BV1 standard 1.5 square copper wire wholesale Decoration Engineering Quality

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Product Description:


Product use:

This product is suitable for rated voltage of 450/750V and below, household electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunications equipment, power line laying cable (wire).

The conditions of use:

1, AC rated voltage Uo/U and below 450/750V

2, cable allowed working temperature of not more than 70 DEG C (BV-90, BV-105)

3, cable laying temperature should be not less than 0 DEG C

4, external diameter (D) allowed bending radius is less than 25mm of cable should not be less than 4D,

The diameter (D) for 25mm and above the allowable bending radius of cable should not be less than 6D.

Type and name

BV copper core PVC insulated wire poly aluminum

BLV aluminum core wire insulation level of poly aluminum chloride vinyl

BVR copper core PVC insulated flexible cords of poly aluminum

BVV copper core PVC insulated poly vinyl poly aluminum aluminum sheathed round wires

BVVB aluminum core copper core PVC insulated poly vinyl poly aluminum aluminum sheath parallel wire

BLVVB aluminum core copper core PVC insulated poly vinyl poly aluminum aluminum sheath parallel wire

BV-105 copper core PVC insulated wire heat at a temperature of 105 DEG C

Working temperature

Type BV-105 does not exceed 150 degrees, the other can not exceed 75 DEG C, laying temperature not lower than 0 DEG C.

Technical performance

1, the product line and finished product wire insulation, anti - 20 + at room temperature in water at 5 DEG C for at least 1H, can withstand voltage test stipulated in the following table.

2, the cable has good electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties and not delay performance, reliable quality, convenient and durable.

3, finished product wire insulation or sheath surface to have the manufacturer name, model and voltage continuous mark.


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Q:10KV high voltage cable and 1KV cable can put together
Put together naturally can be if you want to work, then check the cable laying requirements inside the spacing and then laying if you want to be used together, can only carry a small cable to calculate the load
Q:What kind of switch can i use to put on an electrical wire?
Disregard any answer referring to Hot or White wires. This is an American standard and not applicable to European practice. You can buy an in line switch from places like BQ or decent hardware shops. They are usually white plastic about 8cm long by 2cm wide by 1cm thick. Often they have a push button on top but some have a rocker switch. They cost about £3. Disconnect the lead from the mains then cut the wire at a convenient place for you. Inside the cover of the switch you will see the switch unit itself and two brass or steel connector blocks. Connect the blue wires to one metal block, the green/yellow earth (if you have them) wires to another block and the brown (or red) wires to the switch unit itself. Make sure that you tighten up the cable grip screws before you reassemble the covers. Instructions are normally provided in the bag but if you are in any doubt whatsoever about this please don't do it.
Q:Why would an electrical receptacle be wired in this fashion?
That is wired properly. All your black goes to brass and all white goes to silver. Brass will always be on one side and silver will always be on the other. This was obviously wired this way before there were problems. It's fine. **REVISED** I would ask the guy who said the whites need to be pig tailed to give a code reference. There isn't one. Funny that the plugs manufacturer would even supply a second screw. LOL.
Q:Can cable tube and gas pipe hot water pipe be laid at the same time?
The general aluminum processing enterprises can produce, Note: the use of extrusion production enterprises
Q:Electrical switch wiring help please? Part 2?
I would think that the wires go just exactly where they are attached to. Without additional information about what this switch is FOR, there is no way to tell anything more.
Q:copper is better than aluminum in electrical wiring because.?
The crystalline structure of copper is more suited to distribute electrons between cells. This means lower resistance to the current flow which means less lost energy in the power lines. Flip side: Aluminum is better than copper because it is much cheaper and lighter weight. Aluminum is usually used in high voltage lines. From source 1: CHARACTERISTICS COPPER ALUMINUM Tensile strength (lb/in2).55,000 25,000 Tensile strength for same conductivity (lb). 55,000 40,000 Weight for same conductivity (lb). 100 48 Cross section for same conductivity (C.M.). 100 160 Specific resistance (W/mil ft). 10.6 17 Also, wires usually contain a lot of smaller strands due to skin effect (see the wiki page).
Q:Electrical Wiring. Help joining two different wires.?
Just what are you trying to supply power to? Red and Blue are typically hot wires, White for neutral and Green is for ground in home circuitry. Black is for hot and brown is neutral going to ground on motorcycles and vehicles. Don't remember ever seeing brown wires for home circuits. If messing with a ceiling fan then attach the Red, Blue and Black together, then the White with the Brown. The Green should attach to a screw bolt on the fan hanger. Then turn on the switch to see if it works or goes snap, crackle and pop. You need to explain just what you're messing with for a more concise answer.
Q:can i splice into an electrical wire that runs between two outlets to power a light switch?
If you can snake the wire through, you should be able to splice into the receptacle box up through the switch to the light. Don't see a reason to come back down to another receptacle as this will connect it in parallel with the circuit. Make sure you secure the power to those boxes for safety's sake though!!!
Q:How the spacing of the hangers of the bridge is determined
First, the general principles of wire and cable selection In the selection of wire and cable, the general attention to wire and cable models, specifications (conductor cross-section) choice
Q:Broken ceramic around electrical wires? ?
First of all, if you bought it new, then you should get it replaced at no additional charge. If it was used and not insured, yes, you can just glue it together or tape it OR if you want to you can make a new box altogether. The only purpose of the box, other than looking nice, is to protect the wires from being touched.

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