Cart Type Advertising Boards Transportable Billboards

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$23.00 - 36.00 / pc
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TT or LC
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100 pc
Supply Capability:
3000 pc/month

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The transportable billboard is a shelf to place the fire control products of portable fire extinguisher, shopping malls and station is places such as the necessary fire fighting equipment,Characteristics: strong, beautiful, back can also write the exit or the use of portable fire extinguisher.    

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Q:I want to know the difference between the advertising version and the news version of the newspaper
The news edition is inserted in the news section
Q:How big is the development prospect of advertising pinch plate?
The advertisement gusset plate is only one kind of outdoor advertisement material, such material needs to consider in the use, the vision, the cost and so on
Q:What are the layout of newspaper advertisements
This kind of advertising is very small in form and special in form. Do not have broad creative space, copywriting can only focus on performance,Newspaper ads highlight brands or corporate names, phone calls, addresses, and corporate sponsorship. A general declarative statement is used not to embody the whole structure of the copy.
Q:I want to know the difference between the advertising version or the news version of the newspaper
Notice that there are some categories at the top of the newspaper -- news, advertisements, sports, and so on.If there is a similar advertisement in the news, it is commonly called "soft advertisement""
Q:What's the bleeding edition in the ad layout?
I know the bleeding line in the printing. When you make the map, you should leave the bleeding line of 3mm for the cutting at the end. I don't know whether you have the same meaning or not.
Q:Wall advertising templates what materials, how lettering up?
Lettering on the first machine printed words written with traces of those words carved out with a carving knife
Q:How much is the advertising buckle machine?
Too much now buckle machine, the price is also different, have a strong sense of three-dimensional cubic advertising gusset plate, strong wind resistance and beautiful Crochet advertising gusset plate, and rectangular wood plate, three-dimensional culture full of PE Kouban, style, wide application range, with good environmental effect and broad market prospect
Q:Who knows what material the bottom of the LED ad uses?
Plexiglass products can usually be divided into pouring plates, extrusion plates and molding plastics. A acrylic products acrylic board, acrylic plastic particles, acrylic light boxes, signs, acrylic bathtub, acrylic artificial marble, acrylic resin, acrylic paint (latex), acrylic adhesive and so on many kinds of products.
Q:What's the difference between the American version of Kindle, the Paperwhite ad edition and the non advertising edition?!
The difference is that a standby display is an Amazon Book ad that will change over a period of time, very beautiful. A standby display ordinary wallpaper, only a few, look for a long time may be bored.
Q:How about the quality of LED fluorescent hand written advertising board? Is it good to buy?
Light guide plate design principle from Note Book LCD screen, is the line light source into a light source of high-tech products. The light guide plate is based on optical grade glass plate, and uses LCD display screen and notebook computer backlight module technology to pass through the whole high light transmittance of the guide spotThe working principle of the light guide plate, the design of the guiding point of the brain, the light of the LED plate is refracted into a surface light source, and the uniform light state is made into shape. Spectral analysis and the principle of laser technology combined with production in constant temperature and humidity, clean environment and by products, with ultra-thin super bright, even light, energy saving and environmental protection, there is no dark zone, easy installation and maintain other distinctive characteristics.

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