Bridge Anticorrosion Coating,Paint

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HANA Heavy-duty coatings originated from newmaterials research in aerospace industry. Test results from the nationalauthorities show that , our products have excellent performance in adhesion,acid, alkali and salt resistance, which are at a worldleading level. It has undertaken stringenttests and already been successfully used in the defense aerospace and heavychemical industry.

HANA has designed scientific coating supporting programs for bridge steel,which can provide at least 15 years' anti-corrosion life. Our products are suitable for all steel bridges.

Product Features

Excellent corrosion resistance and durability

Excellent solderability and resistance to cutting performance

Mature product, rich colors

Bridge Preservation Primer Index

Bridge Preservation Topcoat Index

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Q:splatter painting!!!!?
There are no techniques for splatter painting. Just be creative and throw paint :) If I were splatter painting, I would close my eyes and throw paint randomly. Or you can fill balloons with paint and throw it at one certain place.
Q:how do you paint with oil paint?
I paint with oils one of two ways. The first is when I want a smooth painting, I paint like I was painting with acrylics. Lots of blending and smoothing. The second, when I want a lot of texture, I paint with a palette knife.
Q:Fertilizer containing agents and fertilizer colorants related content
Fertilizer coloring agent or coloring agent, first of all fertilizer anti-caking agent, the last is the role of color improvement. The United States Diammonium phosphate, Norwegian fertilizer and so have a specific color.
Q:Can plant dyes be glazed? How to combine plant dyes and ceramics?
Should not, the organic pigments of plants will be decomposed by heat ...
Q:Why is my paint chipping so easily?
Your paint didn't stick and there can be several reasons. . .Did you paint the same type of paint. If you put latex paint over oil paint, it will not stick. When you painted, were the walls clean? And I have flat paint in my bedroom and that is the worst. Looks so good but it does come off easily and it can't be washed. I'm going to solve that when I paint next time and I'm going to use a latex paint with a satin finish. I don't know what you painted over. Some things need to be sealed. . .like concrete block. . .or the moisture comes through and the paint bubbles off. You might do well to have a talk with SW. They usually have pretty good advice but expensive paint.
Q:Printer pigments and dyes for which do not fade, wash photos which is better?
Dye ink and pigment ink the advantages and disadvantages of comparison: dye ink colorful, ink fluency, and cheap. The biggest drawback is easy to be outside the light, air humidity and other factors, especially the strong light is easy to fade photos, save time is not long. Pigment ink is not easy to fade, you can save for decades, little change in color. But the color of the printed picture is not satisfactory, always gives a contrast is not enough, there is a slightly dark feeling. And the ink price is very expensive, ink fluency is poor, easy to plug. Replace the pigment ink, the best replacement with the supply, do not use the original even for the supply. Because once the deal is not good, the risk of nozzle clogging is larger.
Q:Can I print ink with dye ink?
In addition to environmental ink widely used in foreign countries, its performance is also very advantageous: ink stability, high brightness, strong coloring, non-corrosive materials, India after the strong adhesion, dry speed adjustable, strong water, four-color overprint and Color printing, can be used and so on. Ink in China's development and application started late, but the rapid development, especially in recent years, the pace of development faster. With the increase in the demand for ink, the quality of domestic ink has also been improved. The existence of the traditional sense of ink drying slow, poor gloss, not water, not really India and other shortcomings, has been significantly improved. Cheap ink imports of ink prices generally high case, the gradual occupation of the domestic market.
Q:What pigment does not fade
What kind of pigments do not fade the pigments There are a lot of kinds that will not fade but want to know your use Mally branded textile pigments for a long time also back fade
Q:what paint do I use for fiberglass material?
Two pack, or flow coat. Depends on the ground (the surface condition) and what others have done before you as to what precisely you need to do. Coating GRP is normal. Single pack, architectural (house and domestic) and chain store paints are not going to work in a fit for more than a short while at best. In some cases that is fine, but there is no substitute for quality in finishes. And most of the cost of painting is the prep work - why buy cheap paint after all that effort?
Q:Everyone's paint and paint are where to buy it
Most of the people are building materials market, and some are directly recommended by the decoration company, regardless of now can also order online, choose a safe, cost-effective decoration coating is very important, Rui Peimu smart paint wish you a happy family, chicken years Big!

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