Bulldozer 140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Model NO.:T140


Export Markets:Global

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Production Capacity:500PCS/Year

Product Description

T140 bulldozer adopts the turbo-charged D6114ZG5B engine which features big power, low noise, good performance, and high reliability. The main clutch is of the two-plate wet constantly-engaged type, which has the function of hydraulic supporting power control. The gearbox is the 5F+4R constant-mesh skewed tooth mechanical transmission system. The driver's cab has a hexagonal shape, which provides a broader field of view. The bulldozer is equipped with a high-level comfortable vibration-absorbing seat. The A/C or the heating system is optional for the user to install depending on his or her demands.
The electronic instrument-monitoring device enables the driver to know the working status of the bulldozer at any time. The working mechanism adopts hydraulically pre-guiding control. T140 bulldozer is reasonable in its arrangement, easy to maintain and repair.

Total weight17500 kg (with ripper)
Max. traction force141 kN
Grade-ability30%, vertical; 25%, horizontal
Track width500 mm
Average specific ground pressure65 KPa
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)6342 ×3305×3175 mm (with ripper)
Min. ground clearance360 mm
Min. turning radius (mm)3900 mm
Diesel engine
Type6-cylinder, water-cooled, turbo-charged direct injection
Rated power115 kW @1800rpm
Specific fuel consumption230 g/kw.h
Max. torque759 N.m
Traveling speed
Five forward gears2.5-10.6 km/h
Four reverse gears3.5-10.5 km/h
Shovel blade parameters
Overall dimension (WxH)3305x1167 mm
Max. lifting height915 mm
Max. depth into earth400 mm
Entrance angle (Adjustable)55 °

Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Q:John deere bulldozer 450c keeps shutting off?
Go to john deere website. u can get drawings of parts list there. Also did u make sure the gasket isnt crimped or a small pinhole in a fuel line letting it suck air?
Q:How do helicopters fight fires?
First of all how are you that stupid, and the answer is they dump water from lakes into the fire.
Q:What does "TY220" of bulldozer "TY220" mean?
TY stands for dry bulldozers, and TS stands for wet bulldozers! 220 is horsepower! TY220, also called D85 D85, is derived from the small Japanese number!
Q:Who is successful in Israel?
Strange question since diferent people may define success diferently. But in general it is the same as everywhere else. People who willing to work a lot to reach their purposes succeed more then those that just sit and wait for success to fall on their laps. In this aspect Israel is no different than any other place that guarantees basic freedoms. BTW to those who want to jump and scream that arabs are discriminated in Israel - there are quite few arabs both with and without Israeli sitizenship that succeeded in making very florishing businesses in tourism, jewelry trade, constraction etc.
Q:lino pressing methods?
Bulldozer Use the rollers (the ones you apply ink with) Rolling pins (if you're doing this at home)
Q:Could a remote control Bulldozer, Crane, and a Backhoe be sent on planet Mercury for dig, and live underground?
The cost would be enormous to even get them out of earths atmosphere for one and Mercury's temperature would either freeze the fuel or boil it off and the machinery would melt in the suns light so you would have to get them underground so fast that it would be imposable!
Q:AMD BULLDOZER???????????????
No, according to AMD the Bulldozer will be a 8, 6, or 4 core processor. No apu or onboard graphics BS. (thats for low wattage, and value processors) Pure power baby. Instead of traditional execution cores, Bulldozer chips will be made up of one or more modules. Each module packs a pair of integer units and a single shared floating-point resource. The latter is actually a pair of 128-bit FMACs. Although, not a true 8 core processor, because simply the design is to radical to be called a core, as we know it.
Q:Does the AMD bulldozer series CPU 6 Nuclear 8 nuclear equivalent of Intel I?
A little more detail is the same price, performance is quite comprehensive, but single core processing, INTEL is much stronger, multi core processing, because the AMD did some nuclear, so AMD.Because this generation of bulldozers is more slag, it is not recommended to buy unless it is specially used.
Q:Should I get an APU/graphics card combo in an FM1 mb or wait for bulldozer?
APU's are only good for mid priced systems that have no dedicated graphics card that is where the benefit of the integrated graphics comes to the fore. As soon as you place a dedicated card to the motherboard the integrated graphics of the chip is disabled (The integrated graphics of the APU will not run dual graphics with a HD 6770) The A 3850 is the most powerfull of the APU's and is weaker than a intel 2100 when it comes to raw processor power. If you were building a computer that was designed for gaming as a secondary thought then an APU might be the way to go but if gaming is your primary use for a computer then I would wait for bulldozer as these chips will be designed more for gaming than an APU which was designed for laptops with desktops being an after thought. Get the AM3+ 900 series motherboard with the Phenom II (855? I think you meant 555 as 855 doesnt exist) Then wait for bulldozer and upgrade later when prices come down. Dont know how long AM3+ cpu's will be around as I believe AMD intend to change the socket to FM2 sometine next year when they release trinity.
Q:What Would I Gain From This CPU/MOBO Upgrade?
Not much. AMD 1090T would be the same as Q9650 except with 2 extra cores. Only with 980X you would have noticeable changes in speed, but it's still not worth 1k. Upgrade next year when Intel releases its mainstream 6 core cpu series to save some money.

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