Crawler Bulldozer 160horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic

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Product Description:

Crawler Bulldozer 160horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic 

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: YD160S-5

Product DescriptionMain features:
1. Choose the WD10G178E25 supercharged diesel engine with optimum power reservation coefficient.
2. The hydraulic torque converter and gear box with hydraulic power shift are adopted in the hydraulic system to meet many kinds of work condition.
3. The steering system and braking system are controlled by hydraulic power. The shovel blade and scarifier controlled by joystick, flexible, safe and reliable.
4. Humanized operation layout of cab is applied, which features high efficiency and comfortable.
5. The bulldozer has advanced structure and nice shape.
6. YD160S bulldozer is a wet-land type product, developed on the basis of YD160 bulldozer. It can be applied in reclaiming land from the sea, shore reclamation and mariculture etc.
7. This machine is ultra wet-land bulldozer. Its average ground pressure is only 28kPa, which helps the machine to work in the wet-land, marsh and viscous working condition. It can also be used in refuse dump if equipped with environmental shovel.
8. Adopt hydraulic transmission and control, concentrated pressure testing, large capacity dozer blade, hexahedral cab with good vision and controlling system, which is designed according to ergonomics. Anti-turnover protection device and air conditioner are optional. It features reasonable structure, advanced performance and simple operation etc. It has high cost performance.
9. Its main components are produced with advanced and mature technology of this field, which is of perfect social system and easy in maintaining.
160Horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic Crawler Bulldozer Technical specifications:

Total weightkg18460
Max towing forceKN154
Engine model/WD10G178E25
Engine rated powerKW131
Engine rated speedr/min1850
Fuel consumption of the engineg/kw.h≤210
Forward 3 gearkm/h3.29-9.63
Reverse 3 gearkm/h4.28-12.53
Carpiller track board withmm950
Land pressureKpa28
Overall lengthmm5274
Overall widthmm4150
Overall heightmm3302
Bulldozer widthmm4150
Bulldozer heightmm960
Blade max lifting heightmm1005
Blade max digging depthmm485
Towing equipment scarifier (optional)/
Stationary type


Crawler Bulldozer 160horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic

Crawler Bulldozer 160horsepower Wet Type Hydraulic

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Q:Dry xuanggong good or good Shantui bulldozer?
Shantui bulldozer is the introduction of Japanese Komatsu technology R & D and production, the shape and mode of operation are basically the sameThe difference is in the humanity and Shantui bulldozer operation simple as Komatsu, the overall quality is not as Komatsu, than Komatsu high failure rate, but the price is much cheaper than Komatsu, now the domestic sales of Komatsu bulldozers are imported, with a level of Komatsu can buy two mountainIn the domestic brand share inside the mountain is the highest, share of more than 60%, close to 70%, equivalent to every domestic bulldozer sales of 10 units, there are 7 units of the mountain
Q:My gaming pc is lagging?
well that is what happens when you over clock a processor eventually it dies slowly and all dies.
Q:Anyone know about the TY165-3 bulldozer? What's the difference between it and TYS165-3?
Xuangong is TYS165-3 and TY165-3 is the standard of swamp bulldozer bulldozer.
Q:Who do you think would win Samoan Bulldozer Umaga or Samoa Joe from TNA?
Samoa Joe of course.
Q:What processor to buy?
Ahhhh! Someone who actually knows about Bulldozer! Very good! The happy part is, if you have an AM3 motherboard, Bulldozer is scheduled to work on an AM3 board even thought the CPU is built to operate on an new AM3+ standard (so I have read). Anyway, I think the architecture of the new Bulldozer is going to be superior, and if you can wait, wait until it is released. If you are counting sheckels and need to conserve, and you are not wanting to do a lot of gaming, probalby your 965 or 970 would do you just fine. They are great cpu's although quad cores.
Q:Bulldozer eight nuclear CPU and E3 1231 which good?
E3 V3 is a new product of Xeon 1231 Xeon X5650 is out of product performance is the new product has the advantage of no schema update performance comparable
Q:AMD vs Intel for gaming?
Q:Information on the gasoline starter of the old Dongfanghong bulldozer!
It's a gasoline engine with hand start. It starts and then pulls the clutch handle. The clutch drives the main engine to rotate and start
Q:what is the worst movie you have ever seen?
Cinderella 3
Q:AM3 coolers vs. Bulldozer?
AM2 would work

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