Diamond Knife Sharpener for Outdoor Use Portable Sharpening Tools

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Diamond Knife Sharpener for Outdoor Use




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Any color

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 pocket knife



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For pocket knife 

Product Feature

Carbide blades to quickly set the edge.

Ceramic stone to finish edge

Diamond rod sharpens  Sharpen edges and gut hooks


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Using Instruction

 Insert knife blade into the sharpening slot at a 90 degree angle to the carbide blades or ceramic stone. (Fig. 1) Pull the knife blade straight back towards you while applying light pressure. (Fig.2) Repeat this action until blade is sharp.


Carbide Blades-Set the edge .Carbide blades provide quick edge setting capability for dull or damaged knives.These blades are designed for use on straight edges only,and are reversible and replaceable.


Ceramic Stones-Finish the edge. Ceramic stones provide a smooth,polished edge for already sharp knives.These specially shaped ceramic stones can be used on serrated or straight edges,and are reversible and replaceable.

Straight Blade

.Always hold the unit with the rod facing down .Place heel of the blade on the diamond rod closest to the unit(23 degree sharpening angle recommended).

.While applying light pressure ,push the knife away from you towards the end of the rod.Draw knife down so that the tip of the blade comes off the end of the rod

.Repeat this action until blade is sharp.

.For the other side of the blade,you will need to switch hands holding the sharpener and the knife,then repeat steps 1 through 3.

.Serrated blades-Only sharpen the side of your knife balde with the serrations.For best results ,we recommends holding rod at 23 degree angle to the blade and move it back and forth through each serration until


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Q:Is the kitchen knife a single blade? Can the sharpener be worn?
Depends on what you mean by a single bladeThe knife is single edged + double edged
Q:Sharpener good, advantages, disadvantages
Household knife grinder, can be said to destroy the knife, it is best not to use. There are many kinds of home grinder, each has its own shortcomings, grinding, grinding, grinding edge, pick knife type, and so on, the advantages of not much. Excessive grinding and gnawing edge is the most intolerable, good steel in the blade, these two disadvantages, will greatly shorten the service life of the cutter.
Q:Do you have a Tupperware sharpener?
Very practical kitchen tools, I only know there is such a sharpener, see colleagues, hand, and found that the design is reasonable, the station is very strong, easy to pull a few knife, really become a front Dumbledore, excited all the knife home wear again, including scissors!
Q:Stainless steel kitchen knife blunt how to profit? I sharpen the knife sharpener seems more blunt
1, the grindstone on sandpaper grinding, from the bottom to the top of the grinding stone, until the grindstone uniform color, pay attention to the grindstone and sandpaper to dry2, wash the grindstone, the first knife to the rear, the right hand holding the handle, forward and backward grinding under the 8, and then change a face, the former one after grinding3, continuous grinding for twenty minutes
Q:Which kind of brand is good
Do not say which brand is good, we can bring benefits and benefits of good. You can check in the Baidu: Fumin knife factory: the rich knife sharpener is still good, the staff will give you answers to all relevant issues. Hope to help you, hope to adopt.
Q:Is there a special knife sharpener for Zwilling?
Dear, don't be silly, I'm a living example, ah, the Zwilling tool I used before is the ordinary grindstone to wear, now I have heartache!
Q:The sharpener can grind D2 knife?
Yes, there are a variety of warm knife sharpener, suitable for different knife type
Q:If the Zwilling's knife is blunt, can you sharpen yourself with a sharpener?
Zwilling has a knife in the knife, you can grind, but there is a direction, you can ask. If there is no sharpener, don't you, that's your knife will gaohuai.
Q:How do you use the sharpener? How to use
Very simple! You can Baidu query: --- Fumin knife factory --- staff will be enthusiastic to answer for you. Hope to help you. Hope adoption.
Q:What is a sharpener? What is the specific working principle? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
The machine tool is a tool grinder, such as a high speed drilling machine for processing a printed circuit board, a numerical control machining center, a grinder with a drill bit and a cutter

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