DG series boiler feed water pump

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Model DG boiler feed water pump is a horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump and suitable for transporting pure water (with the contained particles content less than 1% and graininess less than 0.1mm) and other liquids of both physical and chemical natures similar to those of pure water.

DG model middle and low pressure boiler feed water pump is applicable to transport medium with temperature of not higher than 105℃, and is mainly used for small boiler water supply or transporting medium similar to hot water.
Performance range of middle and low pressure type
Flow: 3.75~185m³/h, Motor power: 4.0~400kW
Head: 69~684m, Inlet diameter: 40~150mm

DG model hypo-high-pressure boiler feed water pump is applicable to transport medium with temperature of not higher than 160℃ , and is also applicable for small boiler water supply
or transporting medium similar to hot water.

Performance range of hypo-high-pressure boiler feed water pump
Flow: 15~300m³/h,Motor power: 75~1250kW
Head: 390~1050m,Inlet diameter: 65~200mm

Type DG high pressure boiler feed pumps are used for feeding high pressure boiler or pumping high pressure clean water.The temperature of pumped media is not more than 170 C.
Range of capacity:120-1100m³/h
range of total head:967 to 2500m

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Q:Which water pump set has more vertical suction / lift.?
Neither one if you are trying for more than about 32 feet (10 meters) because movement of water is determined by air pressure and the vacuum/suck and the former limiting. Pumps that move water vertically more that 30 feet or so PUSH the water. Which is why well pumps of any depth are hung on the end of the riser pipe with a power cable running down to them.
Q:Suzuki 1982 DT8 Exhaust in barrel affect water pump?
Sorry, I thought I was answering this question before......is there 2 questions. Ok, the water is exhausted out the fin just above and behind the prop. The exhaust and water are both in the leg area where the shift rod is, so when you take the access plate off, you'll get some water and exhaust. You can't see the water coming out the exhaust port with the motor in a barrel. It's below the water line. And no the exhaust isn't being sucked back in the water pump, at least not enough to matter. There is a flush attachment that will feed water from a hose into the water pump. With the engine on a rack, or the boat out of the water, you can see where the exhaust and water come out. Running in a barrel isn't the best way to see anything. If you take the prop off it's easy to over rev. the motor. My advise is to put the motor on the boat in the water and start it. Check the engine block every couple min. for overheating. A little water dribbled on the head will sizzle, if it's getting to hot...if so shut it down, and recheck the water pump job. There is a tube that sticks in to the water pump housing. make sure it's in position.
Q:What does diving pump 80JYWQ40-15-1600-4 stand for?
Because each manufacturer's label is different, the country although some specifications, but not enforced, so purely from the literal meaning is difficult to explainWe will try to solve the following problems:WQ-- sewage submersible pump80-- outlet diameter of water pump40 - M /h fand flow15 lift M1600 speed, r/min4Kw powerAs for J, Y is rated as sealed form and waterproof gradeI don't know whether it is correct or not
Q:How does an electric motor pump water?
I am not 100% sure but i think the motor turns turbine blades which move/pump the water
Q:Should my mechanic have changed thermostat with water pump?
My philosophy on thermostats is if I don't have a reason to suspect trouble with it I don't change it. Thermostats don't have any particular life expectancy - the one in my daughter's Accord is 18 years old and works better than new aftermarket thermostats I have tried. I haven't replaced a thermostat in about 15 years. They are often blamed but (until recently, with the introduction of fail open thermostats) rarely at fault. EDIT - I also agree with BR549, although for a different reason. Professionals have to work somewhat differently than DIYers because of where the costs fall. I would rebuild a starter and it would be a lot better than a store-bought rebuilt, but a pro would be taking on unnecessary risks if he didn't replace the starter. His perspective splits the question in two: should the thermostat be replaced during coolant service, and should a professional mechanic replace the thermostat during coolant service? I answer no to the first and yes to the second. The replacement may actually be a step down from the one we know works, but it is also the safer way for a pro to go.
Q:clutch fan or water pump?
it's a simple little part, a pain to fix. Head gaskets
Q:Where to install Water Pump on 1999 Jetta?
A instruction manual would be on hand to steer you by. it incredibly is a reasonably extensive pastime. As a run down, you will prefer a huge floor jack with a block of timber so which you will placed it below the oil pan. you're able to try this so which you will eliminate the motor mount which would be on your way. The water pump is pushed by the timing belt. you will prefer to get a sparkling t-belt, t-belt tensioner, rollers for timing belt, etc. additionally notice that as quickly as you're refilling equipment with coolant, there'll be lots of air interior the equipment. in case you do not have a device that vacuums all the air and pressurizes the coolant for the period of the equipment, you will could shop topping off the coolant for a whilst till all the air escapes as youchronic it. desire this facilitates.
Q:Anyone know anything about Mazda water pumps?
If you had a water pump leak you'd know it! There would be coolant draining out of water pump seal the minute you filled the cooling system. A water pump leak doesn't get coolant into the motor. It will get the timing belt wet with antifreeze and cause the belt to jump time and possibly bend your valves. The only way you'll get coolant in the motor oil is if there is a head gasket leak. To check for that you need to have a block test done.
Q:New water pump and radiator for 2000 Jeep Cherokee?
Could be both. The water pump may have been leaking. Did the leak stop after the work was done? If so then it was leaking. The radiator may just have lived out it's life. Corrosion will eventually cause these types of things. I don't know where you're located but $600 for a water pump is a rip off. Maybe you went to the dealer? If it's not under a warranty and you're not buying a new one the jeep does not belong at the dealership. I recently did my water pump on my 94. $100 including new hoses and about 45 minutes. So even parts mark up and $60 labor should have been about $210 or so. For the radiator they are about $150 again depending on where you are. See if you can get a 3 core. More cooling capacity almost the same price. If you're around Maryland e-mail me and I can help you do it yourself.
Q:water pump general question?
I see you are very concerned. All we can do is guess. Even some of the top car guys on this site would just be guessing. Take your car to a parts store. Those guys will be more than happy to help without charging you a cent. Advice is free. You could be spending money to fix something that is not broken by listening to the posers on this site. REMEMBER; that when it is leaking, you are moving, like high winds blowing across the engine compartment and any fluid is being blown towards the back of your engine.

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