other counterparts to learn, skilled in their own open. However, the piling machine is not stable, but also a team together. And we're going out of town, this month, ten days.
Q:How much is the man-machine charge of the percussive drilling pile driver per meter?
Hello, impact drilling pile driver is about one hundred thousand and one sets, the specific depends on how big you hit the pile, the specific configuration, Nantong punching pile machine factory specializing in the production of punching piling machine, hand impact drill, hoist.

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