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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polypropylene


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:1600*800 what size carpet is appropriate below the tea table?
Carpet size should be determined by the size of the sofa, irrelevant to the tea table. In principle, it's as big as the virtual box occupied by the sofa, but move away from the TV, not all under the sofa. Just bigger than the coffee table is not, but the problem is easy to sit on the sofa when you sit on the edge, easy to edge.
Q:There's carpet in the house. What's the pest?
Keep carpets clean and dry. After a year's use, the carpet should be moved outside to dry and dust, but not exposed to the sun. The ground should be swept clean again.
Q:What is the function of the red carpet?
Nowadays, the red carpet is not only a representative of carpet color, but also a carrier of people's dreams and honors.
Q:what to do when carpet smells like cat pee?
Cat pee and dust do not smell at all alike, if she has been the only cat in there and it smells like pee then she is the culprit. First off wash the whole carpet, then once that is dry get some cat urine remover spray at your pet store get the largest bottle you can, I find a few soakings works best. You spray it on till the area is wet, let it dry and redo it again. Even if you cannot smell the pee your cat can so just washing it will not remove the smell. She may still go back and pee just from habit and I have never found a way to stop a cat once they start peeing where they are not supposed to.
Q:How to replace carpet that is moldy?
So you don't know where the leak came from, but you believe you've fixed it. I'll take you at your word on that. The carpet was originally placed on the floor before the walls were put up. So you will have to cut and rip up the carpet, scrape the carpet pad off the floor(glued down) and clean up the particle board (replacing any that is damaged). Then you can purchase new and relay carpet. Might be easier to use your insurance to get the work done.
Q:After stepping on strong sticky rat board, get on the carpet is how to remove the shoe, viscose carpet without damage to the carpet?
First of all, to ensure that the carpet intact, very difficult.If alcohol is not enough, in addition to paint thinner or try;Of course, it's not realistic to do this without damaging the carpet.
maybe a beige rug. Or a tan and brown or tan and orange rug.
Q:cost of installing carpet 'indiana'?
Carpet prices vary widely as does quality. But you can get a mid grade carpet and pad to cover any warranties for around 3$ a s/f installed. Of course you can get a better carpet ( and cheaper ) but you generally get what you pay for.. Don t down grade pad since this is the back bone of any carpet..If any thing this is one place to up grade to what you can afford. GL
Q:light gray walls, what color carpet?
I would go with a gray or a beige, depending on the color of what's going in the room, but both are neutral colors and work with most other colors. You could always go dramatic and carpet it in black.
Q:What color coffee table and carpet do match with green sofa
Gray should also be ok, matching with a slightly lighter color

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