Disk shaped hot rolled reinforced bar

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Valvata is like as disc screw steel wire together, is also building steel. Hot rolling screwed the new standards are called HRB335, HRB400, HRB500,according to the intensity level (tensile strength yield point /) to the classification, behind the number is the intensity value, the unit is Mpa. H, R, B respectively (Hotrolled), hot rolled ribbed steel bar (Ribbed), (Bars) the threeword's first letter English. Finishing rolling rebar refers to the use of thread steel bar for prestressed concrete, which belongs to the rolled steel used in construction.

It and the ordinary wire bundling mode is the same, but the use of the requiredstraightening. The general market is 6.5-8.0-10-12-14 majority, are building steel.

The advantages of steel - steel disk disk

Screw thread steel is only 9-12, disk can demand random intercept.

Plate steel - disk model

Disk type generally have 6, 8, 10 and three than the thread and wire rodprices are high.

Hot rolled reinforced bar is through the finished steel hot rolling forming and cooling, from low carbon steel and ordinary alloy steel under the condition of high temperature and pressing, mainly used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structure, is one of the varieties of steelused in the largest amount of civil engineering and architecture. Steel bar diameter 6.5 ~ 9 mm, most rolled into plate; the diameter of 10 ~ 40 mm is generally 6 ~ 12 meters long straight. Hot rolled reinforced bar should have a certain strength, i.e. the yield point and tensile strength, it is the main basis forstructure design. Divided into hot-rolled round steel and hot-rolled ribbed bartwo. Hot rolled reinforced bar for soft rigid, fracture occurs when the neckingphenomenon, larger elongation.


Three screw steel HRB400 HRB335 two screw steel, screw thread steel is nowinside the buildings will be less, then the three screw steel and two screw steelis mainly used for what ah, in order to solution to the problem.

Two screw steel subway project more, three screw steel housing constructionprojects more. In addition, the original grade two steel is more, are now in thepromotion of the new grade three steel structure, concrete applications have become very popular. Three screw steel used more in the main reinforced beam column, two screw steel used more in the stirrups, recent governments have issued expressly eliminated high HRB335 two screw steel and HPB235.

So the next day, three screw steel will be applied widely, in addition the seismic(with E) thread steel will be widely applied in our daily life.

There are two commonly used classification method of screw thread steel: one is to shape classification, according to the different spacing section shape andrib rib classification or types, such as the British Standard (BS4449), thethread steel is divided into type I, type ii. Hold this classification of main reaction performance of screw thread steel. Two is the performance of classification (class), for example, China's current implementation of standards, steel as (G B1499.2-2007) wire for 1499.1-2008), according to the intensity level (tensile strength yield point /) will screw thread steel is divided into 3 levels; the Japanese industrial standard (JI SG3112), according to the comprehensive performance will screw thread steel divided into 5 categories;British Standard (BS4461), and also provides some level of performance testof screw thread steel. In addition to the screw thread steel can be classified according to purpose, such as reinforced concrete with ordinary reinforcedand prestressed reinforced concrete heat treatment steel etc..

"Fake hot rolled ribbed steel bar steel on the market (commonly known asthread steel) unqualified factors are mainly: 1, nominal size smaller than actualsize specifications about the actual weight, dealers through purchase,theoretical weight delivery to earn the amount of metal, profits. 2, the relatively low strength. 3, the chemical composition of the unqualified rate high. The main reason is the small rolling mill of substandard ingredients, mixing with soilbillet rolling screw steel caused by.

