Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale

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This line is used to expand and laminate honeycomb paper to get honeycomb paperboard.It consists of paper shelves, paper(core) flatform, paper(core) stretching device, pape(core) expanding and shape drying device, glue smearing device, paperboard drying house, cold-press, cross transverse-cut machine, feeding machine and PLC controlling system.



Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale

Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale

Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale

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Automatic honeycomb core line machine for sale


  1. What is the honeycomb paper board used for?

    Honeycomb paper board is usually used to make carton box and paper angle. And these packing will protect goods from impacting and being damaged during transportation.


  2. Can you tell me something about CNBM International Corporation?

    CNBM is established in 1984 and now it is the largest China-owned manufacturer of industrial equipment and building material. CNBM has been listed in Global Fortune 500 since 2001. Our products follow standards of CE.


3. What is the advatnage of your products?


    CMAX brand is very famous in the world. Besides, we have many branch offices all over the world   which can allow us to offer quick and effective service to our customer.

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Q:Intends to open a living paper processing plant, rewinding machine power consumption is three-phase power
Specific manufacturers, you'd better actually go and see. Raw materials to see the quality of paper, general hanging paper pulp in two hundred or three hundred pounds, a large shaft, shotcrete paper, a large shaft to five hundred kg. Hope to be of help to you.
Q:Where is the automatic copier processing equipment?
As far as I know, there are two production in Germany, and the price is about 17 million. Fully automatic, automatic paper feeding, automatic recording, automatic output, automatic packing. Cut 10-12 pieces at one time.
Q:Do you know any machines for making toilet paper?
Because from the profit, the profit is the toilet paper drinks, washing supplies, health care products, restaurants, clothing bag and so on the lowest! You can see this from the frequency of the ads you see every day! The more loudly the advertisements are played and the more frequent they appear in each media, the more profitable they are! In your daily life, have you ever seen the advertisement of Vinda and dispatch?
Q:What kind of equipment do I need if I want to open a paper napkin and toilet paper processing factory?
To do toilet paper processing, you need a set of automatic rewinder equipment, generally including rewinder, paper cutter and sealing machine three equipment. Do you need a napkin napkin machine, embossing folding a molding, but also if the effect of color printing words can be customized to the manufacturers, the main market based on your location to decide, not all color effect
Q:1880, the production of toilet paper, the machine can be processed what paper?
Automatic paper, automatic bar, pumping shaft flattening, automatic trimming, glue and other functions in one, relatively suitable for small and medium-sized toilet paper processing factory.
Q:Do you make toilet paper equipment? What kind of equipment do you need for toilet paper processing?
A set of equipment including rewinder, host machine, paper cutter, sealing machine three whole machine. The price of the whole set of equipment is related to the degree of automation of the equipment and the number of people employed.
Q:How much do you need for the mechanical equipment for making paper boxes?
The process of color printing is like this:1, printing: use the offset printing machine to print the design to cardboard. The use of machines: offset printing machine, often on behalf of the outside processing. Generally more expensive, cheaper domestic, many, the cheapest per color only tens of thousands, not recommended.2, laminating: a layer of plastic film stuck to the surface of cardboard, waterproof to brighten up. Machine: 1) water soluble laminating machine; 2) hot melt laminating machine. Some cartons need not be covered with film. As tens of thousands of dollars, automatic is expensive, there are Ersanshilaiwan. Film covered and broken film integrated machine.
Q:1880 how much is a machine for processing toilet paper?
But the rewinder can add different functions, such as embossing or embossing, and consult the manufacturer in detail.
Q:Ask for help, I do the machining industry drawing finishing work
Just scan it into the computer and save it into the format you need. It's very clear.
Q:What kind of equipment do we need for processing toilet paper? What's the price?
Toilet paper toilet paper processing needs a set of processing equipment, including toilet paper rewinding machine, toilet paper, paper cutting machine, toilet paper machine, a total of three sets of equipment, there are 1575 types of type toilet paper rewinding machine, 1880 type toilet paper rewinding machine, 1575 type toilet paper rewinding machine eight hours a day of production more than a ton, processing base is 1.75 meters wide.

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