Changlin Brand Single Drum Vibratory Roller 8125HL

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This 8125HL double steel drum hydraulic vibrating road roller adopts the international advanced technology and its key components are imported from abroad. This machine is mainly applied into the pavement engineering for compacting various materials such as stabilized soil, asphalt concrete and hard concrete. It is also suitable for the subgrade works and is an ideal compacting machine for building high-grade highway, railway, airport, dam, municipal roads 
and industrial ground. 
1. This road roller adopts Cummins B series water-cooled diesel engine with high coefficient of power reserve. 
2. The compactor type engineering vehicle is powered by hydrostatic, all-wheel drive system and can perform stepless speed changing in two ranges.
3. Our double steel drum hydraulic vibrating road roller is equipped with the dual band and double amplitude vibration device, the imported plunger pump and motor. 
4. There is a built-in wet multiple-disc brake used to brake in emergency circumstances by fuel cut-off, which greatly improves the operation safety and reliability. 
5. Its streamline design makes the whole car appear more attractive. The preposed control board could provide a great vision. 
6. You could enjoy driving in the comfortable driving cab with twin steering wheels and twin driving seats. 
7. The spray system is an electronic controlled power system and has a FRP water tank with a large capacity.

Operating mass kg 12000 
Static Linear Load N/cm 282 
Amplitude mm 0.74/0.35 
Vibration Frequency Hz 40/50 
Centrifugal force KN 150×2/99×2 
Max. Traveling Speed km/h 13 
Grade Ability % 40 
Turning Radius mm 7000 
Vibration Drum Width mm 2130 
Vibration Drum Diameter mm 1350 
Wheel Base mm 3440 
Min. Ground Clearance mm 350 
Diesel Engine Model Cummins4BTA3.9 
Diesel Engine Power kW 93 
Dimension mm 5360×2270×2970

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