Black Basic HDMI Cable

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Product Description:


Product Description


HDMI cable




Detailed product description

1.Product name: HDMI  cable

2.End style: HDMI –HDMI

3. End material:plastic head

4. Core diameter:Φ1.0(Optional Φ0.25,Φ0.50,Φ0.75)(Import fiber core)

5. Outside diameter:Φ5.0(Optional Φ4.0mm-10.0mm )

6. Cladding material: PVC

7. Cladding color: Black , Accept customized

8. Attenuation:< 180dB/km
9. Working temperature:-55°C-+85°C
10. Length:1.0m0.1-100m accept customized

11.Quality standard:ROHS 



1. Minimum transmission loss, bit error rate is only about 2%
2. Small size, soft, light weight, non-conductive, stable performance
3. No radio wave and electromagnetic interference
4. High data transmission efficiency, pretty security



1. Multimedia sound system
2. Digital camera, camcorders, surveillance systems
3. HD video playback,DVD, MD player
4. Network TV, digital TV, satellite TV
5. Television , broadband network,communication network equipment system
6. 3D/4D high-definition digital cinema, digital imagine system
7. Automobile, aircraft, ships and the other multimedia entertainment systems



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 Packagingcarton. Customized accept 


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Q:Home switches and sockets can not tell the red and yellow three lines so how to get it ah
This is not a lack of power supply, but the line is too long working current slightly larger line voltage drop is very powerful, the end of the voltage is low. Not only low power, the signal level will be too low unqualified. General distance is relatively far, the terminal to load amplifier for the job. Or to a wireless forwarding receiver. These are more complicated. Professionals understand. Distance is not too far, you can switch to relatively thick cable to modify the USB cable to reduce the resistance of the wire, but this effect is limited cost is relatively high. Copper is expensive The greater the operating current, the more serious the line voltage drop.
Q:2 [YJV22-4 * 185] - Does the SC150-FC represent two cables for the same tube?
If you have to regulate, then wear it, there are links to try to replace the line (now basically do live line), if it can not be replaced, the specification of the practice should be installed junction box, if a little more insurance and use the iron point Tin wrapped copper core, and then wrapped with waterproof insulation tape ... ... In addition, according to the current practice, the standard way to go regardless of the sky or the ground or the wall (recommended to take the wall, but the cost line) pipe is necessary , The line to the corner, do not use elbow, with a cold way through the tube, (live line pipe, to facilitate future maintenance or replacement, the quality of the tube is very important, or flatten the stuck line to move The row of pipe should be horizontal and vertical, strong and weak installation distance of 50 cm or more, in addition to the switch socket at the end of the box should also be installed in each lamp bit top box, the reserved line must wear hose. So they decided to do what the standard
Q:What is the difference between power cables and communication cables and control cables?
Originally from Taobao took the horn on the plug, high temperature line, fire pipe and other materials, prepare a high standard of the modified speaker, the results of wire delivery when the problem, half a month did not receive the goods, the last one cross heart, Well, find the root of the power cord cut a cut line, try to take a lighter burned, burned, is a fire wire, directly to the original speaker wire break and then, waterproof tape wrapped, even the speaker here also No plug directly tighten the tape wrapped around the line with a nylon cable ties with a fixed, with just a little problem, that is, that line is white color, looking very cottage. Very good, the effect is very good.
Q:Computer connected to the projector, the data line is not long how to do? Can the data line in the middle of the cut line extension, which data inside the core of several? When the time is
Hello: Almost all industries need to use spiral cables. Whether in communications (telephones, radios) or medical technology, electric locomotive industry, mechanical engineering, or in the lighting industry, spiral cables are used in every place. In addition to electrical - mechanical advantages, spiral cables are often used as excellent optical structure solutions. If you use PVC and PUR cables, the color of the spiral cable can be coordinated with the color of the object in most cases. At the same time we can also supply: shielded spiral cable. Spiral wire cable series, instrumentation with spiral cable, automotive power supply with the spring line, transformer power supply spiral cable, large mechanical and electrical equipment with a spiral cable, cleaning machine power with a spiral cable, automatic meter billing 5-pin spring line and so on. I hope my answer can be helpful to you. Thank you. Global Wire and Cable Portal - Cable Network
Q:I am engaged in low-voltage distribution cabinet installation wiring work. Want to learn design, need to see what books?
450V is the standard value. 750V is the highest value. Is the limit.
Q:How the two VGA video lines are connected together
High-voltage distribution cabinet should have a secondary wiring diagram, the figure of each component of each contact are marked very clearly, you according to the drawings shown wiring.
Q:Modern Rena visual reversing image installation method, ready to install their own, but not much grasp,
Of course, there is a relationship, the motherboard PCB board, interface, capacitor and wiring will affect the plug in the above CPU graphics memory performance. Motherboard chipset is also very important, it determines the support of the CPU performance, as well as memory there are a variety of interfaces, such as we are familiar with the USB brand-name motherboards in this area will usually do better, Also more at ease. Motherboard BIOS is also a very important aspect, it is related to the CPU support and graphics memory and a series of problems, of course, overclocking. The performance of the computer is not a good like, to the whole are very balanced, can not appear a bottleneck, like a barrel can be installed how much water is not the highest piece of wood, but the lowest piece.
Q:The difference between high voltage overhead cables and high voltage cables
Up and down the parallel row of red and white yellow jack is the audio and video input and output, yellow is the video, red and white is the audio are about the channel. You want to connect the player to the TV, only need a video cable and TV connection (yellow to yellow, white dialogue, red to red). (If you do not know that the three are typing, you can see it's marked, the English is the subject: IN drawing the text is an arrow inserted into a circle. If still not, you can Try to insert, do not insert the following, insert a sound and image so far) there is a socket like a honeycomb is the S terminal, if your player has S terminal output, you can also find an S terminal cable to the TV , And then find two audio lines connected to the TV audio input hole and then press the remote control video or AV conversion button to the TV to the AV state on the OK.
Q:How does the SDH device connect to the DDF patch panel?
. set-top boxes and routers connected with the network cable, so that the network signal stability, speed. . set-top boxes and TV with high-definition line connection, signal quality is good, more stable.
Q:Cable a fire line power and why the other did not pick up the line with a pen test also have electricity? Answer detailed point
Not recommended Oh, the trouble is not good (the core is too thick), a 3.5 audio cable on more than ten yuan, good point is not expensive

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