Construction Ringlock Cuplock Saffolding for sale

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Min Order Qty:
1000 kg
Supply Capability:
100000 kg/month
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Construction Ringlock Cuplock Saffolding for sale


1.Type:ringlock cuplock scaffolding for sale 
2.Process:scaffolding for sale 
3.Size:ringlock scaffolding cuplock scaffolding



Main Material: 

Q235, Q195 


SGS, EN12810 

Surface Treatment:

 HDG,Paint,Powder coating

Detailed information:


Ring Lock or Cup lock scaffolding

Place of Origin

Shandong China

Brand name



Ø48.3*3.25*1000/2000/3000 or as your request

Main Material

Q235, Q195

Surface Treatment

High Protected Painted, Powder Coating, Electric Gavenized, Hot Dip Gavenized.


Silver, Orange


SGS, EN12810.


Automatic Welding


OEM Service available





Delivery Time

About 20-30 days after confirmation


In bulk or steel pallet or as your request

Production capability

100 tons per day

Manufactory Location

Rizhao, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China.

Construction Ringlock Cuplock Saffolding for sale

Q:truss or frame (?) which is preferred between the two in making scaffoldings and why?
Trusses are the diagonal supports in a structure. Frames is just straight vertical supports. Scaffolding applies both. You have frames on the corners and ends and trusses that are the diagonals that cross to add support.
Q:Height in the number of scaffolding should be set up scissors
. Starting from the base of the scaffold, the height of the scaffold is set up continuously, the width is not less than 6 meters, and the span is at least over the span of 4 spans, and the span is up to a maximum of 6 spans
Q:I'm off to get an industrial/scaffolding piercing tomorrow and what I wanna know is, I already have an existing helix piercing on my left ear, could that be used as one of the holes, or would I have to have it done on my right hear, that has no helix piercing?
I had my scaffold done when i was like 15 but had to take it out cus it wouldn't heal properly but that's because the piercer messed it up big time it should take on average about 2-3 months to fully heal but it completely depends on how fast your body heals in general! I have all my ears pierced and stretched my nose and my snake bites pierced as well, the scaffold hurt more then the snake bites defo but was around the same as the nose maybe a 1% more sore! The best way to describe it would be like getting your nose done twice in under 3 mins! It'll be sore to sleep on afterwards and i would defo clean it cus the last thing you want is it to get infected cus it'll just become more painful but apart from those obvious things its super cool and well worth getting it done! :)
Q:Disc scaffolding used in the country?
Will collapse a large, even the overall collapse, and higher costs
Q:Okay, so my mums allowed me to get either my belly button pierced or to get scaffolding (Which she doesn't like that much) pierced, I really want both done but I have no idea which one I want so I was hoping on some opinions to help me choose? :) thanks x
get your belly done then get your scaffolding pierced
Q:what is differences between scaffold and scaffolding?
Scaffold is what scaffolding is constructed of.
Q:Ok so 3 days ago (4 tomorrow), i got a scaffold piercing, AKA an industrial, and it was fine up until today when i noticed a small build up of clumpy, very dark, blood around the second hole of it. I cleaned it off and it stayed ok for a few hours and now i think it's coming back! it itches a bit, but when i asked my older brother (who has several piercings) he said it was starting to heal and that it's common. also, the woman who pierced my ear (who also has several facial piercings and 2 scaffolds) said it would definetly bleed during the 6-8 weeks it takes to heal.i was just wondering why the blood is so dark and thick, and why it itches when the blood is there.this is the first piercing i've had since my earlobes as a child, so i don't really know much about them :/ help please!!!!!
I had the same thing happen, my ear was pretty much in shock the first three days, then the 4th day it was like F-YOU! It was not fun. the build up isn't bad, it means that the blood is flowing that the piercing is trying to heal itself, get a q-tip good and soaked in rubbing alcohol or spray some H2Ocean on it. (They should have sold you some at the parlor you went to, if not, go back and buy it, it is a god send. It cools and disinfects the area.) thoroughly soak down the little crusties and let them come off on their own. DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS and DON NOT TWIST THE BARBELL. this will promote skin growth and you can get a Keloid, which is a small ball of scar tissue. if your fingers go any where near your piercing you should rinse them in rubbing alcohol first. the itching is probably just a reaction to the crusties being there. Soak the crusties off and try not to touch it or sleep on that side of your body and it should be OK.
Q:Bowl buckle type steel pipe scaffold and full fastener type scaffolding are long what kind of? What is the difference
Fastener type scaffolding is composed of shelves and fasteners, and the bowl buckle scaffold is made up of the bowl buckle, the lower bowl buckle, cross bar joints, vertical rods, beams and other components, the method of building some differences.
Q:I really want to get an industrial piercing but I'm going to a music festival in about a month... If I get it done this weekend, will a month be time enough for it to heal, because I plan on being drunk for that whole festival so I doubt I'll find time to clean it haha..Should I get it done, or wait until after the festival?..Thanks :) x
If you want it now, get it done! One weekend of not cleaning it is no big dee, especially after it's a month old. Just make sure to clean it right before and after the festival. It'll be fine :) have fun!
Q:If I built a box using standard diameter scaffolding tube (48mm) and connected it using kee clamps rather than standard scaffolding connectors, do you think it would be strong enough to support a 2000lb bar being dropped on it from a 2m height without breaking? I want to build it without welding, but am concerned over the strength of such a box connected only with kee clamps.
though that page doesn't seem to be quite complete

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