Cement Grinding Aid Concrete Admixture in High Performance

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Product Description:

Cement Grinding Aid Sodium Lignosulfonate


The sodium lignosulphonate, which is prepared from straw and wood mix pulp black liquor through filtration, sulfonation, concentration and spray drying, and is a powdery low air-entrained set retarding and water reducing admixture, belongs to an anionic surface active substance, has absorption and dispersion effect on the cement, and can improve various physical properties of the concrete.


Cement Grinding Aid Concrete Admixture in High Performance

Cement Grinding Aid Concrete Admixture in High Performance




1. To improve the cement mill output : After adding the aids, under the premise of maintaining or slightly improving the cement’s physical properties, the mill production capacity can be increased by 10 %.

2. Reduce the mill consumption: by improving the powder’ surface charge performance inside the mill, it can eliminate the " pastes surround the grinder" phenomenon; meanwhile the aids can improve the micro- cracks’ extending of the powder particles, improve the grinding efficiency, thereby reduce the miller energy consumption, cement mill per tonne of power consumption can be reduced by 10-20% .

3. To prevent " excessive grinding " and reduce the grinding temperature : because of the grinding efficiency’s raising, accelerate the cement mill’s passing speed, to avoid " over-grinding " phenomenon, thus reducing the mill inside temperature. Grinding temperature’s decrease can prevent dihydrate gypsum’s dehydration, to improve the setting time and strength development and other cement performance.

4. To improve the cement’s physical performance: to improve the cement strength ( especially 10-20 % improve the early strength) or shorten setting time ( especially the final setting time ) ; take advantage of added the grinding aids can help improve the cement’s performance, can increase the mixing content amount, or add of part of the shaft kiln cement clinker in rotary kilns to reduce costs.

5. To reduce powder surface adsorption energy: Adding the aids can help reduce powder surface’s static enrichment, to avoid the powder clumping and compaction to harden, eliminating cement silo bottom "bonding " phenomenon ; improve powder mobility, reduce transportation energy consumption;

6. Economic analysis by using cement grinding aids (Take 100T per year output cement companies for example )



1. Can be used as a water-reducing admixture for concrete, and applicable for projects such as culverts, dikes, reservoirs, airports, expressways and so on.

2. Used as a scale remover and a circulating water quality stabilizer on boilers.

3. Sand preventing and sand fixing agents

4. Used for electroplating and electrolysis, and can ensure that the coatings are uniform and have no tree-like patterns.

5. Used as a tanning auxiliary in leather industry.

6. Used as a flotation agent for ore dressing and an adhesive for mineral powder smelting.

7. Coal water slurry additive

8. Long-acting slow-release nitrogen fertilizer agent, a modified additive for high-efficiency slow-release compound fertilizers

9. Used as a filler and a dispersant for vat dyes and disperse dyes, a diluent for acid dyes and so on.

10. Used for anodal anti-piping agents of lead-acid storage batteries and alkaline storage batteries, and can improve the low-temperature urgent discharge and service life of the batteries.


Main Indicators

Technical indicators:





Gray powder

Dark brown

Solid content,%



PH value



Chloride ion content



Fineness, 0.315 standard sieve residue,%


Cement paste fluidity,mm



• Concrete mixing concrete composite antifreeze HSD superplasticizer

Test items

JC475-2004 targets (-15 °C) First grade

index results (Content 5.0%)

Water reduction rate,%



Bleeding rate,%



Gas content,%



Setting time difference,min

initial setting



Final setting


Compressive strength ratio,%

standard curing




Regulations negative temperature-15°C










Effect on steel corrosion

should indicate whether have corrosion on concrete iron



Package & Shipping

Packing: 25kg/bag, outer woven bags with inner plastic lining.

Storage: Kept in dry and ventilating place, prevent from rain and moisture when storage

if agglomerated, please crush and make it into solution, and its effect will be the same.

Transportation: Non-toxic, harmless, non-inflammable and non-explosive chemicals

it can be transported in truck and train.

Cement Grinding Aid Concrete Admixture in High Performance



1.    Q:Are you a manufactory or trading company?

A:We are a professional manufactory with 12 years’ experience and 2 years of export experience, covers an area of 30 acres

2.    Q: May I know your MOQ request?

A:MOQ is 1 TON. 

3.    Q: Could you offer free sample?

A:We can provide free samples to you for quality testing.

4.    Q: Does your product is dangerous merchandise?

A: Not dangerous merchandise, It belongs to Not legal Inspection merchandise.

5.    Q: What about your packing?

A: Liquid in IBC tank or Flexitank;Powder in woven bags. 

6.    Q: How about your productive capacity?

A: 900000 tons/Year.

7.    Q: What is your export port?

A: China main port.

8.    Q: What is your delivery time?

 A: Within 7 days after received advanced payment.

9.    Q: Can you print logo or label on packing as customer request?

A: Yes, we can customize according to your requirements. 

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