Die-casting Aluminumflooring Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

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500 m²
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50000 m²/month

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Die-casting Aluminum Flooring

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

Raised floor panels are die-casting with aluminum ingot which are light and handy and with strong anticorrosion.

Raised floor panel is designed with construction theory,which breaks through traditional thought and is with stronger loading performance.

In order to meet various needs of clean room,we supply Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel.Pedestal bute is designed with rib inside.

Outlet cover which wiring path is adjustable is beautiful and dignified.Its aperture is manager flexibly and easily too.  


Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

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Q:How to drill holes in the engine room? Drill a good hole after drilling a good hole?
With ordinary drill bit on it, and then sell the hardware where the hardware sold
Q:Room design requirements anti-static floor standard height is how much
Activities under the floor of the space only to use the cable laying, the floor height of not less than 250mm intestinal puncture nucleus to do too fierce. If used as air-conditioning static pressure box, the height of not less than 400mm
Q:How to remove the clothes static, so that clothes do not close
After bathing some moisturizing lotion, hands and other exposed parts rubbing treasure, it is impossible to buy a static treasure. OKorder have to sell.
Q:Is it necessary to set up a gas fire extinguisher and a detector under static floor?
Gas fire extinguishing device do not understand, look at.
Q:Anti-static floor to do when the height from the ground whether there are relevant norms
There is no specific norms, generally in the 15-25CM, according to the needs of customers, generally higher from the ground relative to its bearing capacity is also smaller.
Q:All-steel ceramic antistatic floor on how to open the hole
The pistol is drilled with a diamond drill and can be drilled out of the hole. This is the case, to say in detail. If it is on the wall, as long as the wall in the open slot on the line, do not need to cut on the floor so much trouble. Piston drill (Note! Not the impact drill!) The impact of the force than the portable cutting machine much smaller, only saw the cutting machine will be cut off the floor, have not heard of pistol drill to drill floor drill. In the case of a general site construction, the worker can drill the hole into the hole with a pistol. You can also go to the metal processing plant (angle iron processing or aluminum alloy doors and windows processing plant) with industrial bench drill, with a diamond drill bit will be able to drill holes, but also to the floor to spend more money, more trouble. I'm not going to sell ads, it is downloaded from the Internet pictures. Buy 3cm aperture drill to use, to buy some good points, do not even a hole did not drill on the rotten.
Q:PVC pipe with anti-static performance?
Pipeline pipe also has anti-static muscle attack crown Ji Gui Gui helium two electric, but must determine whether the use of anti-static performance. You can ask the other party to provide anti-static test report, pay attention must be in the validity period, a qualified third party test report to be effective!
Q:General room commonly used anti-static floor what price?
Package installed. The About 150-200 yuan a flat. The Need to be able to find me
Q:Basketball floor floor how to deal with static electricity
Reason: any object with a charge, of course, the wood floor is no exception, the object lost electrons with a positive charge, get electrons with negative charge, when the static accumulation to a certain extent, two different objects with different charge, And the interaction with the negative electrons will produce "discharge" phenomenon. In the case of air drying, it is easier to produce static electricity. Solution: air humid can reduce the accumulation of charge, reduce the "discharge" may, drag the ground can also solve the discharge. Wet the floor just fine
Q:What is the meaning of the decoration finish?
Hello, I'm doing interior design and decoration. Renovation finish is the surface of all the layers of materials are finished. For the wall, if it is wallpaper wall, then paste the wallpaper surface is decorated to complete the surface, if the wall is wood finishes, then install the wood after the surface is decorated finish. For the ground, if it is posted tiles, that paste the floor is the decoration of the surface is finished, if it is the strength of the electrical room, the ground requires the installation of anti-static floor, then install the anti-static floor is completed after the decoration surface. You say 50 lines, it should be said that the other places are the floor or floor tiles, that surface is the decoration to complete the surface, we generally call this face is positive and negative 0 surface. But the anti-static floor itself has a 粻 Hai Gang destroy the economic tricycle hug height, usually 120-200mm, if you here is anti-static floor 200mm high, then the height of the switch panel is 300 +200 = 500mm. Hope it helps you.

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