Customized double color jacquard non woven carpet

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2000 m²
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200000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Customized double color jacquard non woven carpet 

Quick Details

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Style: Jacquard

  • Pattern: jacquard

  • Design: needle punched

  • Technics: Nonwoven

  • Use: Bathroom, Car, Commercial, Decorative, Hotel

  • Size: 1.5m*30m/2m*50m/3m*50m/3.66m*50m

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: Worldking

  • Model Number: jacquard carpet

  • roll width: 1m-4m

  • roll length: 15m-60m

  • thickness: 2mm-10mm

  • colour: any colour available

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Packing with plastic film bag or in woven bag by rolls
Delivery Detail:Within 7-15 days after confirming the order

 Product Description:



1) OEM available
2) Free design
3) ISO 9001 2000
4) Punctual delivery,best service
5) High quality,low price


1.raw material: polyester staple fiber or polypropylene fiber, latex


2.model: plain-surface, fire retardent, film-coated, ribbed, velour, single and double jacquard


3.mass per unit: 250g/sqm—600g/sqm


4.roll width:1m—4m


5.length per roll: 25m—80m or as customers’ requirement


6.packing: in plastic film bags or in woven bags


7.colour: any colour available



The details provided above are accurate and available on buyer's requirement.


Our products enjoys popularity in domestic markets and foreign markets.


Our price is favorable to other quotation you can get else where.


Looking forward to your inquiry..

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Q:What's the fire rating of nylon carpet?
Nylon carpet can be divided into nylon 66 and nylon two 6 kinds of materials, nylon 66 carpet in flame retardant performance is higher than nylon 6., generally speaking, nylon 66 material carpet can reach B1 level, nylon 6 carpet can reach B2 level.
Q:Cat scratching carpets?
I have two kittens and had this problem at first. I would try this...every time she starts to scratch at the carpet, pick her up and re-direct her to the scratching post. Literally take her to it and if you have to, put her front paws on the post. Another thing, what kind of scratching post is it? If it's the kind made out carpet material, maybe try the kind that are made out the rough brown straw material. My kitties like that kind better. Oh, and one more thing, make sure you keep her little claws nice and trimmed. She may start to scratch because they are getting too long and they are uncomfortable. I really hope this helps.
Q:Bleach made carpet orange?! Help!?
I'm pretty certain that there is no way to reverse bleach stains. He should NOT have used bleach on carpet! there are safe carpet cleaners out there! Your just going to have to put a rug over that section or a piece of furniture... good luck!
Q:How do I make a rag rug using old blue jeans as my backing?
Two – Braided Rag Rug: Made by braiding strips of old sheets and sewing ... small rectangles, plus a larger section of thicker denim as the backing.
Q:Ink on carpet?
You will probably need to resort to a solvent type cleaner that will actually dissolve the ink, especially now that it is dry. Perhaps something like Energene would do the trick. GOOD LUCK!
Q:is it better to get your carpets professionally cleaned or to rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself?
If the professional guarantees to get your carpets cleaned, it might be wroth it. It has been my experience, that they come in and go over the room once, and that's all you get. They do spot treat stains. We do it our selves, and we can keep going until the used water is not black, more of a khaki color. I know I have removed mos of the dirt when the water is just a little discolored and doesn't have actual dirt in it. Carpets are filthy, and collect everything that walks int he door. I also have a family member who uses a power wheel chair, and that thing isn't clean either. Mats at the door ill collect most of the dirt that comes in, but they are slippery for W/c's so I can't use them. :-( I use Bissell's carpet shampoo, as it has removed things that Rug Doctor shampoo missed, and I thought were permanent stains.
Q:Shampooing the carpets?
The reason this happens is because most of the time the padding is saturated to. What you want to to do is clean the fibers but do not let the water get to the padding. If you have to clean a spot.. make sure you place paper towels on the spot and press till it no longer shows wetness. I use Resolve and spray it lightly and use a clean white tightly rung out. Rub the spot gently , and do it again over and over till the towel no longer has a stain. After you finish, place paper towels over the stain and place a heavy object .. Since it is already damaged , clean the fibers.. don't wet the carpet..padding.. Do not let anyone walk on it till it is completely dry. if you have to designate a space to walk. It might take days even if it is warm. then change the designated area and clean that. do the same.. wick.. imagine a candle , the wick brings up oil.. same happens with carpet..Always vacumn well..You might need to get a dry cleaning solution.. Good luck.. I
Q:Will a jute backed rug scrape up a laminate wood floor?
You need a rug grip for a rug to floor application. You can get these inexpensively at Target or Home Depot, although they can vary in quality, so buy the best one you can afford. They come in standard sizes, but can easily be cut to fit. Get a size that will cover the entire area of the rug up to one inch of the edges. You'll be glad you did.
Q:Ur parents leave u alone for the first time an the first thing u do is spill red soda on ur mother's white rug?
so plenty extra now as an older guy than while i became plenty youthful. I take a itemizing of places i might desire to offer up for the errands and a itemizing of the failings that i might desire to purchase. wallet funds. keys. colors. cap or hat. cellular telephone. handle or mapquest guidelines if taking the dogs then puppy baggage puppy treats the folding puppy water bowl Oh, I forgot the spouse.... lol
Q:Wrinkly Carpet Issues! What should I do?
Carpets, to locate a professional certified, and insured carpet cleaner who uses the hot water extraction process. In most cases the furniture and other household furnishings need to be removed from the room to properly stretch the carpet. Coordinate the time for this with the cleaner to come in after the carpet is stretched, perhaps all completed in the same day. This is how we do it, I'm a professional HWE carpet cleaner.

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