drive electronics Decentralised motor starter

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SK 135E – Decentralised motor starter

Many applications, including those in the field of material handling require electronic starting and stopping of the drive units. NORD has developed the new, innovative motor starter SK 135E for this. Due to its versatility, not only motor starting functions, but also gentle starting or reversing mode are possible.Extensive monitoring functions e.g. protect against overheating. Thanks to the I2t triggering characteristic, a motor protection switch is not required. The integrated mains filter of the motor starter SK 135E (with motor-mounting) meets the very highest EMC requirements.

Features and Characteristics


  • Gentle start function

  • Reversing function

  • Motor or wall-mounting

  • IP55, (optional IP66)

  • Power range:3~ 200 … 240V from 0.25 kW to 4.0 kW3~ 380 … 500V from 0.25 kW to 7.5 kW

  • Control and connection of an electromechanical brake

  • Integrated mains filter (EMC Class C1 / C2)

  • 2 digital inputs

  • 2 digital outputs

  • Temperature sensor input (TF+/TF-)

  • RS232 interface via RJ12 plug

  • Optional ATEX Zone 22 3D (in preparation)

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Q:What is the electric motor that drives the motor to make energy
The electric motor can be a servo-on state, commonly known as a state of excitation. Motor drive Motor drive is assembled in the film in the camera the floorboard of the micro Motor or spring and its attachments, with the help of a miniature Motor automatically winding film, mostly refers to 35 mm single-lens reflex camera used. Motor can produce condition is: drive control wiring is correct, to the 24 v voltage, drive and servo motor connection is correct, accurate parameter Settings. Electric machinery is a kind of electromagnetic device that can be converted or transmitted by electromagnetic induction law. In the circuit, the letter M (old standard D) is used. Its main function is to generate drive torque as the power source of electrical or mechanical power. The generator is represented by the letter G in the circuit. Its main function is to use mechanical energy to convert into electricity, and the most commonly used is to use heat energy and water energy to push the rotor of the generator to generate electricity.
Q:How do you get a broken stage
If you choose to intelligent stepper drive such as the British EZM series drives, this kind of problem is very easy to recognize: if the motor internal short circuit, the drive will be submitted to the over-current fault; If the motor winding opens, the driver fails to report. If the internal parts of the motor have problems, they will be noisy and abnormal.
Q:The green lights flashing in the motor drive are flashing, and the red light is not bright
The red light indicates that the power is switched on and the green light indicates that there is a pulse instruction. Whatever the lights are on, what's your problem?
Q:The servo motor drive is compared to the cylinder drive, which is more energy saving energy?
The servo motor is not much different from the ordinary motor in the province, and the power of the motor is not related to the type of motor. Servo drives, servo drives) is also known as "servo controller and the servo amplifier, a controller is used to control the servo motor, its action is similar to the frequency converter to ordinary ac motor, belong to the part of the servo system, mainly used in high precision positioning system. Typically by location, speed and torque three ways to control the servo motor, high precision positioning of transmission system, is currently the transmission technology of high-end products.
Q:How does the driver control the servo motor
One, with the motor control card, has special drive package, the motion control card is connected to the control port of the servo driver. Second, use motion control software, such as MACH; It is controlled by the parallel port output control signal, which controls the control port of the servo driver. Third, write drive package, drive parallel port; Four, the servo drive that carries the communication, of course need to write the drive.
Q:What is the three-phase step motor driven chip
L298N has 4 independent bridge arm, can drive four phase six line step motor, not know your three-phase step motor is the interface, not three phase brushless machine? If the stepper motor, I think enough, with three of the bridge arm stepper motor power connection of three groups of coil end, on the other side received L198N, left an empty bridge arm.
Q:How to set the dial switch on the step motor drive?
A breakdown driver? Take a look at the book. It's easy.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:How does the servo motor drive work
The power drive unit is the first through the three-phase full bridge rectifier circuit to the input three phase electricity or the municipal electricity to complete the rectifier, the corresponding direct current electricity. The three phase permanent magnet synchronous ac servo motor is driven by a three-phase sinusoidal PWM voltage inverter. The whole process of the power drive unit can be simply described as the ac-dc-ac process. The main topological circuit of the rectifier unit (ac-dc) is a three-phase fully bridge uncharged rectifier circuit.
Q:Hello, my step is in the motor drive the light is not bright, the motor is not locked
The step motor is an open loop controlling element which converts the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line displacement. In the case of the overload, motor speed, stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, and not affected by load change, when the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it is driving a stepper motor according to set the direction of a fixed Angle, known as the "step Angle", its rotation is based on the Angle of the fixed step by step. It can control the amount of angular displacement by controlling the number of pulses, so as to achieve accurate positioning. At the same time, the speed and acceleration of the motor can be controlled by controlling the pulse frequency to achieve the goal of speed adjustment
Q:Measuring method of motor actuator?
It depends on how the questioner is tested. The power analyzer and oscilloscope are sufficient to test the motor drive alone. If you are testing the motor drive and motor drive system, you will need to measure the motor. But also cannot be general of dynamometer, because the current motor drives are mostly frequency converter, the output signal of high frequency PWM wave, the traditional dynamometer for bandwidth problem is uncertainty.

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