CNC Wood Lathe for Baseball Bats Woodworking Lathe for Sale WTM1516

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Product Description:

CNC Wood Lathe for Baseball Bats Woodworking Lathe for Sale

Model: WTM1516

CNC Wood Lathe for Baseball Bats Woodworking Lathe for Sale WTM1516

1. CNC Woodworking Lathe Applications

Staircases, stairway balusters, stairway newel posts, dining table legs, end table legs, sofa table legs, bar stool legs, chair legs, chair arm posts, chair stretchers, sofa and bun feet, bed rails, lamp posts, baseball bats and so on.

2. CNC Wood Bat Lathe Features:

Wood lathe cnc is a device that can create items such as stairway posts, designs on wood etc. 

A wood CNC lathe is operated by a computer which is controlled by the user. 

The use of computers on a lathe machine offers a wide range of benefits and features, while improving functionality.

Lathe machine is designed for cylindrical or conoid workpieces, for example pillar, banister, chair legs, etc. 

All lathes work the same way.


3. CNC Wood Lathe Kit Parameters:



Max processing length


Max turning diameter


Number of axis

2 axes

Maximum feed rate


Minimum setting unit


Spindle motor power


Power supply


Overall dimensions




We also can supply you cnc woodworking lathe carbide knife and 3 in 1 cnc wood turning lathe alloy steel cutters.

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Q:Could you tell me if the lathe can be used as a woodworking lathe?
Yes, you can change the tool slide to ordinary slide and woodworking!
Q:Which is good for CNC woodworking lathe?
Xuzhou Fengzhan CNC technology, our company specializing in the production of CNC lathe with double knife patented technology, engaged in woodworking machinery CNC woodworking machinery packaging machinery research and development and manufacturing; pause / power-off memory function, the suspended power, suspended from the interruption start processing without repeated processing
Q:What brand of CNC woodworking lathe is good?
This is only relatively speaking, as long as the stability of the signal, processing precision, double blade technology, the car that is fast and stable.
Q:Which brand is good for CNC woodworking lathe?
Professional lathe, woodworking lathe manufacturers, so that the processing speed is stable, blank lines, speed, stability, easy to understand, simple operation, it is recommended, mainly stability
Q:What are the electrical faults in the CNC woodworking lathe?
High speed stepper motor lost stepIt is possible that the driving power supply voltage is reduced, so that the output torque of the stepping motor is reduced. Should focus on inspection of the drive power part, when the high voltage switch transistor damage, the high voltage power supply approach, high-speed stepper motor output torque reduction and lost step. It may be somewhere in mechanical failure, so we should also check the screw, nut, slide board, stepper motor reducer, when bending, deformation, component or a foreign body will make the running resistance increases, low speed is not obvious, but it cannot completely overcome the high speed running resistance.
Q:What frequency converter is better used in woodworking machine tools?
Under such circumstances, it is not long before the frequency converter is usually made without protection,
Q:Want to buy a woodworking lathe, which brand is better?
There are many brands of woodworking lathe, mainly to see what you want to do, and then choose a suitable size
Q:What effect does the woodworking lathe chuck play?
Or the processing of large wood, or small wood fixed function,
Q:Semi automatic hydraulic copying lathe and back lathe, CNC lathe that good
CNC machine price is higher, but his high degree of automation, high precision CNC lathe, woodworking general bought on the line, CK6140 Dalian, the domestic system also twelve thirty, the small factory and cheap. Copying lathe accuracy is not good, not recommended!
Q:What's the speed required for a homemade woodworking lathe?
Amateur DIY lathe, low speed safety point, you can do a speed change

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