carbon steel wire-SAE1215

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Steel Grade: steel
  • Standard: AISI
  • Dimensions: 6.5mm-16mm
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Qinggang
  • Model Number: SAE1215
  • Technique: Hot Rolled
  • Special Use: Free Cutting Steel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:seaworthy bare bundles
Delivery Detail:15 days


steel wire-SAE1215 We export free cutting steel round bar SAE1215,carbon wire rod,welding wire rod.

steel wire-SAE1215 We export free cutting steel round bar SAE1215,carbon wire rod,welding wire rod.

Characteristic and Application

Hard Wire has characteristics of good surface quality,uniform properties within one coil, high percentage of sorbite, low percentaage of inclusion, moderate grain size and excellent drawing performance. It is used to produce galvanized cement nail, spanking, pneumatic collated nails and various collated nails, wire rope, steel strand, springs, rubber tube steel wire, tyre core wire, spring wire etc. It can meet the requirement of metalwork industry.

we supply wire rod No. SWRH62A,72A,62B,72B,SWRS77B,SWRS82B,ER70S-6,H08A,

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Q:What range in ohms are spark plug wires normal?
Solid wires (high performance) are under an ohm (tare of the wire). According to the first link, from Popular Mechanics, spark plug wires are supposed to have 10,000 to 15,000 ohms per foot. According to the second link, from David Kucharczyk, silicon wires have 10^9 to 10^11 ohms per meter. As the wire wears out, the resistance might get higher but not lower. Resistance dampens electromagnetic noise that would make your radio noisy and might interfere with sensitive electronics in your car (including the ECU (Electronic Control Unit)). High performance wires are sometimes made with solid wires to provide hotter spark, but they will electromagnetic noise. Some people prefer solid wires because they are more durable since solid wire doesn't usually wear out, but the insulation on the wires might wear out (causing arcing). Nology wires have metal braid shielding (something like a coaxial cable), and are designed to shield the electromagnetic noise. The outer shield is grounded on only one end of the wire. If both ends were grounded, a ground loop might form, and that would cause unwanted current flow within the grounded shield, producing unwanted electromagnetic noise. The shielding produces about 35pF of capacitance (the outer shield is one plate of a capacitor, and the wire conductor is the other).
Q:3-way wiring question....?
You have to tie the wires that go to the light together. It is called parallel.
Q:Does burnt wire still let electricity flow?
It depends. If the wires themselves got oxidized when you burned the insulation off, they will not conduct electricity as well as they did before. On the other hand, if you burned them in a way that converted the non-conducting plastics (organic polymers) into graphite (pure carbon) the wires might conduct a little better (because graphite conducts electricity). When you say there is insulation inside the wires, you may be confused. Some small electrical wires contain threads braided or twisted in with the fine copper wires to increase strength. These threads are usually non-conductors so, technically, I guess you could call them insulators but they are not in there to prevent one wire from making electrical contact with another wire. You can check if the wire still conducts elecricity with a battery and the bulb out of a flashlight. good luck
Q:What's the metal wire fabric?Such as title
Because the implant metal wire fabric because of the overall color bright, if there is a light metal, can reflect the specific metallic luster. But note that not only the characteristics of metal wire fabric in metallic luster, and anti-static, with anti radiation, more conducive to regulate all aspects of the body
Q:What is a wire trasnfer ?
its just a transfer of funds from one account to another --- usually overseas --- most intracountry transfers can be accomplished online today ---- it depends on how much you need to transfer and to whom --- there are much easier and cheaper ways to transfer funds --- credit cards, international transfers such as western union, international postal orders ---- have fun
Q:wiring schematic for harley L.E.D. tail light?
Harley Led Tail Light
Q:Hookin up DVD safety wire to parking brake ???
We'll if its an Alpine, there is going to be 2 brake wires. You cant jsut simply ground this wire to make the picture work. As soon as you restart the vehicle, the system will know, and you wont be able to watch video anymore. One wire is yellow/blue and one is yellow/blk. The one that is yel/blk should go to your brake wire. This is the one that is on your footbrake. You can test to see what wire this would hook up to. Just go to the brake pedal switch and test the maybe 4 wires are there. All this wire needs to see is 12v when you press the brake. The yel/blu wire is going to the only wire that goes to your parking brake. You'll see it, its the only one that is connected to the metal of the lever. All this wire needs to see is ground. There is a sequence that these wires needs to see. Usually its your foot brake on (hold it), then toggle your parking brake on, then off, then back on again, and then release your footbrake. This will make your screen view video and access extra settings. FYI, you can also buy a bypass module for this on OKorder. It will only cost maybe $20 or so. It will tell you how to wire it up to this relay so that everytime you turn your car on, it will automatically do the sequence for you. Hope this helps!
Q:I Need the wiring diagram for a chevy tahoe 2002.?
You can get the harness at WalMart or Best Buy. It connects to the aftermarket radio and then just plugs right in to the vehicles harness.....unless you already hacked it off. The thing only cost about $15.00 and makes the installation process a breeze.
Q:Where can i purchase coiled wire?
lowes maybe or home depot.
Q:will my amp wiring kit affect the performacne?
you should add a capacitor to your system. a 5 fared should be good. it is a reserve for when the bass hits. it's less stress on your alternator and battery. and you won't get the headlight dimming affect when you have it cranked up. ask your local car audio shop. you should be good with 4 gauge.

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