ATM Used Cash Register POS Thermal Paper

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Product Description:

Product Description

Our company is specialized in thermal paper, thermal paper roll, NCR paper roll, printing paper and copy paper, computer printing paper, POS/ATM paper rolls, thermal fax paper, cash register paper, printing paper, bond paper, adhensive thermal label and so on.

1. Weight: 48GSM, 50GSM, 52GSM, 55GSM, 58GSM, 60GSM, 65GSM etc.
2. All size is available; 37mmx50mm, 37mmx70mm, 44mmx50mm, 44x70mm, 44x76mm, 57mmx50mm, 57mmx57mm, 57mmx76mm, 76mmx70mm, 76mmx76mm, 80mmx60mm, 80mmx70mm, 80mmx80mm, etc;
3. All core is available: Cardboard core, plastic core;
4. Packing: 50-100rolls per carton or as your request.
5. High brightness, good in toughness and seamless, deep thermal image;
6. Neat end surface, good in tightness, convenient and practical;
7. Worldwide universal core, handsome and practical;
8. Various specifications of thermal rolls available, can be made as per customers' requests.

If you are interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please kindly inform us of the size, weight quantity and other requirements. We hope to make a long-time and good business relationship with you!

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Q:What photographic paper does laser printer use?
Is best to use a laser coated paper, coated paper, all raw materials and structure of the ordinary paper and coated paper is not the same, I test or paper better, your printer is what size to buy what brand specifications, almost all of the domestic paper is that several. Many brands are generally OEM, the difference is not much difference.
Q:Carton carton k535k is different from K=K?
Paper grade classification has K, A, B, C, the most commonly used is B=B, A=A, only special requirements only use, K=K applicable conditions requirements more severe
Q:Can super light clay work stick to the wall? Or glued to cardboard? Is it strong?
But it is certainly going to do the work of clay soil, that is to say to the setting, this time is not on the wall or soil adhesion on the board, but if you really want to stick it, can use white glue.
Q:How does the triple printer paper set the printer paper specifications; the printer is (EPSON LQ-635K)
If you use a computer system that is Windows7:In the lower left corner of the computer please click on the "start" - > "devices and printers", using the left mouse button click on the printer icon, select the server properties in the top menu bar, select "create new form", "form" to enter a custom size name (such as: 1234), according to the the actual size of the paper are input to the width and height (height = continuous continuous paper with hole hole number *0.5*63.5px). The printer zone margins do not need to be modified. Click Save format to complete the paper customizations
Q:What is grade two wallpaper?
Four, the quality is even worse. No package labels, wallpaper broken, no color. Oh..If you don't understand, you can continue to ask me questions.
Q:The printer has a paper problem
The printer jam is a normal thing, are generally out of powder bin, look at the card in what place. When taking the paper, pay attention to the direction of the paper out of the paper, or else the paper only take out part of the trouble.
Q:What's the raw material in the carton factory?
It can also be divided into wood pulp, straw pulp, hemp pulp, reed pulp, cane pulp, bamboo pulp and rag pulp according to the fiber raw materials used. It can be divided into refined pulp, bleached pulp, unbleached pulp, high yield pulp and semi chemical pulp according to different purity. Usually used in making paper and paperboard.
Q:What kind of paint can make cardboard waterproof?
Waterproof paint generally can achieve this effect, the sample is used to store water in which fish basket brush waterproof.
Q:How do I fold the corrugated paper in the middle of the flat cardboard? What machine can I use to make this kind of cardboard? Do you have a small machine?
The history of corrugated paperboard began in the late eighteenth Century and early nineteenth Century. Because of its light weight, cheap price, wide use, simple manufacture, recycling and even repeated use, it has made remarkable progress in its application. By the beginning of the twentieth Century, it had been fully popularized, popularized and applied for the manufacture and packing of various kinds of goods. The use of corrugated cardboard containers has unique properties and advantages in beautifying and protecting the built-in goods. Therefore, it has been a great success in the competition with a variety of packaging materials.
Q:Is toilet paper insulated?
Usually, we put the conductivity below a certain index objects become insulator, and this index is different in different situations, that is to say, the insulation and insulation in physics is not very clear demarcation point.

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