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Intelligent inductive Acid concentration meter is designed according to the

principle of electromagnetic induction of a new continuous online monitoring

instrumentation, sensing element have no contact with the measured medium ,

the non-polar effect , resulting in a continuous measure, and has the general

electrode instrument unparalleled advantages.

Electromagnetic detecting element doesn’t contact with the measured medium directly.

There is no electrode polarization effect.

Large-screen LCD, english menu guide operation,easy to learn

Built-in concentration curve of common acid salt, by setting the call the curve read concentration

values, users can also create a desired concentration curve.

Multi-point calibration ensures the measurement accuracy in a wide range.

The probe is anti-corrosion which can measure various corrosive acid, alkali, salt solutions.

It can store and query historical data and trend curve.

The Modbus RTU protocol RS485 communication interface and 4-20mA analog signal output can be optional.

Two-way alarm relay (conductivity) output is optional.

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Q:Where are the cutting fluid concentration meters available?
The cutting fluid concentration meter is sold very much on the net. The cutting fluid concentration meter can only compare the test results of the same cutting fluid. The higher the reading value, the greater the concentration of the cutting liquid. Different products or different manufacturers produce things, refractive coefficient is not the same, so it does not mean that the higher the reading, the better the quality.
Q:Is there an instrument for measuring the surface concentration?
Although I did not see your description, but through the analysis, some think, because the surface of slurry concentration and moisture content in a relationship, small water content is high, whereas low water content, but also influence the electrical properties, so there is a relationship between the concentration and the electrical performance, is the electric resistance and the relationship between the surface plasma. Through the measurement of the surface resistance of slurry can easily know concentration of flour paste, so treatment is very simple, so the instrument to use this method to implement, no technical content high, do not say manufacturers, strong hands can do it himself. You can go to the treasure and other places to search, should be able to find.
Q:Can a densitometer measure the purity of alcohol?
Medical alcohol is generally 75%, and practice has proved that the concentration of alcohol can kill most of the bacteria.
Q:Cutting fluid concentration meter
Cutting fluid concentration meter is a refractometer to measure the refraction principle, cutting fluid concentration meter for detecting water soluble cutting fluid (cutting oil), the weight percentage of the emulsion concentration, grinding fluid, wire drawing oil, tapping oil, cutting fluid and other industrial oil, accurate cutting liquid preparation (cutting oil) the emulsion, grinding fluid, wire drawing oil, tapping oil, cutting fluid provides a great convenience, the concentration of cleaning liquid is applied to the management of cleaning metal parts processing.
Q:What is the name of the instrument for measuring the concentration of a single body?
Fecal water concentration can be measured with a suspended solids concentration meter.
Q:What's the use of a honey densitometer?
Concentrated honey has a high concentration, but the quality is not high, because the process of concentrating changes the quality of honey at high temperature. The state regulations do not allow honey to change its quality and flavor processing. So, even if you test out a high concentration of honey, it may not be good honey, so it is not recommended to buy.
Q:What is the calculation of the concentration of the solution?
Solubility: the solubility of a solid substance at a certain temperature when it reaches a saturation state in a 100g solvent. If the solvent is not specified, the solubility in general is defined as the solubility of the substance in water
Q:Acid and alkali concentration meter which brand of good quality, a bit of what kind of?
Large LCD screen, easy to read measurement. It has many automatic correction functions and low power consumption characteristics. It is very suitable for field measurement or field process and wastewater treatment equal measurement.
Q:Can Ross's acid gauge transmitter and conductivity transmitter be general?
The concentration meter reflects the content of a certain substance in the solvent. The concentration and concentration of impurities (mainly organic matter) in water in a specific water quality by chemical methods.
Q:The difference between an electromagnetic densitometer and an ultrasonic densitometer
In the industrial instrument industry, there are ultrasonic mud meter, ultrasonic imaging, human ultrasound invented a lot of things, ultrasonic densimeter

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