CMAX Manul Scissor Lift from 300kg to 1000kg

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CMAX Manul Scissor Lift from 300kg to 1000kg


Fetch in the technology from abroad and combination the experience by ourselves, our machine are apply to factory , warehouse , station , dock ,airport and so on place by High-raised operation, convey goods and pipelining.


SJY Scissor-Type High-Raised Lift Table

SJG Stationary Hydraulic Cargo Lift Table

SJZ Car-Carrying Hydraulic Lift Table

SJY Aluminum Alloy Lift Table

The above model can be mixture of thousands by different parameter of Rated Capacity, Platform Size, Motor Power.


        Scissor-Type High-Raised Lift Table has four components as usual, i.e. engine structure, hydraulic pressure system , electric system and moveable equipment; oil pump and electromotor compose the Motor Unit.


The structure of Lift Table is made up from base, arm frame and table platform. Base is adopting corresponded intensity of armor plate by solder; Arm frame by gemel uprightness from bottom to up, and the intensity is high also the shape is beautiful; Table platform can be worked by some workers in the same time, and it is surrounding by safety barrier.

2. Hydraulic pressure instruction

   From the oil pump absorbing oil to driving the piston of oil crock, while arm frame go up and down vertically, the oil is under control of speed-limited valve and runoff adjustment valve, from electromagnetism valve reflow to oil box. If oil crock is over loading, the pressure oil from oil pump through overflow valve reflow to oil box directly. In order to occur the accident by vitta broken, there is a single direction speed-limited valve of each oil crock. So that even the vitta is broken, the lift also can go down by normal speed.


CMAX Manul Scissor Lift from 300kg to 1000kg

CMAX Manul Scissor Lift from 300kg to 1000kg

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Q:What is the imported hydraulic platform car? Kneel and beg your help
Their platform has a special mechanical structure that is widely used in high-altitude work, the shear fork structure, and the higher stability after lifting and lifting
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Stationary hydraulic system of hydraulic lifting platform products sets for commonly, overload, power outages and other safety protection device, guide rail type of external power unit, mesa adopts import and export or bar, fence, and all sorts of lifting platform running warning lights or warning bell, the door is open to the safety of the lifting platform closed circuit switch, and many other functions. The operator has a lot of control, point movement or safe mode operation.
Q:What about the platform of southworth?
Lift platform still is domestic the after-sales service is good, change the spare parts in time convenient.
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The fixed platform shall be equipped with the requirements of use, and the attached devices shall be configured for any combination such as the safety protection device of the platform.
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The line itself I think should be no problem, I don't know where your oil spill is. I think it's an interface leak, Or a hydraulic cylinder leak, And is your job stress reasonable? Is it too stressed?
Q:When the hydraulic platform drops, it feels very shaken and unbalanced. Please answer?
Connected to the solenoid valve is the control valve core, if it is to be repaired. To change oil, you need to lift it up to the top, and then use the safety support frame or stick to support it so that you can do what you want
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You already said it's a hydraulic platform, so the driving order is the engine or the motor, the hydraulic pump, the cylinder
Q:Simple manual lifting mechanism, a nut a bolt can
The next face is worn, welding a circle, ok turn, rise, also can not be fixed, also can rise! The general problem is not too big, it's a two-point position, if it's fixed at three points, it's high in accuracy
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Horizontal movements of spindle of the milling machine is driven by servo motor, each after a pair of tooth belt pulley deceleration, to the longitudinal, transverse and vertical feed movement of the ball screw to achieve three direction.

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