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Climbing formwork WA-200orWA-240 is mainly used in the concrete pouring of pier, high buildings, and so on. The concrete lateral pressure is entirely supported by anchor system and the wall-through tie-rods, additional reinforcement is not needed. The construction is easy, rapid and economical. A single pouring height is high and the finished concrete surface is perfect.

The climbing formwork CB-240 has two types of climbing units, they are pull-push prop climbing unit and truss climbing unit. The latter is better for the construction form of heavier load, higher height but less inclined angle. The sketches are shown below:

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Q:Isk bm-800 with cantilever bracket and Lenovo one machine connected
Lenovo one machine can also it, big brands, you can go to see other brands one machine, a lot more ah, Dell, HP one machine can also. Dell this year out of the AIO Ins 2020, AIO Ins2330, AIO XPS 2710 and several other models, just fine.
Q:What are the hazards of the front axle of the car?
[Heavy] direction out of control or traffic accidents.
Q:I would like to ask, what is this thing called it! It has a role in the car, thank you!
The front cantilever, the cantilever, the cantilever, what I've seen
Q:Seeking sound card microphone cantilever and a series of dubbing equipment price 1000 or less cheaper can also
Do not you know why, dub or singing? Innovation 0612 + Desheng pc5550, 600, cost is quite high. I Jinan, recently just updated the configuration, you can exchange under.
Q:Help: hanging basket cantilever construction construction invited
He is carrying the blue construction of the unbalanced bending moment after the completion of the block on the zero block after the assembly of hanging blue hanging blue assembly after the completion of the pre-pressure to remove the plastic deformation of the elastic deformation value in the future construction and construction of each stage Pre-camber length together in the construction to ensure that the axis does not bias in each section of the blue line before walking to carry out the elevation measurement to ensure that the closure of Longkou's height difference within the scope of the specification or the scope of the owners to take the minimum
Q:Microphone cantilever brackets are not fast and often how to do sliding
Take the tape and wrap it again
Q:How does the cantilever stand get on the wall?
There is the kind of inner card tool
Q:Computer desk is glass! How to install the capacitor cup with the cantilever bracket? Afraid of crushing glass tables
I am also plexiglass installed no problem pressure is not bad
Q:Can the cantilevered pneumatic tapping machine come out of the teeth?
Since it is also equipped with copper sets, it is recommended to re-repair the aperture, the oval 0.9mm really a little too large, if not repair can be processed into the copper sleeve than the upper limit of small size 0.05mm, sets of holes and then crashed into the workpiece , In the finishing, to prevent the copper sleeve also appears oval phenomenon
Q:Aiken ICON MobileU + Feile ED330 capacitor wheat + large cantilever bracket + anti-spray network + red bean headset this set of 2400 expensive
Of course not suitable for secondhand! New you find a microphone agent 1300 it! I found a new agent 1350! 99 new you give 1200! Icon is more expensive than 900 is expensive! That stuff you go to the forum 800 can take a bunch of! Open the sound card outside the tin box, which appalling! I advise you to buy 4Nano!

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