DC Distribution Cabinet GD-200A7Q2 from China

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Lighting  arresting DC distribution cabinet is mainly used for combine the Inverter  Output AC power; connect a series of photovoltaic inverters in parallel. The  output of distribution cabinet connects to the corresponding step-up input  wire, and it assembles with meter device inside. It mainly composed of Lightning  arrested module, measuring device, AC circuit breaker, etc.

All  accessories manufactured according to national standards accurately. Bolts,  nuts and other fasteners and mechanical tolerances in line with the relevant  provisions of national standards. Cabinet have been electrostatic painted,  anti-degreasing, rust or phosphate coated beforehand. The paint also complies  with national standards.

1.     Characters
 1) Each unit air rotary switch wired on board backside
 2) For breaker, the hand-operated handle on front door shows connected or  disconnected status
 3) Both front and back side assembled with doors, which have galvanized pivot  hinges, to prevent the direct collision.
 4) The cabinet have good natural ventilation, cooling functions, 4 corners  Installed with removable rings; cabinet boards made of no less than 2.0mm  cold rolled steel and Galvanized; The design of removable components,  facilitate adjust cabinet dimensions.
 5) The bus (main bus, branch bus, the bus transition) are the oxygen-free  coopers, surface Galvanized treatment, then use heat-shrinkable insulation  tube sealed.
 6) The 2ndary Distribution Cabinet, labeled diagram number, label is correct,  complete, clear, strong
 7) The 2ndary Distribution Cabinet, use plastic wire BVR (multi strings  copper wire inside) , the current 2loops ≥ 4 mm2; control loop is ≥ 2.5mm2
 8) The secondary circuit can withstand 2000V frequency voltage( under  non-destructive discharge test)
 9) The cabinet bottom is equipped with boards to prevent the entry of dust  and small animals


2.Parameter Data

Installation  Location




Ambient  Temperature




Seismic Intensity

Basic  Seismic Intensity

7 Degrees

Anti-Earthquake  Degree

7 Degrees

Seismic  Acceleration


Voltage  Level

The Rated  Voltage Dc500v ~ 850 V,The Rated Voltage Is 1000 V Insulation

Lightning  Protection

Special  Lightning Protection Module

IP Class


Dimensions  (L * W * H)




DC Distribution Cabinet   GD-200A7Q2 from China

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