Customize worm Gears for Machine , cars ,moto

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10000 set/month

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Steel,as requirements



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Zhejiang China (Mainland)

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is acceptable

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Packaging Detail:packed in carton
Delivery Detail:70days


1.produce as drawings
2.material will be as requirements
3.strictly quality control
4.OEM is acceptable

Products information:


1. suitable for many sorts of transmission system, such as agriculture tractor, wind power, truck and other industry zone.

2. material and precision can be as requirements.

3. we have complete gear machining equipments: gear hobbing machine, shaving machine, gear shaper, gear grinding machine, and our own heat treatment center. all of the production procedure are strictly controlled by ourselves, no cooperation procession, so we can sure the final products to meet your requirements.

4.each processing, strictly quality control

5.certificate: ISO9001, ISO/TS16949





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Q:Are gears and gear rings a kind of thing?
Gear generally refers to the external gear, the diameter is relatively small; gear ring, custom means that the diameter is very large
Q:Gear ring chamferingIt is troublesome to reverse the angle of the end face when machining the gear ring
Chamfering can be made in Tianjin by chamfering machines, which can be adjusted according to different products. Chamfering is the burr of the chamfering surface. Corrected to a small edge
Q:How is the thickness of the outer ring (outer diameter and internal diameter) determined?
The tooth depth is not the same, the weakest place must be able to meet the needs of torque transmission. And leave room for
Q:How many teeth of the 12 gear starter is suitable for the gear ring?
2, prevent the starter power is prematurely connected. Single tooth wear, ring gear can be turned to use; when individual tooth is damaged, can continue to use, but not in gear meshing gear, crank rotate the crankshaft to be bad, the ring gear and the gear of the starter ring gear two staggered; if serious wear should be replaced with new parts or welding repair. If the gear ring is seriously worn and the engine runs smoothly, the gear ring wear will be out of balance, so the balance should be corrected.
Q:What is the main reason for the radial runout tolerance of gear ring?
4, workpiece or tool loading card positioning is not good, no longer the correct position theory.Think of these, hope you useful points.
Q:Why a screw worm gear ring interference fit to cast iron core wheel side bias
If a good joint center screw hole machining thread, unequal impedance force on both sides of the drill bit
Q:Why does the planetary gear mechanism determine only one of the motions of the gear ring, the planet carrier, and the sun wheel?
The planetary gear mechanism and the relative shift operation assembly are used by most automatic transmissions at present;
Q:Ask an expert to enlighten flywheel ring gear assembly and assembling method!
When the gear ring is loose, it can be confirmed from the installation opening of the flywheel housing starter. If the gear ring is loose, new parts must be replaced. When installing, the gear ring shall be heated in the heating box and then heated on the flywheel. After cooling, the flywheel can be fastened to the flywheel.When the tooth of the ring gear is worn unilaterally, the gear ring can be pressed down, the front face and the front face can be overturned, and then used on the flywheel.The examination of normal gear meshing, the flywheel rotation does not start, it should be regarded as the engine internal faults, such as crankshaft locking, piston stick cylinder, clutch card lag, which should be further observed. Check whether the clutch is damaged or stuck, check whether the fuel pump plunger is stuck and whether there is any foreign matter in the engine.
Q:The starting mode of a vehicle engine, in addition to the engagement of the gear ring of the starter motor and flywheel, causes the crankshaft to start
2) the starting and starting device of the auxiliary gasoline engine is large in volume and complex in structure, so it is only used for the starting of large power diesel engines.
Q:Planetary gear reduction problem. The outer gear ring is fixed with 80 teeth, the planet tooth is 30 teeth, the center tooth is 20 teeth, and the.1 is
The number of teeth of the star wheel and the transmission ratio never mind

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