Brush aluminium composite panels( Globond)

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GLOBOND Polyester ACP consists of aluminium cover sheets; front side stove-lacquered with a high quality multi-applied polyester lacquering system; reverse side mill-finish or stove-lacquered with a high quality polyester lacquering system(back painting), sandwiching the mineral core of polyethylene hardly inflammable.

This series has the advantages to avoid the scratches caused by the traditional physical scrap-pulling technology, which brings dirt accumulation and is hard to clean away. The colorized brushes, with fluent brush lines, un-dream –of colors, and be economical for Polyester coating, have been xidely used for high-class buildings and decoration; the PVDF Brush series has the same endurance property no less than normal Kynar 500 PVDF coatings.









Colorized Brushes





Regular colors listed on this chart, both PE and PVDF coatings


  1. Total thickness 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm available;

  2. PE (Polyester) coating ranges 0.12mm and 0.20mm;

  3. PVDF coatings ranges from 0.20~0.50mm aluminium thickness.

GLOBOND Figure Coatings Technical Data



Test Item

Standard Index

PE Coating

PVDF Coating

Reference Standard

Coating Thickness

GB/T 17748-2008



BS 5411

Gloss tolerance

GB/T 17748-2008

≤5 (gloss≥70)

≤5 (gloss≥70)


Pencil hardness

GB/T 17748-2008



ASTM D 3363-..

Coating flexibility

GB/T 17748-2008




Coating adhesive

GB/T 17748-2008

≤Class 1

≤Class 1


Impact resistance

GB/T 17748-2008 no crack no crack

ASTM D 2794-93

Boiling water resistance

GB/T 17748-2008

No changes for 2 Hs

No changes for 2 Hs


Acid resistance

GB/T 17748-2008

2%HCL 24 hours

5%HCL 48 hours

ASTM D 2794-93

Alkaline resistance

GB/T 17748-2008

2%NaOH 24 hours

5% NaOH 48 hours


Special Solvents

GB/T 17748-2008

≥100 Ts (1kg/c㎡) in Xylene

≥100 Ts (1kg/c㎡) in Butanone

ASTM D1308

Brushing resistance

GB/T 17748-2008

≥1000 Ts (1kg/c㎡)

≥1000 Ts (1kg/c㎡)

ASTM D 968

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Q:Aluminum-plastic plate what material can do the door
Common such as glass, paint glass, marble, artificial stone, organic board, pictorial inkjet cloth, and aluminum-plastic plate, bamboo sheet, etc.
Q:The first sign of the material of aluminum-plastic plate material to write 40s, the actual lack of only 18s
You do not know, this is the way to sell materials
Q:What is the composition of aluminum-plastic panels?
Aluminum-plastic plate discoloration, bleaching, mainly due to improper selection of plate. Aluminum-plastic plate is divided into indoor plate and outdoor board, the two kinds of sheet surface coating is different, determines the applicable different occasions. Indoor use of the plate, the surface of the general spray resin coating, this coating can not adapt to the outdoor natural environment, if used in the outdoors, will naturally accelerate its aging process, causing discoloration bleaching phenomenon. Outdoor aluminum-plastic plate surface coating is generally used anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ability of strong fluoroelastomer coating, this plate is expensive. Some construction units to deceive the owners to indoor use of sheet metal posing as anti-aging, corrosion-resistant high-quality fluorocarbon sheet, squeeze unreasonable profits, resulting in the use of the aluminum plate on the serious discoloration, bleaching phenomenon.
Q:Aluminum veneer and aluminum-plastic plate which is good? Will aluminum veneers corrode?
Applicable to different aluminum plates.
Q:OKorder aluminum-plastic plate how much money, a little better, do with the external walls
Good at about 85 yuan a
Q:Chengdu Deyang made of external walls of aluminum-plastic package material how much money a square
The common aluminum thickness on the market is 0.21 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.40 and 0.50 mm, then the price is in the range of 90-180 yuan / square meter.
Q:Bathroom ceiling with aluminum or good aluminum plate is good?
Kitchen bathroom ceiling with aluminum plate, it is best to use 0.8 of the aluminum plate hanging ceiling is appropriate, the price depends on what brand. Generally about 80-120 yuan.
Q:What are the materials on the ceiling? What kind of material is the top of the ceiling?
The choice of the ceiling need to see where you use, the general ceiling is mainly the living room (beautiful and modeling), kitchen, bathroom. Living room ceiling general decoration industry is divided into modeling ceiling and flat ceiling. Bathroom and kitchen mainly for the aluminum plate (integrated ceiling), PVC plastic buckle plate. If the store is easy, then the grid ceiling. Ceiling materials are generally gypsum board Lvkou Ban, aluminum-plastic plate, PVC plastic Kouban, plywood, fire board, and so on. Different space due to different functions, the choice of the ceiling is also different.
Q:OKorder red fruit which point outside the pillars of the package, aluminum-plastic plate to sell?
It depends on whether you are round or square, and this problem where can be resolved
Q:Aluminum plate. Aluminum plate. PVC plate plastic plate prices
PVC board 10-16 yuan

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