In the purchase of the screw thread steel, first of all from the outward appearance size, available cursor card measuring simple measurement of the actual size is better than showing the dimension (general screw steel are rolled with the specification marking) about a specification or more (such as Ø12 screw thread steel standard diameter was 11.5 + 0.4mm, and false and inferior rebar diameter are mostly about 10mm). At the same time, someinferior screw thread steel by rolling way to deceive the people vision, so from the end face of the reinforced observation for flat oval shape, and the formalend surface should be the basic circular; second, from the surface quality, and inferior screw steel because of the use of adobe rolling, the surface quality is poor, often with a surface defects, a whole rough sense. At the same time,some small rolling mill of the heating temperature, the rolling speed is not enough, the surface reddish color; third, regular steel in most largemanufacturers factory packing, bundles of steel are hung with metal sign realcorresponding, indicating manufacturers, steel grade, batch number,specifications and test code. And false and inferior steel due to poor production conditions, no large hoisting equipment, mostly small (ten or sobinding) package or in bulk, no metal signs, no guarantee of quality. Of course, to fundamentally avoid buy fake bar, or direct agents to buy name brand manufacturers, especially the province famous brand steel (for three steel "Min light" brand screw steel) has stable quality, and even if the dispute is also easy to handle. Experienced people can also distinguish other chemicalcomposition through spark.

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Q:What are the listed companies that produce wire rod and thread steel?
The wire in iron and steel usually refers to a coil of wire material with a diameter of 5.5-14. Most of the use of wire coil machine rolled coil supply, it is also known as wire rod or coil. Wire rod is one of the varieties of steel with great dosage. After rolling, it can be directly used for reinforcement and welding structure of reinforced soil, and can also be used again and again. For example, by drawing into a variety of specifications of steel wire, steel wire rope, and then twisted into woven steel wire and winding and heat treatment to the spring; hot and cold forged into cold forging and rolling into rivets and bolts, screws and so on; by cutting into the heat treatment made of mechanical parts or tools; a common wire made of quality carbon steel and carbon steel.
Q:What are the different uses of wire rod and thread steel?
Thread steel is widely used in housing, bridges, roads and other civil engineering construction. From the highway, railway, bridges, culverts, tunnels, dams, flood control and other public facilities, small building foundation, beams, columns and walls, plates, rebar structure is indispensable material.
Q:How heavy can a 25 mm thread steel bear?
Hot rolled ribbed bar is divided into two levels, HRB335 (old No. 20MnSi), three HRB400 (20MnSiV, 20MnSiNb, old No. 20Mnti), four grade HRB500 three grade.
Q:What is the maximum tensile force of 25 thread steel?
First of all, to know the brand of thread steel, such as: HRB335, HRB400, HRB500. No matter what the diameter of the thread steel is, the yield strength and tensile strength are the same as for the same grade of thread steel.
Q:Grade 1, grade three, grade two, steel, wire rod, round bar
Steel is commonly known as hot rolled ribbed bar, belonging to the small steel steel, mainly used for steel reinforced concrete structure frame. In use, some mechanical strength, bending deformation property and welding performance are required. The raw steel billet for the production of threaded steel is carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel which is treated by calm melting, and the finished steel bar is delivered in hot rolling forming, normalizing or hot rolling state.
Q:Difference between round bar and threaded steel in use
Because steel for low alloy steel, its price is higher than that of low carbon steel, or construction units, design units, often on the general civil construction of the "practical" point of view, reduce the quality of the project, and the use of low carbon steel instead of rebar. For large engineering projects, often bribed "project inspector after" to replace "Choulianghuanzhu rib steel bar, reduce the construction cost.
Q:What is the diameter of the cross section of the threaded steel?
The cross section of a threaded steel is a circle, and the diameter of any line passing through the center of the circle is the diameter.
Q:What's the difference between primary and two grade steel and three grade steel?
There are two kinds of commonly used classification methods of thread steel: one is to shape classification, according to different space shapes and transverse rib rib for classification or type, such as the British Standard (BS4449), the thread steel is divided into type I and type ii. This classification mainly reflects the tightening performance of the threaded steel.
Q:What are the specifications of thread steel?
China's standard recommended nominal diameter of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50mm thread steel series.The supply length is divided into two kinds: foot length and foot length.China's export screw length selection range is 6 ~ 12m,The selection length of Japanese thread steel is 3.5 ~ 10m;Domestic sales of domestic thread steel, if the contract does not specify requirements, usually fixed length of 9m, 12m two length.
Q:What grade of reinforcement is used for cast-in-place floorslab?
Now the more commonly used high-rise buildings are cast-in-place floorslab.The floor slab, of course, separates the floor and bears and transmits the floor load. At the same time, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and so on.

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