Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

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Known as docking refuse collector, compression docking refuse collector of waste compaction station(hereinafter referred as garbage truck ) is a kind of professional vehicle, which is used for garbage transferring and unloading operation.

It is made up of truck chassis, self-unloading fuel tank, back door fuel tank, garbage container, back door oscillating bar and etc. The garbage truck is controlled by hydraulic control system control. Control method contains manual operation and electric operation.

The garbage truck is mainly used to transfer the garbage from waste compacting station in cities and towns. Waste compacting station collect the garbage and compress it. And then, the garbage container will be lifted vertically after the garbage is compressed. What’s more, open the drain gate. The back door of the garage truck will rotate upward. The back door will connect with the back door of the compacting container. The compressed lump garbage will be pushed into the container of the garbage truck. After all of these progress are finished, the back door of the garbage truck will be closed. The garbage will be transported into the refuse disposal to dump. The rear door and the function of opening and closing and self-loading is controlled by hydraulic control system, which can decrease the labor strength of operator and improve working environment.

The collecting and transporting method of the garbage truck is the most widely used in transferring garbage in garbage compacting station, which can realize a truck can transfer the garbage in several garbage compacting station. It can greatly reduce the cost of the garbage truck and save the space. The devices equipped in the truck is driven by automobile engine. By means of hydraulic mechanism, it can realize manual operation, electric operation and air control. The total tight weld structure is adopts to high-quality carbon steel plate, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight and without secondary pollution.

The basic performance of the garbage truck is as the same as the original chassis truck. The user must see the service manual of the original chassis truck. In the instrument, it not only includes the related operation of refitting, maintenance and inspecting. We strongly ask that you must read the instrument before the operation so as to operate the garbage truck with high proficiency.

Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

Technical specification




Technical parameter

Technical parameter



Model of vehicle




Total weight





Two classification chassis model




Model of engine

ISD180/ ISD210

ISD180/ ISD160

National standard V


Engine power





Boundary dimension (length/width/height)





Wheel base





Inner  size of container






Sealed container

Rear door of garbage container is hydro sealed with the container, the garbage is sealed to transport


Unloading method

Single cylinder lifting unloading

double cylinder lifting unloading


Hydraulic system rated pressure




Control methods

All electric/air/hydraulic control and manual operation


Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

Overall Sketch of Docking refuse truck WTZ5160ZDJ 

Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

Lifting mechanism of Docking refuse truck WTZ5160ZDJ

Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

Overall Sketch of Docking refuse truck WTZ5120ZDJ

Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

Lifting mechanism of Docking refuse truck WTZ5120ZDJ

Self-unloading garbage

Hanging on power take off after the rotation of the total garbage truck reaches 6 standard pressure. Operate the next processes in line with indicator board after you have inspect all parts without leaking and unusual.


This series of garbage trucks are forbidden dumping construction waste, which aims to prevent the parts from damaging.

If you find there is something wrong during the hydraulic system operation, please stop the work at once. The operator must analysis reasons and remove the fault. It is forbidden that the operator operate it over pressure.

No matter meshing or coming away the power take off, the operator must toe down clutch pedal. You can not drive the garbage truck when the power take off and multiple directional control valve is on.

The pressure regulating of hydraulic device is the pressure regulating bolt on the multiple directional control valve. The pressure regulating bolt can not be screwed casually after it is proofed and locked tightly. The user can not regulate the oil pressure casually.

Return orifice check valve is the device which is to control the speed of hydraulic fuel tank. The user can not change it casually after it is regulated and locked.

In terms of the model of lifting container and unloading the garbage: when it is on load, the operator can not decrease the container quickly. The operator should operate the reversing valve to lifting down slowly. The operator should fasten the stay bar of the garbage container for preventing it from falling down when the operator lifting the container for oil change, cleaning and recondition. The operator should choose the smooth and solid ground to dump the garbage when it is lifted. And then, the garbage container should be lifting slowly as the garbage is dumping for preventing the truck getting upside down or tilting the head of truck. Before the garbage is dumped, firstly, the operator should open the rear door. In a similar way, the operator should lift down the container and then close the rear door.

The water can not be crushed into hydraulic oil tank when the user cleaning the truck. Often, the oil height should be checked. The user should adding hydraulic oil when the oil is in shortage in time. All the oil pipe joint can not leak oil.

The user should avoid crashing to prevent it from damage , deformation and scratch of parts when the garbage truck is maintained. The parts should be cleaned up before it is installed.

Failure predication and disposal of hydraulic system

When the hydraulic system is not in operation properly, firstly, the operator should inspect the power take off whether if it is meshed correctly, whether if it has enough oil in the fuel tank and whether if the fuel sucking pipe ball valve is opened completely.

Whether if it has enough oil in the fuel tank, if not, please adding enough fuel.

Observing the inlet of oil pump whether if it is in sinkage or collapse phenomenon caused by burn-in, the operator should change the oil inlet.

Inspecting the gear oil pimp whether if it is out of function. Installing on pressure pressure gauge, the operator should screw the regulating pressure bolt and then observe whether if it reaches specified value.


Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

Docking Refuse Collector,Environmental Sanitatin Equipment

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