Diesel Generator Set Diesel Generator Set Hengda Power Engine

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China main port
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1 set
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300 set/month
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Item specifice:

Model:: 100GF Type:: Vertical,In-line, Water-Cooled, Four Stroke Rated Current:: 180A
Rated Voltage:: 400/230V

Product Description:

Product description

Diesel Generator Set Diesel Generator Set Hengda Power Engine

Main products of our engine: displacement from 3L to 15L, Power ranging from 20KW to 450KW. We have B, L, C series products ,which is America Cummins technology;615, 618 series products, which is Austia Steyr technology. Products are researched and developed independently include Marine power diesel engine, Diesel Generator , Machinery diesel engine , Diesel Generator Sets, Fire pump.The power range of generator set produced by the company is 20-2000kw. The products are common type, automatic type, silent type, multi machine grid connected type, etc. 


Engine features
1. Digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad carefully build a product.
2. By the whole crankshaft,high-quality alloy cast iron body and the cylinder colver, has large power oil consumption,small volume,light weight, small vibration, low noise.
3. By domestic fomaous turbocharger and a high-pressure oil pump, direct injection combustion system, fuel injection pressire, power, economic benifit .
4.Compact structure, convenient use,high reliability, overhual period is more than 10000 hours.

Diesel Generator Set Diesel Generator Set Hengda Power Engine

1. Specializing in Research and Development, production, sales and service of diesel engines, gas engine, water pump set and diesel generator set.

2, The power range of generator set is 20-2000kw. Products include common type, automatic type, silent type, multi machine grid connected type, etc.

3, Near the famous port of Guangxi Province, Qinzhou port,it is backed by the southwest, facing Southeast Asia, and has developed water, land and air transportation. 



1, What is your warranty period?
Our wanrranty period is 1 year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes first (Excep the damageable spare parts of genset causesd by incorrect man-made operation).
2,What is you MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1 set.
3, What is your delivery time?
Less than 10 sets, 30 working days after received the 30% T/T deposit.
4,What is your payment term?
30% TT as deposit, 70% TT before shipment.
5, What is your comapny's available production capacity?
300 sets per month.

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Q:How to build a HHO generator?
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Q:What is the difference between a diesel generator and a super silent generator?
it is the introduction of foreign advanced technology of low noise power generating units and new products development,
Q:How do I remove a Detroit 8V92 (Diesel Engine) From my 1991 Prevost Marathon Mirage le?
Sir, Engine Dismantling Very Responsible Job Once Removed The Parts You Should Reassemble That Is - The Problem.Total Repairs Anybody Will Do But Once Removed By You Nobody Give Attention Keep in Mind. Firstly Remove The Battery Store It Safe Location.Disconnect The ,Diesel lines,Wirings,Cables,- Sesors, Modules, Then Disconnect,Gear BellHousing,Torque Coverter If There,Engine Mountigs, All Water Lines,A/c Connections,Front Grill,If You Need The Bonnet Also, Put The Rope Put Cross Bar- Tie Properly Care The Mudguards,Pull The Engine With Sufficiant Manpower Or Crane Nor Lifter. Check Once More before Takeout The Engine Assy-Wheel Blocks,Support To The Gear Box,Door Lock, Safe The Key,Nobody Not Allowed Inside The Car, Before Pullout Check Again And Make Sure Nomore- COnnections Arrange The Table Keep Everythings Ready Pullout Keep On The Table Check Externals. Make More Dismantling The Engie Take To Machine Shop They Knows What Nee for Your Engine. If Over machine Work Bring To Spot Selct New Parts What You Need Do Accordingly.
Q:what electric generators can i buy for my home?
waw. That's a lot of energy for just a house. You got to be kidding me. okay, you can find diesel generator if you like, but you need to keep storage of diesel enough for it.
Q:What are all the effects of diesel emissions?
heating of the planet through global warming, but it is less refined than regular, so that saves a little energy.
Q:How can i convert my 110v generator to 240v and how powerful will it be?
You would simply use a step-up transformer capable of handling 240V and about 8A. The transformer would be a transformer with 2 secondary windings for every 1 primary winding. This will double the voltage from the primary. 1000W is 1000W no matter what the voltage is. So (in a perfect world), you would get 1000W after stepping the voltage up to 240V. But you would actually get around 80-85% efficiency. But there is always a safety span built into the rating of generators (a 1000W generator could usually put out about 1400W without much of a problem). 1000W 120V * 8.33A (or 110V * 9.1A) 1000W 240V * 4.16A ---Realistically, you should be able to safely draw about 4A @ 240V. Good Luck!
Q:what is the difference between the Diesel and PJ-8 fuel?
Q:What is best for my house???? SOLAR light or inverter?
of okorder
Q:Trying to learn a few things?
You start by asking yourself questions. What sort of lifestyle do I want/need? Do I care about resale value? What can I maintain myself? What sort of maintenance do I want to do? In general keep it simple. The less moving parts/systems the less that can break. Quality pays but buying it at discount also pays. Long term cost of operation is also important. You cannot do too much research. There is an overload of help forums on the web, some interactive, but a lot of reviews. The boat is a tool, make it fit the job and your hand.

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