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Medium Pressure





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Medium Temperature



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China (Mainland)

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ball check valve:

cast iron ball check valve

DIN3202 ball check valve:

DI ball check valve

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DIN 3202 F6 ductile iron ball check valve
high quanlity DIN ball check valve with lower price, body material : ductile iron and DIN 3202 F6 ductile iron ball check valve


ball check valves
2.certificate:ISO9001 CE


available medium:x-water T-water,steam,W-petroleum products

working temperature:X-≤50 T-≤200oC W-≤100oC.

flange dimensions:DIN2533

face to face dimensions:DIN3202F6


1.Technical Date:

Size: DN40-DN600

Nominal Pressure: PN10/PN16

Operation Temperature: -10°C~425°C

Suitable Medium: Water.


1) the valve is suitable for use in medium for water, oil, steam piping, as to prevent the medium counter-current, H44H type can also be used in the corrosive gas and liquid medium in pipeline;

2) the valve flange connection, connection size according to the provisions of the JB78-59 structure length according to the provisions of the JB96-75;

3) the valves on the pressure of the inlet medium effect, the valve opens, media through; When the inlet pressure drop or disappear, the disc due to gravity and the role of the outlet pressure of medium, since the valve closed, preventing medium counter-current;

4) product model: H44T - 10. Technical parameters Nominal pressure PN (MPa)1.0 working temperature (℃) <  200

Performance description: applicable to medium for water, oil, steam piping, as to prevent the medium counter-current, H44H type can also be used in the corrosive gas and liquid medium in pipeline.


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Q:How to install industrial check valves? How should they be used?
3, when installing check valve, should pay special attention to medium flow direction, should make medium normal flow direction and the direction of the arrow on the body is consistent, otherwise it will cut off the normal flow of media. Valve should be installed at the bottom of the pump suction pipe.
Q:What is the working principle of the flue check valve?
The flue check valve refers to the automatic opening and closing valve plate, which is used to prevent the backflow of soot through the thermal flow of the range hood. It is also called a flue check valve, a smoke prevention treasure and a flue isolator.
Q:How to install fire fighting pipe and flue fire check valve?
4, the installation of flue should each layer as bearing, bearing steel 2 root diameter over 14mm?.5, after the installation of the flue, in each flue check valve of the reserved installation of fire type flue check valve, with special glue mixing cement, coated with a check valve installed in the valve hole edge, and then back to the reservation in check at.6, the construction should be reserved at all levels of the hole, covered with a cover plate, to ensure safety in construction, to prevent construction waste fall into the flue.
Q:Is the hdf41x 1.6Mpa a check valve?
The hdf41x 1.6Mpa is a backflow preventer with a check valve that is stronger and more complex than the function check valve.Backflow preventer (backflow preventer) is a device that uses a check element to prevent backflow of water supply pipe.
Q:What is the function of the ventilator's check valve?
The utility model relates to a flue check valve, which belongs to an automatic valve, and the main function of the utility model is to prevent the backflow of oil smoke, and only to flow in one direction, and to block gasFlow in reverse direction. When the soot exhauster starts to work, the air flow with the oil smoke pushes the one-way smoke valve through the air inlet and the flow guiding curved surface, and the soot is discharged into the public smokeWhen the soot exhauster stops working, the one-way valve plate is automatically closed under the action of gravity, and the fume passage is isolated from the common flueThe smoke in the flue doesn't flow back in.
Q:Is the check valve behind or behind the gate valve? Why?
Thank youPlease install it in frontWhat about the front?
Q:What does the check valve "H64" and "H14" mean?
H check valve6 welding connection1 threaded connection4 swing check valveJB/T308-2004< valve type programming method >There should also be sealing surface material code and nominal pressure level
Q:What can I do with the lift check valve?
The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, whose main function is to prevent the backflow of medium, prevent the reverse of pump and drive motor, and release the container medium. The check valve can also be used to provide a supply to the auxiliary system where the pressure may rise above the system pressure.
Q:Can the slow stop disc check valve close quickly?
At the same time, the pressure of the inlet medium into the lower part of the piston in the oil cylinder to push the piston, the small end of the upper part of the oil cylinder piston through the needle valve are respectively pressed into both sides of the valve body, the piston rod extends out of the small cylinder. When the pressure of the inlet medium drops below the outlet pressure, the medium will produce a return flow.
Q:Detailed distinction between backflow preventer and check valve
The backflow preventer consists of two separated check valves and a drain valve. Due to the local head loss of the check valve, the pressure in the middle cavity is always lower than the pressure at the inlet. This pressure difference causes the drain valve to be closed and the pipe is in normal water supply. In abnormal pressure (i.e., the outlet pressure is higher than that of the middle cavity), even if the two check valve can not reverse sealing, safety relief valve can automatically open the reverse water emptying, and the formation of air separation, ensure the health and safety of water upstream.Check valves are plain check valves, only one side seal. Backflow preventer is more expensive than ordinary check valve. Double protection and heavy protection!

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