Diesel Generator Set Diesel Generator Set Hengda Power Engine

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China main port
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1 set
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300 set/month
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Item specifice:

Model:: 100GF Type:: Vertical,In-line, Water-Cooled, Four Stroke Rated Current:: 180A
Rated Voltage:: 400/230V

Product Description:

Product description

Diesel Generator Set Diesel Generator Set Hengda Power Engine

Main products of our engine: displacement from 3L to 15L, Power ranging from 20KW to 450KW. We have B, L, C series products ,which is America Cummins technology;615, 618 series products, which is Austia Steyr technology. Products are researched and developed independently include Marine power diesel engine, Diesel Generator , Machinery diesel engine , Diesel Generator Sets, Fire pump.The power range of generator set produced by the company is 20-2000kw. The products are common type, automatic type, silent type, multi machine grid connected type, etc. 


Engine features
1. Digestion and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad carefully build a product.
2. By the whole crankshaft,high-quality alloy cast iron body and the cylinder colver, has large power oil consumption,small volume,light weight, small vibration, low noise.
3. By domestic fomaous turbocharger and a high-pressure oil pump, direct injection combustion system, fuel injection pressire, power, economic benifit .
4.Compact structure, convenient use,high reliability, overhual period is more than 10000 hours.

Diesel Generator Set Diesel Generator Set Hengda Power Engine

1. Specializing in Research and Development, production, sales and service of diesel engines, gas engine, water pump set and diesel generator set.

2, The power range of generator set is 20-2000kw. Products include common type, automatic type, silent type, multi machine grid connected type, etc.

3, Near the famous port of Guangxi Province, Qinzhou port,it is backed by the southwest, facing Southeast Asia, and has developed water, land and air transportation. 



1, What is your warranty period?
Our wanrranty period is 1 year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes first (Excep the damageable spare parts of genset causesd by incorrect man-made operation).
2,What is you MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1 set.
3, What is your delivery time?
Less than 10 sets, 30 working days after received the 30% T/T deposit.
4,What is your payment term?
30% TT as deposit, 70% TT before shipment.
5, What is your comapny's available production capacity?
300 sets per month.

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Q:50cc diesel engine???????????
diesel motorcycle engines were made for the military. They are about 700 cc's and very expensive and rare. 50cc diesels were never made.
Q:I am asking this simple question 4th time but nobody knows its answer.why?
that's not how fuel consumption is measured, unless you were to drive at the same speed for an hour. It is measured in MILES or KM per liter. That way you just fill your gas tank, pay attention to how much is in it, look at your odometer, and see how many miles until your tank runs out. Then divide number of miles by liters in your tank.
Q:What generator should i use?
Cheap as possible - go Chinese if you want to use it once a year and don't care if it goes paf at any time. Honda makes some good units if you want quality and back up. You need to add up the power draw of your five normal applications and your 600w lighting load. Add 25% and the unit will be adequate. If your appliances have induction motors you will have to have at least three times the rated power of the motor(s) to get them to start safely. If you need more than 3000 watts of constant power you should consider diesel, for longevity go for slow speed i.e.1500 or 1800 rpm engine speed. Price will range from $400 for a 2500w Chinese thingy up to at least $14,000 for a fully enclosed automatic 12KvA super silenced slow speed diesel unit on a slide. Running costs get high with the bigger petrol units. Inverters are good, but you will still have to generate power some how for the batteries - wind, water, solar, generator etc. Will be more expensive to set up but will be better long term for a cabin or similar. I'll tack on a couple of links below. Good luck.
Q:3 Ways to save the Amazon Rainforest?
Recycle Aim for a paperless society. Remove all the people from Earth and the animals will stop dying off due to minimised habitat and food sources as well as global warming.
Q:My daughters 89 Jeep 4.0 Wagoneer (in storage) will not start. Any suggestions?
Q:1 mw generator head price?
Generator Heads
Q:Problem: Biogas, energy, animals?
Q:how do you hook up a hydrogen generator to a turbo diesel?
doesn't mattereither way it will throw off the fuel mix and cause a rich or lean condition causing loss of mileage and performance and shorten engine life.
Q:How to silence a very loud Diesel Generator ?
This is not a good idea. This generator is more than just loud, it poses a serious health and safety threat. The exhaust gasses from the generator have to be vented to the outside or the carbon monoxide they contain will kill you. Diesel fuel is a fire hazard and without proper fireproofing you will end up with a serious fire. Finally, the generator has to be provided with a separate supply of outside air both to ventilate the space to prevent overheating and to supply air for the engine.
Q:50/60Hz Diesel Generator Set?
this might take place by using any form of motives. 23.4 volt isn't a low voltage to start the engine that expects to artwork on 24 volt. however the battery won't be charged nicely, even then it exhibits 23.4 volts, because you're trying out it with out load. So connect some resistance (that would desire to take comparable modern by using fact the starter motor modern) and then verify the voltage. If voltage drops to critically,then the battery is discharged or has issues like dry condition, or battery existence over and so on. If battery is solid, then verify for any loose connection as much as the motor terminals. different issues might desire to be interior the burnt motor or heavy load by using mechanical ailment on the IC engine (verify whether the diesel engine flywheel may well be circled easily- with out connecting to motor- yet that's feasible in elementary terms in small turbines)

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