Changlin Brand 15ton Motor Grader 717H

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Features--changlin motor grader717h

1. Sing-handle electro-hydraulic controlled power-shift T/M, 6 forward&3 reverse shifts makes operation easy and convenient


2. Hydraulic lock, auto lock/unlock NO-SPIN differential ensures stability


3. Powerful traction deal axle load allocation provides excellent stability while cutting hard surface 4. Serviceable, efficient hydraulic system enables every part to be fully used


5. Box-typed frame and advanced T/M enable it to complete heavy-duty work


6. A wide working range is accomplished through flexible blade suspension system and articulated frame



parameter--changlin motor grader 717h

Overall Dimension

1 Length8630mm
2 Width2600mm
3 Height(To the top of the cab)3370mm
4 Wheel base6100mm
5 Tread2120(mm)
Main Technical Specification

1 Operating weight14500kg
2 Blade length3658mm
3 Blade height550mm
4 Blade width16mm
5 Max lifting height450mm
6 Max grading depth535mm
7 Min. turning radius7300mm
8 Pivot angle frame±26°
9 Max turning angle(front wheel)±49°
10 Oscillating angle of front axle32°
11 Min ground clearance430mm
12 Traveling speed(Km/h)6 forward and 3 reverse
Diesel engine

1 ModelDongFeng 6BTA5.9-C180Chinese engine SC8D170G2B1
2 TypeDirect injection. Turbocharged Water cooling
3 Rated output132 kW(180PS)125(1±5%)kW
4 Inter-bore of cylinder/Stroke102/120 (mm)114/135 (mm)
5 Total exhaust of cylinder5.9(L)8.27(L)
6 Power of start motor6 (kW)7.5(KW)
7 Voltage of starting motor24(V)24(V)
8 Rated speed2200(r/min)2200(r/min)
9 Max. Torque>750(N.M) at 1300r/min700(1±6%)(N.m)/1500r/min
10 Starting typeElectricElectric
11 Min. specific fuel consumption206(g/Kw.h)226(1±5%)(g/Kw.h)
12 Net weight450(kg)680(1±5%)(kg)
Transmission System

1.Torque Converter

1 ModelWG180 (ZF technology)
2 Type3-elements.single stage
3 Torque ratio2.35
4 Cooling typePressure oil circulating
2.Transmission case

1 ModelWG180 (ZF technology)
2 Typepower shift, single-shift lever, natural-shift lock device
3 Gear shift position6 Forward and 3 reverse gears
3.Axle and Tire

1 Type of main reducerspiral bevel gear, single stage
2 Gear ratio of main reducer3.583
3 Type of final reducerSingle stage chain-drive
4 Gear of ratio of final reducer3.75
5 Gear ratio13.436
6 Max. drawing force74.6KN
7 Tandem driveDouble row roller-chains
8 Size of tire17.5-25-12PR(standard)13.00-24-12PR(optional)
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Model of oil pump(include steering pump)CBGj2045/1025
2 System pressure17.5MPa
3 Model of distribution valveHUSCO5000-D
4 CylinderMTC technology
5 Hydraulic lockKAYABA technology
6 Model of oil motorEATON, JS-130
7 Blade load88kN
Steering System

1 TypeFore Tire deflexion
2 Model of steering gearBZZ1-E160B+FKA-163022
3 System pressure16MPa
Brake System

1 Type of traveling brakeHydraulic assisted actuate drum brake
2 Oil pressure10MPa
3 Type of parking brakeFlexible control and inner-expanding drum brake
Oil Capacity

1 Fuel(diesel)330L
2 Engine lubricating oil17L24L
3 Oil for converter and gear box28L
4 Oil for hydraulic system47L
5 Oil for driving rear axles18L
6 Balance box90L


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