Description to Flame-retardant and Fire Resistant Wires & Cables

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Product Description:

Flame-retardant  and fire resistant wires and cables include product with halogen,  without halogen, low smoke etc. These are suitable for the places that  have a high requirement for the fireproofing.

Description of the type composition

The  name of the flame-retardant and fireproof wire and cable is consisted  of the code of the burning characteristic and the code of the  specification.



Sample of the description

Sample  1: cable with copper core PE insulation, copper wire braid twisted  shielding, PVC sheath category C flame retardant computer cable, 4  pairs, with cross-section of 1.0 mm2 with voltage of 300/500Vshall be expressed as ZC-DJYPV  4×2×1.0;

Sample 2: control cable with PVC and insulation and sheath fire resistant, 7 core and with cross-section of 1.0 mm2 shall be expressed as N-KVV  450/750V  7×1.0;

Sample  3: power cable with XLPE insulation LOSH category B flame retardant PO  sheath with voltage of 0.6/1kV, 3+1 core, with cross-section of the main  core of 95 mm2 and with cross-section of the earthing core of 50 mm2 hall be expressed as WDZB-YJY  0.6/1kV  3×95+1×50;

Sample  4: fire resistant power cable with XLPE insulation LOSH category B  flame retardant PO sheath with voltage of 6/10kV, 3 core, with nominal  cross-section of 150 mm2 hall be expressed as WDZBN-YJY  6/10kV  3×150.

Flame-retardant characteristics

1Application  characteristics: The fire will not spread when the product gets fire.  It is suitable for nuclear power plants, underground establishments,  tunnels, tall buildings and broadcast & television stations etc.

2The single flame-retardant performance should comply with the table 2 below.

  Table 2: flame-retardant characteristics requirement for the single core cable



time of giving fire


qualified requirement

test method










the burnt range shall not be out of 50mm to 540mm to the soffit of the upper nip




3The bundle flame-retardant characteristic should comply with regulation of table 3 below.

Table 3: Requirements for the bundle flame-retardant characteristic


non-metal material volume of the sample


time of giving fire


qualified requirements

test method













①carbonized part can not be out of 2.5 m up to the down side of the muzzle

②time of burning with flame in the sample shall not exceed 1 hour after stopping giving fire.



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