Double Faced Melamine Faced/Laminated Blockboard/ MDF/Plywood Various Colors

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Product Description:


Specifications of  Double Faced Melamine Faced/Laminated Blockboard/ MDF/Plywood Various Colors



---Product Name: Double Faced Melamine Faced/ Laminated Blocknoard/MDF/Plywood Various Colors



---Size: 1220x2440mm, 915x2135mm or as customer's requirement






---Thickness Toleance:+/-0.2mm(thickness<6mm),+/-0.3-0.5mm(thickness≥6mm)



---Face/Back:Wood veneer laminated first  then one side or both side melamine paper laminated



---Surface Treament: Matt, textured .glossy or embrossed



---Melamine Paper Color: Solid color such as gray ,white, black, red, blue, orange, green, etc&wood grain such as beech, cherry, walnut, teek



---Core:Poplar, hardwood ,eucalypt,okoume, birch, pine,combi,etc


Applications of Double Faced Melamine Faced /Laminated Blockboard/ MDF/Plywood Various Color


---Furnature,package, kitchen,cabinet


Our  Advantages of   Double Faced Melamine Faced/Laminated Blockboard/ MDF/Plywood Various Colors



  ---.According to the products inspection report from Chinese Environmental Protection Association and Environmental Monitoring Bureau, the releasing amount of formaldehyde is lower than or equal to 0.5mg/L.



  ---Our blockboard takes the excellent imported wood as the core material and is finely made by  applying the imported advanced equipments. 



 ---With exquisite technology, our blockboard has the characteristics of flatness and smoothness, free of cupping and distortion. Good soundproof and resistant to moisture, strong strength of bolt, it can be processed secondarily.



---The  blockboard has a very critical selection for its raw wood, adopts excellent cedar as the core material and uses new green glue, with the features of low formaldehyde emission, firm adhesion, high bonding strength.


Packing:Noral export packing or as customer's requirement


Delivery:Within 15-30 days after getting final confirmation


Pics of Double Faced Melamine Faced/Laminated Blockboard/MDF/Playwood Various Colors


Melamine Faced blockboard


Melamine Faced blockboard


Melamine Faced blockboard

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Q:How many types of wooden lines
Mainly solid wood lines, wood and plastic lines of these two.
Q:What are the top ten brands of 2015?
Anne International Why do I want to say the second international business, without continuing to say that the traditional old brand. May you have not heard of, but this brand absolutely in the global sheet industry regarded as the top three, it comes from Italy, the full name of Italy Ansai International.
Q:What kind of glue when you use it?
Wood latex and Wan Nengjiao, (latex is mainly used for the connection of two materials to prevent deformation. Universal glue first with less, and now furniture are like custom. Are mixed oil)
Q:Wooden door surface panels (multi-layer board) is a solid wood door or solid wood composite door?
This is a typical composite door process. Some doors, especially in the middle of the door made of Chengdu directly wooden side, there is no MDF, and then paste the two sides of the decorative panels. Some boss said it was solid wood door.
Q:How about the double-pearl board?
Jinqiu plate, including "Jinqiu" brand blockboard, particleboard, decorative panels, MDF, dozens of product categories, to meet the different needs of consumers
Q:Do you want to paint the panel, what panel?
Not to do the panel can do, but the effect in general. Because the MDF surface overlay is very general.
Q:Bamboo stickers, polymer panels which is good?
Sliding doors for the standard: cabinet 18mm fragrant fir with 5, 9mm back plate (with no section on the line), the interval also with fragrant fir (you can use the section will be cheap), the panel is only part of the exposed , Such as side panels, one is enough, if you think fragrant fir section of the section does not look good, you can buy double-sided no section, and then brush the bottom of the face, a group of paint for example ...
Q:What is the difference between solid wood veneer doors and solid wood composite doors?
Shi Mu Square of the uniform use of 8 miles thick, which all solid wood, cost is high, the key recommendation!
Q:What are the identification methods for the panel?
The so-called short plate: wood flooring is often a production process requirements is relatively high, but also has a certain amount of technology on the content of products, while enterprises are also subject to their own conditions to limit , But continue to lead to the floor after the pavement is said to be in a relatively short period of time on the deformation, and that the paint off the contents of the phenomenon.
Q:What is the plate? Is it really environmentally friendly?
Second, the three plywood fit the core substrate of the paint-free board market generally easy to open plastic. Third, the king coconut launch of solid wood ecological board, is added by the board core plate and then paste the melamine-free Mianqi board, stability, but the process requirements are extremely high.

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