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Product Overall Size:W62*D69*H102CM

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1.Wonderful design office chair with very competitive price
2.Padded arms, with adjustable function

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Q:woobly chair?
You live where? Therefore: Check for businesses in the want ad section of local newspaper for carpenters or handy man. If that individual can't help you, perhaps has a suggestion. Turn chair over. Is it missing the 'taps' on bottom? That would be a do-it-yourself fix.
Q:Should we have chair covers?
I have seen uglier chairs at profesional banquet halls... Anyway they usually charge per cover and a quick google search showed me the cheapest is $1.49 per chair cover. I don't know how many people you have but for 50 thats like 70 something bucks. They are not terrible looking chairs and chair covers will not make them anymore comfortable to sit in. No one will notice if i were you i would skip the chair covers
Q:Wedding chair covers..?
Try looking on OKorder. You may be able to get them cheaper than that.
Q:What is a good, cheap, comfortable chair?
A and it's actually pretty damn comfy and allows for decent lounging. Nothing beats a good butterfly chair though.
Q:eames longe chair antique authenticity?
Thought this might still be useful esp for others who are also looking for the same stuff. Here's what I can say on this: Looking for a leather armchair that looks old-fashioned, and at the same time, has the kind of usage you are thinking about (the term “gynaecologist” was kind of a dead giveaway) can be rather difficult, and may require you to go to a custom furniture maker. This can be a somewhat embarrassing ordeal, if the design you showed is any indication of what the chair is to be used for. There are websites however, that do have similar looking seats, although not with arms as long as you pictured. There are chairs that are old fashioned looking, and there are chairs that have relatively long arms, as you depicted in your sketch, but for an old-fashioned looking chair with arms that long, some modifications may have to be made if you purchase a ready-made one from any of the online stores you search through. There are some that may be worth looking into, like this traditional looking button armchair with red leather upholstery and leather padded arm rests. You can have a local furniture maker alter the seat’s arms to get these to be as long as you want them to be, and to have them pad these with the same colored leather as the seat, to give you what you want.
Q:building chair circles?
Maybe you could use a shape rather like a hexagon? But - and sorry if I've misread what you're planning to do - will the people you want to arrange have access to tables or similar? Is it the kind of event where you want them to take notes? Talk to one another? I don't know how long you're planning to keep them in the circle, but people tend to feel physically and psychologically uncomfortable if they have to sit for any length of time without any 'covering' in front of them. There's an optimum number below and above which this discomfort could become dysfunctional. The reason is that people feel (unconsciously, usually) that they're too exposed. Again, apologies if I've misread your purpose, but this phenomenon can derail the purpose of getting the group together.
Q:Which is the best executive office chair?
Q:Load distribution on Tripod Chair?
Can we look at the cautions and exceptions to this model? First of all the back legs in a normal chair are not at the back of the seat but extend out further so they are under the top of the back of the chair or further. In addition, the center of mass of someone sitting in a chair is not in the center of the chair but is close to the bottom of the tilted back where the hip bones support the upper half or more of the body weight. Having said that, change the specifications so the 135kg is centered on the chair seat and the single support is moved in various locations from that center away from the front legs (and the chair itself has no weight) The distance from the front legs to the middle is D and the seat is 2D deep. The distance from the middle to the rear support is X and varies from 0 to D. When X is 0, then entire weight is on the rear support. When X is D, then half the weight is on the front legs and half on the support. Therefore the amount of weight in any position is F = 135 * (D / (D + X)) When X =0, D/D+0 = 1 When X =D, D/D+D = 1/2
Q:Snowboarding! Getting off chair lifts?
your problem is you cant turn 1 footed, not that you cant get off the lift. what i suggest to all beginners is, place your foot on your board and brace it on your back binding like you have tried, take your back hand and put it on the chair as you stand up, keep your arm stiff. let the chair push you, it wont hit you i promise. and then coast STRAIGHT off the chair (unless someone is in your way) once you slow down and want to try to turn go ahead, or you can just coast to a stop. you dont need to turn right away getting off a chair unless someone/something is in your way. if you must turn remember to turn your shoulders, just like your making your normal turns. if it helps hold your arms out and point both in the direction you want to turn. also you can drag half your back foot off the uphill side, this will help your board flip around sideways.
Q:Where can i find a polka dot or zebra chair?
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